Manager Monthly
June 2020
Important Update Regarding DCTA Master Agreement

Please review this important update that was shared with all teachers and principals Tuesday regarding reopening the DCTA Master Agreement. More information will be shared as it’s available.

Dear Educators,
I am writing to you at this time to update you on a difficult financial decision we are in the process of making. Earlier today, the district requested to reopen the provisions of the DCTA Master Agreement relating to the 2020-21 salaries and benefits.
DPS, like many other school districts across the state and country, is facing significant revenue shortfalls for next fiscal year. We have worked hard to try and find savings and reductions that would allow us to ensure no changes to funding for schools and would not result in the loss of jobs during this time of critical community needs and high unemployment.
We understand the gravity of the financial decisions we have made over the last few months and will continue to face. We are seeking to work collaboratively with the DCTA to find a solution that addresses the unprecedented revenue shortfall in a way that is aligned with our principles and values. There is no one more committed than I am to working collaboratively to solve our financial challenges. Starting my superintendency in the middle of difficult negotiations helped shape my belief on the importance of working hard to respect and listen to each other. I was thankful that we came together last year to reach a three-year agreement. And I think we all know that there was no way to foresee the devastating impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on our community and our nation. We look forward to working with DCTA on this conversation and reaching an agreement that gets us ready to welcome our students back in the new school year.
ICYMI Update Roundup: Budget, Monitoring Health Guidelines and Support for Tough Times
We know there are a lot of questions right now, as well as new information being shared frequently -- and we wanted to make sure you're aware of recent updates on several important topics:

  • As we shared in this budget update on Monday, the state reduced $3.3 billion from its budget -- roughly 25% -- and subsequently had to cut school funding. As a result, we now face a nearly $65 million budget shortfall. Budget recommendations include keeping equity at the forefront by minimizing impacts on the classroom and workers at the low end of the wage scale; preventing layoffs at a time of historically high unemployment; and implementing a plan that prioritizes ongoing solutions to lay a foundation of responsible, long term fiscal stewardship. The board will hold a public comment meeting June 25 and the final budget vote on the budget is expected June 29.

  • As Human Resources shared June 5, the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the subsequent protests have brought to light many emotions. These tragic events have highlighted our responsibility to foster empathy and kindness, and care for our community. Please help ensure team members are aware of the opportunity to use the resources shared.

  • As we continue to monitor health guidelines we are staying in close contact with health officials and our Return-to-School Workgroup is meeting again this week to review hybrid scenarios to ensure they meet current health standards. We know it will be important to be responsive as health guidelines change and we are planning for a variety of options, including an option that would provide full in-person instruction if health conditions allow.
Growth, Performance and Training
Use Google Now as You Prepare for the New School Year
As Team DPS continues to transition to the Google Suite, we encourage you to use Google applications as much as possible -- and as soon as possible -- when planning for the upcoming school year. Starting the 2020-21 school year entirely with Google will ensure seamless productivity and time to adapt to the new platform. See below for suggestions and resources to get started now:
  • Convert your commonly used Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Learn how with these user guides.

  • Create all new documents exclusively in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

  • Set up all of recurring meetings with Google Meet in place of Skype for Business.

  • Use Outlook on the Web, rather than your Outlook Desktop Client. All of Team DPS will continue to use "" email addresses.

For more information about the Google transition, please talk to your manager or Google Champion or visit  The Commons .
Meet (Virtually) with Retirement Advisors at AIG and PERA in July
Whether you or your employees have just entered the workforce or are nearing retirement, a personalized meeting can help in planning for retirement. Please sign up for and share the following opportunities:

  • Schedule an appointment here with an AIG Retirement Services advisor, DPS' voluntary retirement plan provider. Learn more about AIG’s plan options, how to fill any gaps in your PERA benefit, and work with a licensed advisor to create a "roadmap" for your retirement.

  • Meet with a PERA representative during an upcoming one-on-one virtual meeting and learn more about your PERA benefits, retirement eligibility, PERACare health care, Social Security and other useful web resources. Please sign up for only one time slot here.

If you have questions, email
Talent Acquisition
Support Diversity Recruiting Efforts
Talent Acquisition (TA) is committed to providing a diverse candidate pool, and we welcome your suggestions around networking and community contacts that will help in this effort. Some of our ongoing outreach includes:

  • Posting on diverse job boards, building partnerships with the Asian, Black and Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, and leveraging those partnerships to share DPS jobs.

  • Attending diversity-specific conferences such as the National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference and the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents Summit.

  • The TA team is also reaching out to and recruiting candidates of color who are not actively applying to jobs within DPS.

If you have additional ideas about diversity recruiting, or questions about our current efforts, please email .
Updates & FYI
Reminder: Nominations for Night of Honor Awards Still Open
It’s never been more important to recognize those who've gone above and beyond during the 2019-20 school year. Do you know someone on Team DPS who embodies the Shared Core Values every day? How about a successful and effective team? Recognize these Team DPS members by nominating them for a Night of Honor award:

  • Leadership Lamp Award: Our most distinguished award honoring our Shared Core Values champions (four awards total).

Also, we are excited to celebrate last year's honorees in fun, surprising, high impact and "socially distanced" ways in the next few weeks. If you have questions, please email
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