June 2018
Growth, Performance and Training
Prepare for LIFT and CCE Performance Evaluation Conversations
LIFT and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) performance evaluation conversations begin this month and should be completed by Aug. 10. The Growth, Performance and Training team in collaboration with the HR Strategic Support team are offering workshops that include tips for conducting effective conversations, opportunities to practice using the Studer model and an introduction to the resources available.

Register for a workshop here and review the resources below:
Utilize Performance Evaluations to Discuss and Plan Employee Goals and Development for 2018-19
The 2018-19 performance year begins July 1. While finalizing 2017-18 appraisals and having conversations with employees, it is an ideal time to think about and plan goals (LIFT) and areas of growth (CCE) for 2018-19.

Best practices in performance evaluations focus on the future and how outcomes and opportunities identified in one year lead to planning for the next year. Encourage your team members to discuss and begin drafting meaningful SMART goals and areas of development that align to work expected for 2018-19. Please refer to LIFT levels as you set goals for the year. Register for a Goal-Setting Workshop and visit the LIFT and CCE pages for more information.
Talent Acquisition
Refer Interested Applicants to the June 27 Summer Hiring Fair 
Invite family and friends to attend our summer hiring fair. We will be hiring for year-round, full-time and part-time positions across multiple departments including transportation, enterprise management, facilities and more. We will be interviewing and providing real-time support with the application process, testing and other pre-hire tasks during this informative and interactive fair. Interested applicants can RSVP by calling 720-423-2014 or emailing careers@dpsk12.org. 
Share Referrals and Resources to Help Talent Acquisition Fill Your Vacancies
Did you know that referrals are the most successful way to get quality candidates? As recruiters, we are continually networking with various groups locally and nationally to source candidates for open positions. Help us expand our network by sharing departmental memberships and organization conferences that you regularly attend by filling out this Google form . We will then attend some of these events to recruit for your opportunities.
Updates & FYI
Welcomes and Well Wishes to New and Departing Team Members
To help with planning and operations, please note the following staffing changes that may impact team structures. Congratulations and well wishes to the following team members, who are transitioning to new roles or leaving DPS.
  • Taryn Rawson (current senior manager, Instructional Leadership Team Partners) as director of Teacher Leadership and Career Pathways
Well Wishes
  • Kate Brennan, Director of Teacher Leadership and Career Pathways
  • Lee Cooper, Instructional Superintendent for Network 3
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