Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
Mark Your Calendars for Key End-of-Year Deadlines
If you haven't already hosted your mid-year conversations , please schedule time to provide feedback to your team members on both LIFT (EPMP) and CCE performance programs. Your team values your feedback. Mark your calendars for key end-of-year deadlines . Click here to view the full schedule, which includes timeframes for self-appraisals, norming, conversations and pay-for performance. 
Many teams and departments set earlier deadlines, and complete norming earlier, to account for team work schedules and department needs. Work with your HR Partner to adjust your deadlines to earlier dates to meet your team's needs. 
Access New Resources for Managers
Human Resources has built a "one-stop shop" Google site to house resources you frequently use. Use Chrome to access the new  HR Google Site for Managers, and you will find resources, including Eligibility for Rehire Policy, Resignations Process for Managers, an Employee Off Boarding Checklist, an HR Timeline for Managers, HR Resources for Managers and much more. 

Also, DPS recently implemented a new Eligibility for Rehire (EFR) policy, which holds HR responsible for determining the EFR for  all employees leaving DPS. As a result, all resignations and terminations, both involuntary AND voluntary, will be processed by HR.  Schools and departments will send resignation letters/termination information directly  to their HR Partners . Managers/proxies will  no longer  enter any terminations into GHR. We hope this change saves you time.  If you have questions, please contact your HR Partner.
Has Your New Employee Attended New Employee Orientation?
Do you remember attending an orientation session as a new DPS employee? Chances are, a lot has changed since then. Our current New Employee Orientation sessions:
  • Are held virtually, so there's no travel time required and no hassle to find parking;
  • Are highly interactive with videos, hand-raising, chats, question and answer opportunities, polls and even virtual laughter;
  • Focus on the 4Cs of onboarding: compliance, connection, clarity and culture;
  • And are required for your new employee.
Please help your new team members get off to a successful start by ensuring they register for and attend a New Employee Orientation (NEO) session within the first two weeks of starting their new jobs. You can help by scheduling this two-hour block of time and ensuring they have access to a computer and headphones to fully participate.  
Hiring Update: Review a Change in Criminal History Disclosure
Effective Feb. 27, DPS will no longer require applicants to disclose criminal history information on employment applications. After accepting a job offer, employees will be required to complete a criminal history questionnaire and a fingerprint-based background check before beginning employment. In February, we will send an updated Verbal Offers and Discussion Guide and DPS Hiring Guide for Principals. 
Use the New 2017 Employee Reimbursement Form
The 2017 Employee Reimbursement Form is now available. Please use this updated form -- which reflects the IRS' new mileage rates -- for all reimbursements on miles driven on and after Jan. 1, 2017. The 2016 form should continue to be used for reimbursement requests for miles driven prior to Jan. 1, 2017. Both forms can be found on the Accounts Payable Forms page on The Commons. 
New HR Attestation Process Designed to Save You Time
Human Resources has announced a change that will expedite the hiring process and eliminate an administrative task for you during the reference attestation process.  
External New Hires: Managers are responsible for reviewing the completed PreHire 360 Feedback Report from SkillSurvey on new hires within two business days of receipt. Effective Feb. 1, the HR Hiring Representative will also review the results and if the report meets established criteria, we will complete the "Manager Attestation" button in GHR on your behalf. Managers will be required to complete the "Manager Attestation" only if the criteria are not met. Since the majority of the results meet and exceed the criteria, we hope this process change will save you time.

Internal Candidates: We've also streamlined this process, and when an internal employee is transferred to a new role under the same manager, the HR Hiring Representative will complete the "Manager Attestation."

If you have any questions about the changes, please speak with your HR Hiring Representative or HR Partner. 
Remember Secretary Portal as Communication Tool 
Secretary Portal  provides DPS office professionals with instant access to updates, contacts and resources by department, frequently used applications and available training throughout the district. The portal was updated and relaunched in July 2016, and has had great success. Since relaunching the portal, there have been more than 34,000 total page views, with an average of more than 200 page views per day! Check out the feedback below from one of our frequent users of the new and improved Secretary Portal:
"Secretary Portal is great because everything is all in one spot. It's very user friendly and easy to access. I visit the portal frequently for Choice & Enrollment information and to quickly see what training is offered throughout the district." - Amanda Encinias, Secretary  
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