May 2018
Welcomes and Well Wishes to New and Departing Team Members
To assist with planning and operations, please note the following staffing changes that may impact team structures. Congratulations and well wishes to the following team members, who are retiring from their roles, joining Team DPS, transitioning to new roles or leaving DPS. 
  • LaDawn Baity, Instructional Superintendent
  • Tanya Carter , Instructional Superintendent
  • Alona Hastings, Instructional Superintendent
  • Darlene LeDoux, Instructional Superintendent
  • Tobey Bassoff (current principal in Boulder Valley) as an Instructional Superintendent for Network 5
  • Cesar Cedillo (current principal at Bruce Randolph) as Operational Superintendent for Middle Schools & IMO Network and Pathway Network
  • Dori Claunch (current Instructional Superintendent) as Operational Superintendent for Early College High School Network and 6-12 School Network
  • Amber Elias (current Deputy General Counsel) as Lead Operational Superintendent
  • Antonio Esquibel (former Executive Director of Early College) as the Executive Director of College and Career Readiness
  • Micheal Johnson (current Instructional Superintendent) as the Senior Advisor for Secondary School Equity Initiatives
  • Scott Mendelsberg (current Instructional Superintendent) as the Director of Higher Education
  • Jesus Rodriguez (current principal at Trevista) as an Instructional Superintendent for Network 1
Well Wishes
  • Brian Eschbacher, executive director of Choice & Enrollment
  • Jorge Robles, executive director of English Language Acquisition
Learning Space: More Efficient PD Registration and Tracking
Beginning  June 4, a new platform will be used to register for and track districtwide professional development (PD) and event and committee participation. Learning Space provides improved search capabilities, waitlist functionality, automatic recording of PD in employee profiles, easy access to transcripts and one registration process for all PD, including PDUs. 

More information about this change will be sent at the end of May and again in the summer. Learning Space will be used to register for PD that begins  Sept. 1 or later . Schoolnet will continue to be used for PD occurring  before Sept. 1, after which use of Schoolnet for PD will be discontinued.

Growth, Performance and Training
Register for a Conversation Workshop and Schedule Year-End Conversations with LIFT- and CCE-Eligible Team Members
Norming sessions are happening now through June 15. If you haven't scheduled a norming session, contact your Human Resources partner to schedule one now. Once you've completed norming, it's time to schedule year-end performance conversations for LIFT- and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE)-eligible employees. To help you prepare for those conversations, the Growth, Performance and Training team offers workshops that include tips for conducting effective conversations; opportunities to practice using the Studer model (how to differentiate conversations for high, middle and low performers); and an introduction to the resources available. Access these resources now:
Complete Evaluations for Classified Employees by June 15
Feedback is critical to our team members' continued success. That's why it's important that you complete evaluations  and host feedback conversations   for classified, non-exempt employees before June 15 (or the end of school year if the team member does not work during summer). Classified evaluations are for all school-based Protechs; paraprofessionals in the DFPNSE employee association; and all  non-exempt employees in the  AGBW, DAEOP, CWA, ATU, FMA and CFSSP  employee associations. E xceptions include groups or employees who are participating in the pilot Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) program.  

The evaluation is a paper form that can be found on The Commons, along with other resources. If you have questions, contact your Human Resources partner.

Talent Acquisition
Job Candidates Can Now Submit References' Phone Numbers
As of May 1, candidates have the option of entering a phone number in addition to an email address for their references. References will receive a text with a link to the reference form. There is no action needed to activate this feature. This new option will make the hiring process for our candidates and their references more efficient and easy to use. If you have questions, please contact Victoria McBurney .

Updates & FYI
School Calendar Reports are Now Available
DPS streamlined the process for collecting important calendar information for all schools for the 2018-19 school year. T o help manage your operations, these f our comprehensive reports are now available at
  • Student First and Last School Day
  • Teacher First and Last School Day
  • School Calendar Detail
  • School Calendar by Day
This site has a full description and key terms for each report. If you have questions about the reports, contact David Woessner

Save the Date for Our DPS Day, Aug. 16
Our DPS Day is an annual values-based event for members of Team DPS to gather to connect to our shared work, to each other, to our Shared Core Values and to our vision, Every Child Succeeds. Using a virtual platform that can be viewed from schools and team locations, Our DPS Day is able to reach every member of Team DPS.
Please block time on your team's calendar as you begin back-to-school planning. This is a districtwide priority and all teams are expected to participate. The event will be 8:30-9:30 a.m. Aug. 16. More information will be shared with school leaders and managers to arrange the viewing session and activities for each team. 

LIFT Off to Leadership: Cohort 2 Update, New Courses and Resources
The LIFT Off to Leadership program welcomed its second cohort in April and launched a new course, Navigating DPS.  Members of the cohort should register for another new LIFT Off to Leadership course on Employee Relations on July 24.  All people leaders can check out the  LIFT Off page on The Commons for new resources on Talent Acquisition, including onboarding and getting started with hiring.

Was there something you found challenging as a new DPS Leader? Click  here to suggest a new LIFT Off course or resource . If you have questions about the program, contact

New Employee Orientation is Available Anytime, Anywhere
New team members have a choice of when and where they attend  New Employee Orientation. Sessions are conducted via webinar and are available from any location with an internet connection. 


Live webinars are every other week on Tuesday afternoons. During the webinar, new employees have the opportunity to ask questions and chat in real time with Human Resources representatives. This is the recommended attendance option to ensure new team members receive as much support as possible. Prerecorded sessions are also available on-demand if scheduling conflicts prevent attendance at a live session. 


New employees register as part of their online preboarding checklist. Give them time to attend this required orientation sometime in their first two weeks. If you have questions, email

Accessing Infor HR Resources is Now Easier than Ever
Based on user feedback, Human Resources has created a new Infor HR Resource Center on The Commons. It provides instant access to all Infor HR step-by-step guides and eLearning content. As a manager, you use Infor HR to perform many tasks, and there are more than 30 manager processes documented to support you. 

Visit to access the resource center and share this resource with your proxy. 

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