Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Are You Ready for LIFT/EPMP and CCE Performance Evaluation Conversations?
LIFT/EPMP and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) performance evaluation conversations kicked off Monday and should be completed by Aug. 11. Are you prepared?  This year, the rating scale has been changed  to clarify ratings and to make "meets expectations" adequately reflect a team member's contributions to Team DPS. 
The Growth, Performance and Training team offers workshops that include tips for conducting effective conversations, opportunities to practice using the Studer model and an introduction to the resources available. Register for a workshop  here  and review the resources below:
Performance Evaluations are an Excellent Time to Discuss and Plan Employee Goals for 2017-18
The 2017-18 performance year starts July 1. While finalizing 2016-17 appraisals and having conversations with employees, it is an ideal time to think about and plan goals for 2017-18.

Best practices in performance evaluations focus on the future and how outcomes and opportunities identified in one year lead to planning for the next year.  Encourage employees to discuss and begin drafting meaningful SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals that align to work you expect to do in 2017-18. Read more about SMART goals here Remember to  refer to LIFT levels  as you set goals for the year, and access these r esources for support:
Visit the  LIFT page in the Growth and Performance section  on The Commons for more information. 
Access Resources for Your New Employees
Did you know that the DPS Careers page has a centralized list of resources and information for new employees? If you have new members joining your team, direct them to . This page offers new hires information related to enrolling in benefits, registering for New Hire Orientation, setting up direct deposit, filling out new hire paperwork and much more.
Ready to Make a Salary Offer? Don't Forget to Mention Our Total Rewards Package
Have you finished conducting interviews, and are  you ready to make a salary offer? As a manager, it is important to be prepared to speak to DPS' Total Rewards package, which includes paid time off, retirement and professional development that DPS offers in addition to base salary compensation. Learn more about the Total Rewards package here

The DPS Compensation Resources for Managers site has the information you need to guide you through compensation practices and tools, including:
If you need additional compensation support, contact
New Processes are in Place for Non-Employees
New processes are in effect now for setting up non-employees to receive systems access and/or to be fingerprinted by DPS. DPS managers who already supervise non-employees can now see those non-employees in their Manager Space in Infor HR. If you have new contractors or interns, you will no longer contact the Department of Technology Services (DoTS) Hotline to begin the process. Instead, you will follow the instructions described here Instructions for terminating or extending contractors and interns are also included in these instructions.  

If you contact the DoTS Hotline, you will be referred to these documents. If you have questions after reviewing these instructions, please contact your HR partner. Starting Sept. 18, non-employee system accounts will automatically be disabled if they are not used for 100 days. Please tell your non-employees who have systems access that they need to use their accounts at least once every 100 days.  
Complete the Intake Form for a Secretary Portal Page by July 15
Does your team want to share important information with secretaries throughout the year? Secretary Portal is a tool that school-based secretaries and office support professionals use to access current content that is relevant to their daily work in support of our vision, Every Child Succeeds. 

If you would like your team or department to have a page on Secretary Portal, please fill out this intake form,  and you will be contacted shortly. The intake process is completed quarterly, and the deadline to complete the intake form to launch a page for the start of the 2017-18 school year is July 15.  The Secretary Portal committee is also working with the Department of Technology Services to enhance   Secretary Portal  in late October. Don't miss your opportunity to share information directly with secretaries and office support professionals. Fill out the intake form today !
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