Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
Open Enrollment: Key Dates and Information on Additional Supports and Resources for Your Teams
Open Enrollment begins Monday, April 24, and ends Friday, May 12. This is the one time during the year that you and your team members can enroll in, waive or make changes to your benefits.
Last year, DPS employees spent an average of $5,000 or more out-of-pocket on their medical benefits. To help you and your teams take charge of how your health care dollars are spent and choose the best plan for your needs, we're offering resources and supports to help.

Save the date
  • Annual Benefits and Wellness Fair, April 29: On Saturday, April 29, at Bruce Randolph High School, we're hosting our annual Benefits and Wellness Fair. This is an opportunity to meet representatives from our insurance providers, use the on-site enrollment lab to enroll in benefits, and learn more about our employee discounts, benefits options and wellness opportunities. Encourage your team members to attend!
Additional support and resources
To help you navigate Open Enrollment, we're also offering the following support and resources for you and your teams:
  • One-on-one consultations: Beginning mid-April, you and your team members can schedule an in-person (at Emily Griffith) or over-the-phone appointment with a benefits team representative who will assist you with Open Enrollment.
  • Enrollment labs: The benefits team will host four enrollment labs during Open Enrollment. During these sessions, you or your teammates can meet with benefits team members to ask questions and complete their online enrollment.
  • Bargaining unit meetings: Representatives from the benefits team will present details on Open Enrollment to each of the bargaining units during upcoming union meetings.
  • Newsletter updates: We'll provide regular updates in newsletters with information and resources about our benefits options. Encourage your team members to check their email inboxes each week to read the latest news and updates.
Updates on The Commons
On March 1, we'll launch an Open Enrollment section on The Commons to keep you updated. It will be the go-to site for resources, including the 2017-18 Benefits Enrollment Guide, Calendar of Events, Plan Selector Tool and much more. Please keep your eyes out for more information regarding this year's benefits plans and rates, as well as information on who needs to take action during Open Enrollment.
Access Resources for Immigration Questions and Concerns
Last week, the DPS Board of Education approved the Safe and Welcoming School District resolution to make clear how we will support our students in light of recent local and national events surrounding immigration and refugees. To see copies of the resolution, an updated Immigration Rights FAQ, and a one-page handout on school supports for students and families, please visit the Safe and Welcoming School District webpage. Materials are available in multiple languages to share with your team, students, families and community.
To support students and their families with immigration questions and concerns, we have a crisis team ready to deploy for counseling supports for families, parents and students. To request the team's support, contact Meredith Furtney or Liz Jagiello
To support you and your team if federal immigration officials show up at your school, the DPS legal team has created a staff memo outlining recommended preferred procedures. If you have questions, contact General Counsel Jerome Deherrera or call 720-423-3915. 
If members of the media contact you, or if you need support with additional communications, please contact Director of Media Relations Will Jones at 720-448-3751 or Chief Communications Officer Nancy Mitchell at 303-478-4573.
Are You a People Manager? 
This monthly newsletter is intended to help you with supports to manage your people. Help us best serve you by replying to this email with questions you have and/or resources you need to better lead your team!
Ask for Peer Feedback Now to Help Your Team Improve 
Other rater feedback has been a formal part of the year-end process for LIFT/EPMP for a few years. This year, it will also be part of the year-end process for the Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) Good feedback should be specific, actionable and timely. Last year-end, 30% of LIFT/EPMP and CCE-eligible employees reported that feedback provided as part of the year-end process was a surprise to them. No one likes those kinds of surprises! 
As year-end approaches, ask your peers and internal customers for feedback on your employees now. This allows you to share that feedback with your employees so they have time to make changes and improve their performance by year-end.    
Encourage Your Teams to Find Work-Life Balance
Are you or a member on your team struggling with the demands of work and family? Sign up to receive information on an upcoming manager training that will provide information on our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The training will give strategies for how to suggest GuidanceResources to an employee. GuidanceResources is a free benefit to all DPS team members that offers a direct link to counseling, resources and tools to improve health, well-being and work-life balance. These services are free, confidential and available all day, every day to give  you and your team the support you need.  In 2016:
  • 510 DPS employees accessed face-to-face confidential counseling services through the EAP within GuidanceResources.
  • 80 employees utilized LegalConnect, which supports employees with information on divorce, bankruptcy, real estate, wills and more.
  • 161 employees utilized FinancialConnect, which supports employees with financial planning for student loan debt, tax season, major purchases and retirement.
  • 639 employees received help with their to-do-lists by using FamilySource. The most popular topics were finding child and elder care providers, researching colleges and universities, and real estate.  
Access GuidanceResources here and for more information check out this FAQ
Access Professional Development for You and Your Team
The following ongoing professional development opportunities are available for registration in Learning Space. Please share these resources with team members and other leaders who may be interested.
  • LIFT/EPMP Information Sessions: These sessions offer an introduction to LIFT/EPMP and are great for new hires or anyone who needs a refresher on the framework. Click here to register for an upcoming session.
  • Infor HR Resource Webinars: Save time and frustration with Infor HR by learning how to execute tasks faster using the new and improved tools that are available to you. This webinar will introduce the tools available and show you how to easily find and utilize the resources you need. Click here to register for an upcoming session.
  • Performance Improvement Plan Webinar: Do you have an employee who is struggling? Are you considering a Performance Improvement Plan? During this webinar, learn how a performance improvement plan works and what steps you need to take. Click here to register for this on-demand webinar.
Changes to the LIFT/EPMP and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) Ratings Scale are Coming Soon
We've heard your feedback regarding the LIFT/EPMP and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) rating scales! You said it didn't quite fit your view of employee performance. In particular, you told us that the Meets Expectations (3) rating indicators didn't reflect that employees with that performance rating were solid contributors. We heard you and we are working on changing the ratings scale. Keep an eye on your inbox -- changes will be announced soon! 
You Can Now Access Lawson/ESS from Outside the DPS Network
Thanks to a recent security enhancement, you can now log on to Lawson/ESS outside the DPS network. You no longer need VPN access to access leave balances, pay stubs, W2s and other important information. Review this reference guide then log on to Lawson/ESS in Internet Explorer.

