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Aug. 27, 2020
New Tool Coming for Daily Health Screens
Beginning next week, employees will be able to start using the Safe Access Website to complete their daily health screen. We encourage you and your team members to begin using this tool as soon as its available. Over the next two weeks, DPS will transition away from the current Google form, and as of Sept. 14 you will only be able to use the Safe Access Website for daily health screens.

As a reminder, central office team members who are returning to an administrative building must complete a reservation form in addition to the daily health screening. This form has been developed to help ensure compliance with guidance from health officials that seating at any DPS administrative building does not exceed 50% of available seating capacity. Please make your request at least 24 hours in advance to assist with the scheduling process.

The Employee Experience 
It is our goal to make the transition to the new health screening website seamless. Similar to the Google form process, this new process will require employees to navigate to a URL (soon to be available on The Commons). Once at the Safe Access Website, employees can take their daily health screen by selecting the building they are reporting to and entering their employee ID. In addition, when they pass their health screen, they will be able to bookmark their passed “green screen” with a date stamp to provide visual confirmation at the worksite if necessary. If they fail their health screen, employees are instructed not to report to work and to contact their supervisor. They are also directed to The Commons for additional next steps. 

How will this change your current process?
The Safe Access Process will improve your ability to review health screen data. These are the changes to be aware of: 

  • At non-school sites, executive directors and above will receive an email from Safe Access on Wednesday, Sept. 2, with instructions on setting up your Safe Access account. Your level of status at Safe Access is termed “Reviewer Access.” General employee access is called “Check-in or User Access” and does not require an account. 

  • Additional information will be shared soon to support you in implementing the Safe Access tool at non-school sites. At school sites, DAEOP employees and nursing staff will also automatically be included as “Reviewers.” Similarly, they will receive an email from Safe Access with a link guiding them through account set up. You will also be able to use your Safe Access account to add additional employees as “Reviewers” on an as needed basis (this applies to school and non-school sites).

  • With your Safe Access account, you will be able to check data on who has completed their health screen (pass or fail) and who has not completed their health screen at your location in real time. Note: Data resets daily, so you will only be able to review data at your location for that individual day. 

  • Reviewers can also check-in individuals who forgot to complete their health screen or do not have access to a phone or computer. 

Please stay tuned, the Safe Access URL and additional training information will be shared next week.
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