Nov. 29, 2017
LIFT Off to Leadership: A New Manager Onboarding Program

"LIFT Off is going to help our leaders go farther, faster."
-- Patricia Hurrieta, Principal, Grant Ranch

Comprehensive introductions to DPS' systems, procedures and regulations will help ease leaders into our culture. That's why Human Resources -- with the support of the Senior Leadership Team -- is launching LIFT Off to Leadership, a manager onboarding program for school-support team members that is aligned with the LIFT leadership competency framework.

Numerous studies have shown that onboarding employees is a critical factor in retention, improved employee performance and general positivity toward the organization. Interviews across DPS indicated that there were pockets of onboarding excellence, but there were also opportunities to improve the onboarding experience for new leaders.

The program will provide new leaders:
  • A faster path to productivity and success at DPS.
  • Easier access to essential information.
  • A formalized relationship-building process.

Who can participate?

LIFT Off to Leadership is available to all leaders of people at DPS. The Human Resources department will contact managers who are new to DPS or new to their role with details on how to register. If you are new to your role in the past six months and have not been contacted by HR about joining, or if you are a manager established in your role and would like to participate, reach out to .

All managers will also have on-demand access to the courses and materials for this program by visiting . There is no registration or in-person meeting requirement to access these resources. C lick here for a list of initial courses available. 

When the does the program take place?

The first LIFT Off to Leadership cohort will kick off in January and new cohorts will start every three months. The program is designed to give leaders the right information at the right time and will require only four hours per quarter in their first year for in-person cohort meetings. All other coursework will be self-paced to guide leaders through the tasks and processes they need to do as part of their daily work.

How it works

"I'm really excited for a program like LIFT Off because it is self-paced. Leaders will be able to target the resources they need when they need them most, which is really important."
-- Suzanne Morris-Sherrer, Instructional Superintendent

LIFT Off to Leadership provides a one-stop shop online for onboarding materials that is organized and sequential, decreasing the amount of time new leaders need to search for information.

LIFT Off also provides the right information at the right time. The LIFT Off " flight plan " will help leaders identify tasks and information they need in their first 90 days, or tasks and information they need based on the time of year or specific processes (hiring or purchasing, for example). 

Each cohort will have its own virtual space for collaboration, quarterly sessions related to specialized job functions and the opportunity to connect with other new teammates across the organization.

The LIFT Off program complements the DPS values-based leadership programs such as DPS Leadership and DPS Management by providing the tactical knowledge that leaders need for their daily jobs.

Where can I get more information?

Visit to access all program resources and materials and links to all program courses. If you have questions or feedback, email .

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