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June 2019
Help Keep DPS' Data Safe: Promote Email Safety with Your Team 
Protecting DPS' data means protecting student records, taxpayer money and employees' identities, and it is every team member's responsibility. Please support DPS' efforts to protect our data by being aware -- and encouraging your team to be aware -- of phishing scams. 

Phishing uses email or a messaging service to fool you into taking an action you should not take, such as clicking on a malicious link, sharing your password or opening an infected email attachment. 

Common clues that an email is suspicious:

  • A sense of urgency that demands "immediate action" before something bad happens, like threatening to close an account.

  • Pressuring you to bypass or ignore DPS policies or procedures.

  • A generic salutation like, "Dear Customer."

  • Requesting highly sensitive information, such as your credit card number, password or other information that a legitimate sender should already know.

  • The message says it comes from an official organization, but has poor grammar or spelling or uses a personal email address like

  • The message says it comes from someone you know, but the tone or wording just does not sound like them.

Encourage your team to keep these tips in mind and report suspicious emails by following these instructions:

  • If you are using Outlook on a PC, select the Report Phish button to report the email.
  • If you are using a Mac or Webmail, forward the message to
For additional information, visit this resource page on The Commons. Thank you for your help in keeping our emails safe.
ICYMI: Resources for This Week's Move
Thank you to everyone, whether you have moved this week or not, for your patience and flexibility! 

Storage items will be moved later this week. For teams still in need of storage space, please coordinate with other members of your division. You may also contact DeVita Bruce about availability of existing storage or whether there is an option to purchase additional storage.

The moving team is happy to answer questions, and you may also find the Moving FAQ, Emily Griffith Campus Handbook and other resources linked below valuable:

Growth, Performance and Training
Complete LIFT and CCE Performance Appraisals and Conversations Now
Performance appraisals and conversations should now be underway. Please prioritize these conversations for members of your team who are transitioning to other teams. If your team is hosting in-person norming sessions, please complete appraisal conversations by June 30 .

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the performance conversation process:
  • Print a copy of the consolidated appraisal and bring it to your conversation.

  • Use the rating descriptor instead of the numerical rating when having your conversation. Say, "You are meeting expectations," rather than, "You are a three this year."   

  • Finalize the appraisal after your conversation so you can make any changes that arise during the conversation.

  • Assign the overall rating after you click "finalize."

  • Submit the appraisal to your team member.

  • The final manager acknowledgement step is no longer required. 
For additional resources on appraisals, visit the LIFT and CCE pages on The Commons.
DoTS Service Desk
The DoTS Service Desk phone system just got an upgrade! Get in touch with a specialist faster with DoTS new phone menu. Choose the type of service you need and your call will be routed to the appropriate team.

Check out the new phone menu below: 

  • Press 1 for assistance logging into Infor/Lawson, Google or any other application.

  • Press 2 for Infinite Campus help such as scheduling, attendance or AdHoc reporting.

  • Press 3 for support related to your PC, Mac, Outlook, Google, iPad or Chromebook.

  • Press 4 for all other issues.

Just call the DoTS Service Desk at 720-423-3888 and we will take care of the rest!
Final Reminder: Deadlines for End of the Fiscal Year
As we near the end of the fiscal year, make sure to review the 2019 Year End Cut-Off Memo and Calendar for important cut-off dates for accounting, budget, purchasing, strategic sourcing and warehouse transactions.

Also, please share this information with any members of your team with purchasing responsibilities to help them stay on top of important year-end deadlines.

Questions? Contact Dan Watkins at 720-423-2654 or
Talent Acquisition
Hiring Tip: Respond Quickly to Applicants
With low unemployment in Denver, it's crucial to respond to applicants in a timely manner, particularly when hiring for hard-to-staff positions. When you post a position, schedule time to review candidates at a minimum of three times a week. If you know you won't consider some candidates, immediately send a letter notifying them they aren't being considered for the position. Encourage them to apply to other open positions for which they may be more qualified.

Prompt response time has a tremendous impact on our recruiting efforts, and it makes our applicants feel respected. Remember that every applicant is a potential future hire and they share their experience with others applying to DPS.
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