September 2017
Complete the Final Step in LIFT/CCE 2016-17 Appraisal Process by Sept. 30
Complete the LIFT/Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) appraisal process by acknowledging appraisals submitted by your team members. This step is essential to confirm that team members saw their appraisals and had the opportunity to provide written comments. Check that you've completed the following steps in Infor HR for each of your team members:
  1. Finalize appraisal.
  2. Select the overall rating.
  3. Submit to employee.
  4. Complete final acknowledgement after employee acknowledgement.
Review the comments made when the employee acknowledges the appraisal and then conduct any follow-up conversations that may be needed.  The following resources can assist you:  
Check out the  Growth and Performance page on The Commons for more information.
Schedule Pay-for-Performance Conversations with your Team Members
School-support teams can now view their pay-for-performance increases in Infor HR.  Pay-for-performance increase recommendations are based on LIFT/Core Competencies Evaluation scores, an employee's placement in a salary range and the 2.5% district budget.  Use the Pay-for-Performance Manager's Guide to have conversations with your team members about their performance increases. Increases were effective Sept. 1 and will be reflected on Sept. 30 paychecks. 
Growth Performance & Training
Access CollaboRATE Resources for Goal Setting
Click here to access your 2016-17 CollaboRATE and/or  Talent Management survey data and the 2017-18 CollaboRATE engagement items to help with your goal-setting process. 

The 2017-18 CollaboRATE survey window will open Jan. 3, with results available in February. The new timeline was informed by principal, instructional superintendent, and senior team lead and team lead feedback to reduce the number of priorities between Thanksgiving and winter break.
Professional Learning and Resources
Use Infor HR to Screen Candidates and Track Interviews
Infor HR is a valuable tool that streamlines the hiring process. As hiring managers, you have access to review and screen candidates who have applied for open positions on your team. You also have the ability to schedule and track all candidate interviews in Infor HR. Click here for instructions on how to track interviews in Infor HR. Click here for a self-paced online tutorial to learn how to leverage Infor HR in your role. 
Share Student Safety and Employee Resources with School-Based Teams
School-support teams are encouraged to share information about the student safety and employee resources that are available to school-based teams. Review this one-pager with information on how to access supports for:
  • Student suicide/self-harming behavior
  • Suicide threat appraisals
  • The District Crisis Recovery Team
  • The Employee Assistance Program (available to all team members)
  • Discrimination or harassment concerns (Title IX supports)
  • Mandated reporter training
Please share this with school-based teams that you support. If you have questions, contact Meredith Fatseas, the interim manager of the Department of Social Work and Psychological Services, at 720-423-2645 or 303-928-0644.
Encourage Teams to Attend Values-Based Leadership Programs
Share the new Values-Based Leadership Programs booklet with your team members to help prioritize what programs you and your team should attend this year. Values-based leadership programs support LIFT and LEAD goals and were created with the purpose of growing leaders, teaching intentional strategies and creating a strong culture in which we can celebrate our team members. Download the interactive digital booklet here or email Samantha Silver to request hard copies. 

Don't wait: Upcoming programs include DPS Aspire on Oct. 17-18 and Creating Connections on Oct. 25.
Team members can learn more about our Culture, Equity and Leadership Team (CELT) and these valuable programs during a CELT open house from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. today, Sept. 20, on The 14er of the Emily Griffith Campus.
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