If you completed Open Enrollment in 2016, you were prompted to set up five security questions. The next time you log in to Lawson/ESS outside the DPS network, you might be asked to answer three of those security questions. If you forgot the answers to your security questions, please contact the Department of Technology Services (DoTS) Hotline at 720-423-3888. If you did not complete Open Enrollment in 2016, you will be prompted to set up five security questions before accessing Lawson/ESS outside the DPS network.
GHR/Talent Management Will Be Upgraded and Rebranded
GHR/Talent Management will not be available Feb. 25 to Feb. 26 while the system is upgraded and rebranded as Infor HR. It will be available again Feb. 27. The upgrade will make it easier to access the system. Users will have browser-based access and won't need to run Java. The new Infor HR will have a contemporary, easy-to-navigate design. Changes to criminal background check procedures that were announced in the Jan. 17 copy of Principal Weekly and Jan. 24 copy of Manager Monthly will go into effect with the upgrade. On Feb. 27, new process guides for Manager Space and Employee Space will be available.   
It's Tax Season Again! Be Vigilant about Phishing, Other Scams  
Now that we are once again in the midst of tax season, hackers are stepping up their efforts to steal personally identifiable information and beat you to the IRS for your refund. Please ask your team members to be extra vigilant!
DPS and other businesses are seeing increased phishing emails (email with a web link that exposes your personal data) and other attacks trying to steal your identity. Many attackers will even add bank logos or other familiar company information to appear more legitimate. DPS has also seen many attacks aimed at stealing a user's login and password.
Remind your teams: DoTS will NEVER ask for your username or password in an email!
Here are some tips to share:
  • Do not provide your login and password to an email or web link request.
  • Watch out for emails with a false sense of urgency demanding immediate action.
  • Be wary of all email attachments, especially those you were not expecting.
  • Be on the lookout for emails using a generic salutation like "Dear User."
If you believe you might have fallen victim to a phishing email or scam, please immediately call the DoTS Hotline for assistance at 720-423-3888.
Updated Capital Asset Guide: Recording and Tracking Assets  
The accounting team has prepared an updated Capital Asset Guide for the district. The purpose of this guide is to define capital assets and the district's responsibility of recording and tracking assets. In addition, it provides clarity on differences between capital and repair/maintenance expenses.The Capital Asset Guide is an evolving tool that will be updated when new policies are implemented as well as when accounting pronouncements change. Please contact your Capital Accountant if you have questions relating to the guide.
Nominate a Teammate for a Night of Honor Award
Recognize your teammates by nominating them for a Night of Honor award.
Do you know someone on Team DPS who embodies the Shared Core Values every day? How about a successful and effective team? Recognize these individuals by nominating them for a Night of Honor award:  
  • Leadership Lamp Award: Our most distinguished award honoring our Shared Core Values champions (four awards total)
  • Excellence in Team Award: High-performing teams making a difference (teams of 3-12; four awards total)
  • Living Our DPS: Honoring the actions of individuals living one of our Shared Core Values (up to 50 awards total)
Also, nominate a DPS parent or family member who is making a positive impact in their school communities for the  Family Leadership Award, presented at an upcoming Superintendent Parent Forum.

Nominations are due March 24. Check out the  2016 recap video to learn more. If you have questions, call 720-423-3173 or email
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