Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Review New Processes for Non-Employee Data and Access Management
In mid-June, DPS will implement new processes for non-employee fingerprinting and systems access (for example, DPS email, Infinite Campus, the Principal Portal, phone and voicemail, etc.). Human Resources will distribute instructions for the new processes in the June 20 edition of Manager Monthly. 

In order to implement these new processes, the support teams in HR and DoTS are actively working on updating any current non-employee records in Infor HR and the Identity and Access Management systems. Please read the following information about this initiative as it includes action items and key deadlines that may impact your team. 

Who are the non-employees impacted by this project?

A non-employee is an individual who is not paid via the DPS payroll system. The non-employees who need to be in Infor HR and are therefore impacted by this project fall into one or more of these three categories:
  • They need to be fingerprinted by DPS. The most common examples are student teachers and those volunteers who work with students outside the line of sight of DPS staff. If you have questions as to whether a non-employee should be fingerprinted by DPS, please contact your HR partner.
  • They need access to DPS systems. Charter school staff, community partners, contractors and unpaid interns frequently require access to DPS systems.
  • They are reported by DPS to the Colorado Department of Education (charter school staff).
Non-employees who do not fall into one of these three categories are NOT impacted by these changes. They do not need to be in the Infor HR system.

Why is the process changing?
  • Current processes for granting and disabling systems access for non-employees are inefficient and prone to error. There is also a lack of visibility into which non-employees have access to our systems.
  • Processes for tracking and storing fingerprinting status for non-employees vary widely and introduce risk for the district and our students.
  • Colorado Department of Education (CDE) data collection and reporting processes for charter staff are inadequate, inconvenient and require redundant data entry.
Key details and features of new processes
  • Non-employees will appear in their supervisor's Manager Space "My Staff" list.
  • System logins will be automatically created for those non-employees requiring a DPS e-mail address and/or access to other systems.
  • Non-employees will be automatically terminated based on their anticipated end date; they can be manually terminated at any time and their anticipated end date can be updated if the relationship continues.
  • Reporting charter staff information to the CDE will be more efficient and more accurate.
  • The new processes will ensure that non-employees who must be fingerprinted by DPS are fingerprinted before receiving their systems access or having unmonitored interactions with students.
Your action needed
  • We need your assistance to identify the appropriate supervisor for active non-employees whose supervisor information is unknown. Click here to review the list of "unclaimed" non-employees.
  • If you identify a non-employee you are currently working with, please contact Carole Ibarra  as soon as possible (no later than May 15) with the following information: confirmation that the individual's relationship is correctly described (options are contractor, unpaid intern, community partner or charter staff), the anticipated end date for their assignment and which DPS employee is their supervisor.
DPS will deactivate access for any individuals on this list if the above information is not provided by May 15.

Critical dates
  • April 22Any non-employees who had not used their systems access in the past year were terminated in Infor HR and their access was disabled.
  • May 15 Last day to contact Carole Ibarra with supervisor information and other details for any individuals on this list.
  • June 5-16 No new non-employee systems access will be granted during this period during the transition to the new process.
  • June 19:  New processes go into effect; current non-employees will appear in their supervisor's Manager Space.  
  • June 20: Instructions for new processes will be included in Manager Monthly. 
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