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January 2020
Last Week to Take CollaboRATE
There are only a few days left to encourage your team to take CollaboRATE, DPS' all-employee engagement survey. We want to give all team members the opportunity to share feedback with their leaders and DPS as a whole and need your help making sure your entire team shares their thoughts through the survey by Friday, Jan. 17 .

Bonus: Teams with high participation will be entered into a drawing for a prize based on team size.

Supervisors with five or more responses will receive a report that groups all employee feedback. For more information, including resources on the self-identification questions, please visit
Updates & FYI
Remind Your Team to Update their Passwords
Some team members will be notified by DoTS that they are required to change their DPS password. Managers can support this important initiative to improve DPS security by reminding members of your team to take action and update their password if they have not done so in the last year. 

Any team member who has not updated their password since December 2018 will receive email reminders in the coming weeks and will be given 30 days to take action. The new password requirements and additional information on password reset can be found here .

To change your password right away, visit .
Growth, Performance and Training
Get Ready for LIFT and CCE Mid-Year Performance Conversations
Now is the time to prepare for mid-year performance conversations in February with your team members. The objectives of these conversations are to:
  • Examine the competencies and discuss demonstration of behaviors and the impact.
  • Discuss progress toward achieving goals (LIFT) and adjust plans and goals as needed.
  • Celebrate and recognize accomplishments. Address barriers and roadblocks.
  • Target development opportunities for the remainder of the year.

Prepare for hosting mid-year conversations with these resources:

Encourage your team to use these resources in preparation for your conversation:

If you need assistance, please reach out to your HR Partner.
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