Manager Monthly
November 2020
ICYMI: Thanksgiving Break Extended for Central Office Team Members
Please be sure to read this note from Superintendent Susana Cordova regarding the extension to Thanksgiving break for Central Office team members. Two paid days off next Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 23 and 24, will be added to the three days that we will already be off for Thanksgiving break on Nov. 25, 26 and 27. Please share this update with all members of your Central Office team to ensure they are aware. Have a great Thanksgiving break!
Updates & FYI
New Secure Login Process Beginning Dec. 9
To ensure the security of student, staff and district data, DPS has partnered with Duo Security to update the login process for some DPS systems. Beginning Dec. 9, DPS team members will be prompted to complete several steps to enroll in a new authentication system when accessing Employee Space, Manager Space, District Training Registration and the internal Job Board for the first time. After enrolling, they will complete a two-step authentication for future logins. 

Please note that DPS team members using Global Protect VPN to access DPS desktops and databases will receive a direct email with specific next steps.

Please ensure your team members are aware of this change, and share these resources to support them with this transition:
Ensure Your Team is Prepared for the Google Transition: Under a Month to Go
Taking into account Thanksgiving Break, there are only 12 working days until Microsoft Office is uninstalled from all district devices! Please ensure your teams are aware and prepared by following these tips: 

  • Remind them regularly that beginning Dec 11, Microsoft Office will be automatically removed from all devices as soon as they log their device onto the district's network (either in-person or via VPN), unless they have an approved exception -- for which they will have already been notified. (Countdown timers on Principal, Teacher and Office Professional Portals should help everyone remember as well.) 

  • Encourage them to make the move to Webmail now; though they'll keep email address, the Desktop Outlook Client will be part of the uninstall. (They should also check for any emails stored locally on their devices by following these directions first; items stored locally will not be available in Webmail.)

  • Remind everyone that they are prohibited from purchasing their own Office licenses for their district devices or any personal devices used for work. 

For additional resources, visit The Commons and the Leaders Guide to the Google Transition.
Accessing BIS Reports with Google
Users who access the Business Information Systems (BIS) Reporting Portal will still be able to download reports as Excel files (not CSV) and upload them directly to Google. Follow these tips for uploading, converting and working with Office files in Google. Find even more Sheets tips and resources here or visit the Google Resource Library on The Commons.
Access HR and Finance Reporting from The Commons
All your HR and Finance reporting needs are now accessible on The Commons. You have instant access to HR and Finance Reporting for your team by selecting HR & Finance Reporting at the top of the Employee Action Center on The Commons. Log in with your DPS username and password.
Growth, Performance and Training
The Equity Experience: Check Your Team’s Completion Status
Module 2.1 of the Equity Experience: Becoming Anti-Racist has launched in Learning Space for central office LIFT (Cohort 1) team members. Please make sure your direct reports have completed this module by the end of November, so they do not fall behind when the next module launches in December. 

We encourage you to continue your commitment to racial and educational equity by completing the modules as they become available. Three bi-monthly modules will be released. Learn how to check your team’s completion status on Learning Space here.

To access the DPS Equity Experience program, you may use this link to go directly to DPS Equity Experience Year 2, Cohort 1

If you have questions, email
Talent Acquisition
Process Map with Interview Tips, Best Practices
In order to make navigating the hiring process easier for managers, Human Resources has developed a quick guide process map, which is used for both school support and central office. This map highlights the steps -- including links -- to DPS hiring guides on The Commons so you can use the map as a one-stop-shop for your hiring needs.
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