August 2017
Remind Your Team Members to Complete Required Mandated Reporter Training
All employees are mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect and must complete the annual mandated reporter training. Remind your team members to complete the training, and save and print their certificates. Share this link to the training. If you have questions, contact or call 800-390-9619. 

As a reminder, to report abuse or neglect, contact the Statewide Child Abuse Report Hotline at 844-264-5437; if you are a third party with a concern, call the Denver Police non-emergency line at 720-913-2000. For support with training or if you have questions, contact Meredith Fatseas.
Growth Performance & Training
Attend a Goal-Setting Workshop and Set Your LIFT Behavior Goal by Sept. 30
This year, all LIFT-eligible employees should set one  LIFT Behavior Goal  in Infor HR, in addition to three to five SMART goals. Your LIFT Behavior Goal is new to the 2017-18 LIFT process, so attend an interactive workshop  to practice crafting and revising your Behavior Goal and SMART goals to make them meaningful and relevant Your LIFT Behavior Goal should be related to LIFT competencies. This helps  you  and your  team members  track and comment on LIFT behaviors throughout the year. 

Remember that setting and achieving goals is important because at year-end, overall ratings are based on achievement of goals (50%) and LIFT performance indicators  (50%).  Use this criteria  to set your LIFT Behavior Goal.  Goals may be added and managed throughout the year, but all initial goals should be  approved in Infor HR  by Sept. 30. Leaders can set earlier deadlines, so check to confirm when goals are due.
Professional Learning and Resources
Reserve a Professional Learning Shared Space Today
In order to meet districtwide demands for professional learning space, the Professional Learning Team, the Operations Support Services Department and school leaders have established a partnership to develop a long-term, sustainable process that will efficiently utilize existing space in district schools, cut costs associated with non-DPS space use, and align existing resources to educator needs.
As a result, this team has identified nine rooms across the district that can be readily accessed by any district team member and reserved through the Outlook calendar system. 
To reserve a room, go to your Outlook calendar and look for the rooms with "PL" at the beginning of the room title. Once you find a space that meets the location and capacity criteria for your training, simply reserve the room as you would any other meeting space. Click here for reservation instructions, location and capacity details for the PL Shared Spaces.
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