November 2017
Look for Hiring Information in Manager Monthly 
School support teams are streamlining communications to send you fewer emails and deliver need-to-know information (and good-to-know tips) all in one place. Keep an eye on Manager Monthly to find hiring tips and best practices, information on available candidates and ways to leverage Infor HR. This month, learn how to track and disposition candidates in Infor HR. 
Tracking Candidates
Managers are encouraged to track and rank job candidates in Infor HR. This makes it easy to manage the steps of the hiring process and identify and follow up with top candidates. In "App Status," track your interviewed candidates and under "Mgr Rank," track your top candidates. Click here to see screenshots of these menu items. Talent Acquisition will also be able to use that information to identify top qualified candidates you aren't interested in hiring.
Dispositioning Candidates
Candidates have provided feedback and said they often don't know whether they're being considered for a position. That can be frustrating for them and discourage them from applying to other open positions in DPS. While they may not be a good fit for an open position on your team, they might work well in another position. 
Moving forward, please disposition and track candidates' statuses in Infor HR , which will notify candidates you are not considering them for a position. Tracking candidates' statuses also lets Talent Acquisition know where you are with the hiring process and with your top candidates. Use the following links to learn how to disposition, rank and track a candidate's status in Infor HR to ensure Talent Acquisition is able to communicate with candidates.
If you have questions or would like more information, email Krystina Brickley, Nicole Kramis or Victoria McBurney.
Growth, Performance and Training
Host Mid-Year Conversations with LIFT/CCE-eligible Team Members
Schedule time on your calendar now to host mid-year performance conversations with your employees Dec. 4-21. Consider hosting a second conversation in early February with LIFT leaders who receive CollaboRATE results or delay mid-year conversations until CollaboRATE results are available (Jan. 29). Mid-year is time to:
  • Provide formal feedback.
  • Address barriers to success.
  • Assess progress toward achieving goals.
  • Discuss professional growth plans.
  • Request feedback on how you are leading.
  • Document progress in Infor HR. 
Register to attend a workshop to practice with your peers and learn strategies for conducting effective mid-year conversations.

Keep in mind, mid-year is not the only time to provide and receive feedback; feedback should be ongoing and timely to allow for course corrections. Documenting feedback throughout the year makes year-end conversations easier. Talk to your HR partner about how best to document your feedback.
Supports for Building Your Team
CollaboRATE Survey Window Moved to January                
DPS' all-employee engagement survey, CollaboRATE, will be open Jan. 3-12. This is an opportunity for team members to provide feedback on their leaders and DPS as a whole. More information will be shared in the newsletters soon. For a general overview of the survey, please visit
Encourage Team Members to Attend DPS Aspire, Creating Connections 
Thousands of DPS team members consistently rate values-based leadership programs as valuable and worthwhile experiences. Share these participants' feedback with your team members and encourage them to participate in upcoming programs:
  • DPS Aspireregister for the Dec. 5-6 session 

"I believe that every member of DPS should dedicate these two days to learning about themselves, improving as a person and learning about relationships."

"I enjoyed working, meeting and collaborating with people who represent all areas and departments in the district."

Updates & FYI
Use Infor HR to See Team Members' Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
As a manager or proxy, you have access to view birthdays and work date anniversaries of your team members in Infor HR. In  Manager Space , use the "My Staff" drop-down at the top to access the birthdays and anniversaries screen. There,  you'll see all your direct reports' birthdays, work date anniversaries and years of service.  You will even get a notification for special dates that fall in the current month.  To learn more about how you can leverage Infor HR in your role,  click  here to launch a self-paced tutorial.
Earn a $250 Referral Bonus for Referring Teachers and SSP
Help make Team DPS even stronger -- and receive a bonus -- by referring teachers and SSPs to work for DPS! We are looking for math, special education, ELA-S and diverse teachers, as well as SSPs including nurses, social workers, psychologists, teachers for the visually impaired, speech language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and counselors.
All current DPS team members can earn a $250 referral bonus for each person they refer who applies and is hired into one of the roles mentioned above. The more people you refer and are hired, the bigger your bonus! Start by completing this form. For every referral, you will need to complete a new form. Click here for more information on the DPS Employee Referral Program and share this opportunity with members of your team.
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