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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
New Rating Scale Changes for LIFT/EPMP and CCE
 Team Members

The overall rating scales for the LIFT/EPMP and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) performance frameworks have been revised. The changes add clarity to all ratings and better reflect the positive contributions and solid performance of employees whose performance Meets Expectations. 

The new rating scales take effect immediately and will be used for year-end ratings. Please review the full rating scale for:
  • LIFT/EPMP team members (including centrally-managed exempt employees).
  • CCE team members (including centrally-managed, non-exempt, non-union employees, food service managers and food service workers).
Please review the Growth & Performance Systems at a Glance document so you can answer your team members' questions if they're not sure which performance framework applies to them. 
Approve or Add LIFT/EPMP Goals Now

Please approve any pending goals or add goals now for your LIFT/EPMP-eligible employees. Any goals not active and approved in Infor HR (formerly GHR) by the middle of April will not be included in the year-end appraisal. Without approved goals, the goals section for your team members' year-end appraisals will be incomplete or blank when year-end begins May 1. Approving goals ensures that the year-end process will go smoothly for you and your employees, and that all achievements are documented. For resources on the goal-setting and approval process, and the LIFT/EPMP year-end schedule, visit The Commons.
Schedule Norming Sessions With Your HR Partner Now

In anticipation of year-end appraisals, managers should schedule norming sessions with their HR Partner now. Norming sessions for LIFT/EPMP and the Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) should occur May 15-June 16
Norming is an important process that ensures more effective, data-driven evaluations and equitable results. The focus of norming is to ensure a consistent application of our rating scale within and across teams, rather than debating individual performance. All employees eligible for LIFT/EPMP and the CCE should be normed.

Complete the norming process quickly by hosting norming sessions for your entire department over the course of one or two days. Host the largest group first, then release smaller teams to norm and finish with senior leaders. Chat with your HR Partner to learn more about the process and to schedule your session today.
Heads Up: The CCE Year-end Process Starts April 3


The Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) year-end process -- designed for centrally-managed non-exempt, non-union employees as well as food-service managers and food-service workers -- starts April 3. Managers of these groups should take action now to:

  • Review the revised CCE rating scale.
  • Review the year-end schedule for key dates and deadlines and set earlier deadlines for your team if needed.
  • Schedule year-end conversations. If your employees are leaving for the summer, schedule their year-end conversation before their last day to ensure that they will receive feedback before going on break.
  • Encourage your employees to start thinking about other raters. As part of the year-end process, employees can request other raters to provide feedback that gives you another person's view of their performance

More information about the LIFT/EPMP year-end process will be shared in the April edition of Manager Monthly


If you're not sure who is eligible for the CCE on your team or you have other questions, review the Growth & Performance at a Glance document and reach out to your HR Partner. 

Use HR's One-Stop Shop for Managers' Resources

Did you know there's a one-stop shop for managers' resources? Human Resources created a Google site to house resources managers frequently use. Use the web browser Chrome and your DPS Google account login information to access the  HR Google Site for Managers. There, you'll find  resources, including the  Eligibility for Rehire Policy , an  Employee Off-Boarding Checklist  and an  HR Timeline for Managers
Also, make sure you're accessing the most recent   HR Resources for Managers file from the Google site.  Due to recent changes on, The Commons and, some links in the original PDF have been replaced. 
Visit a Hosting TLC School to Learn More About the Model

The Teacher Leadership & Collaboration (TLC) model will be a part of nearly every school starting this fall. In celebration of this expansion, and to ensure all central teams better understand this one-of-a-kind distributive leadership structure, the TLC team is offering an opportunity to visit a hosting school. The visit is designed to allow you and your team to see TLC in action with a focus on how it is impacting teachers, leaders and students, as well as connect ing teacher leadership to your own role at DPS. The site visit will take place on April 11 and there will be three school options: elementary, middle and high. Details on times and specific schools are coming soon. 
Please email Jess Barrow if you or anyone on your team is interested in participating and she will follow up with additional information.
Year-End Finance and Purchasing Deadlines Approaching

It's that time of year again. Finance and purchasing deadlines are coming up as early as April 12. Check out the cut-off dates  for Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Warehouse transactions for the 2017 fiscal year.
The School Support Customer Service Survey is Coming Soon

The annual School Support Customer Service Survey will be open from April 4-14. This is an opportunity to provide feedback to our operations and academic support services departments. It is also an opportunity to recognize individuals or departments who have provided outstanding customer service in the past year. Principals, assistant principals, school secretaries, executive secretaries, family liaisons and management-level employees have been asked to participate via invitation only. All selected participants will receive an email from David Suppes via Survey Gizmo. We are looking forward to high participation rates and are grateful for your feedback.
Accessing The Commons from Anywhere, Anytime

DPS' intranet -- The Commons -- is now available to Team DPS from anywhere, anytime. All of our team members, including those at charter schools, can now access DPS news, events, portals and school, employee and department information -- plus so much more -- in one central place. Just type into any internet browser to access The Commons on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. 

With this update, the information on The Commons has stayed the same. However, some links are password-protected and require a secure log on to access district-only information. If you receive a prompt to log on, simply input your DPS username and password and you will be able to view the information on Google. Check out our FAQ section to learn more about how we're protecting district-only information on the intranet. 

Now that the intranet is available from anywhere, you can also access the site from home or on-the-go using your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Just type into any internet browser to access The Commons. If you have questions, email
Final Reminder: Nominate an Outstanding Teammate or Team for a Night of Honor Award

March 24 is the last day to nominate someone who goes above and beyond to live our Shared Core Values for one of the coveted Night of Honor awards. If you manage a person or team who inspires you, please take this opportunity to recognize them by submitting a nomination.
  • Leadership Lamp Award: Our most distinguished award designed to honor our Shared Core Values champions who model the way for DPS.
  • Excellence in Team Award: High-performing and effective teams making a difference (teams of 3-12).
Nominations for all awards are due  Friday, March 24 , so please remind your teams to give the gift of recognition and submit a nomination today! If you have any questions, email
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