Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016
Goals: Check In Now!
For LIFT/EPMP-eligible employees, mid-year is the time to check on goals in Infor GHR Talent Management. Take time to:
  • Approve any goals that are pending. Remember, only approved goals will be included at year-end.
  • Comment on active goals. Commenting throughout the year makes year-end easier because all comments will be included on the year-end appraisal.
  • Set new goals. Goals can be set at any time during the year as projects come up and work changes.
  • Inactivate goals that are no longer relevant. Priorities change and work sometimes gets put on hold. Inactivate goals that won't be worked on for the remainder of the year.
Visit the  LIFT/EPMP website for step-by-step guides on how to complete these goal-related processes in Infor GHR Talent Management.

Remember, your mid-year conversations should be completed by Jan. 15!
Avoid Awkward Performance Conversations
Performance conversations don't have to be awkward. Join the HR Growth, Performance & Training team at an upcoming conversation workshop where you will learn:
  • How to structure your conversation.
  • How to differentiate your conversations based on performance.
  • Templates and tools to use to prepare for conversations.
  • Strategies for common reactions to feedback.
Plus, you'll get time to practice with your peers in a safe space.  Click here  to register for an upcoming session.
Clarity: Is Your New Employee Getting It?
When it comes to your new employees, are you crystal clear or clear as mud?  Studies show that when new employees have greater clarity regarding their role and place within the organization, they are more likely to take risks, ask questions and be more effective performers.  Of  the Four "Cs" of Onboarding , one of your essential roles as manager is providing clarity. HR assists in compliance-related activities and team ambassadors can assist with connection and culture. But, as manager, you are uniquely situated to help your new employees understand the purpose and nuances of their roles.  So how can you provide clarity?    Within a new employee's first week:
  • Have a "role and responsibilities" discussion
  • Give the employee a first "meaningful assignment"
  • Discuss your performance expectations
  • Share a training plan including systems, processes, and procedures.
Your new employees will thank you!
DAEOP: Secretaries and Office Staff Can Access New Professional Development Opportunities; Your Approval is Needed
DPS has partnered with to provide professional development opportunities to secretaries and office professionals. The sessions will focus on Microsoft Office, Google Suite, time management, customer service and more! This pilot program can provide your team members with two months of instant access to more than 4,000 video-based courses. Space is limited so we will be assigning access on a first-come, first-served basis. 

An email was sent to all eligible employees Dec. 16 with a link to sign-up. Eligible employees will need authorized work time to complete their courses, so participation in this program requires your approval. If your employee expresses interest, the Growth, Performance & Training team will be in touch with more details on the process. For more information, please visit Secretary Portal. If you have questions, please contact
Refer or Recruit Great Teachers, SSPs; Referral Bonuses Available
Current Team DPS members are our greatest resources for recruiting top new talent. There are two opportunities to help recruit high-quality teachers and Specialized Service Providers (SSPs):
  • Refer a great candidate and qualify for a referral bonus: We are looking for great teachers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and counselors. Know someone who would be a great fit for our 2017-18 school year? Click here to learn how to refer someone and learn how you can earn a referral bonus.
  • Become a Recruitment Ambassador: Ambassadors will work directly with the Human Resources Talent Acquisition team to help recruit high-quality teachers and connect them with ideal teaching opportunities. If you're passionate about connecting with new teachers and want to support our 2017-18 teacher recruitment efforts, please click here
The Commons: Access it Anywhere, Anytime in January
In January, you'll be able to access internal resources on DPS' intranet, The Commons, anywhere, anytime. Your feedback has been important to this process. In the new year, you'll have access from home to ELA Teacher Qualification requirements, Curriculum & Instruction supports, and information on Benefits and Employee Wellness programs - plus so much more! We've also updated the footer on The Commons to provide easy access to DPS' portals and tools. Use our new footer by scrolling to the bottom of the intranet homepage (or any page on the site) to quickly access links to the following:
  • Infinite Campus
  • Master School List
  • Principal, Secretary and Teacher portals
  • Request a Substitute
  • Webmail
In the footer, you'll also find an updated FAQ and access guide for The Commons. This update is one of many recent developments on our intranet.
We also launched a new Department Directory with over 60 department sites and created a resource section on  the homepage to keep you informed about new internal resources being added to the site each week. Questions? Feedback? Please contact us
Winter Break for Students: Last day of school for 2016 is today, Wednesday, Dec. 21. Students return on Monday, Jan. 9.

Winter Break for Central School-Support Staff: Last day of work for 2016 is tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 22. Central staff members return Tuesday, Jan. 3.

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