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The Journal of Business, on news stands today, features an excellent article on local REALTOR® safety, including a specific mention of a safety feature in our HomeSnap app.
This article was originally behind the newspaper's subscription paywall, available to subscribers only. We asked Journal of Business editor Linn Parish if he would release this article so that all of our members may read it without charge.

Click on the link below to read the entire article by Journal of Business reporter Virginia Thomas - and share it with your Brokers to encourage personal safety today and every day.

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Safe at Home 

O'Callaghan also uses a phone app called Homesnap, which, when she's within 200 yards of a property, will show information about the property, as well as allow her to set a safety timer.
"You can say, 'I think I'm going to be in here for 30 minutes,' and you can set a contact; if that time expires and nobody's heard from you, (the app) will send a safety text, an alert, to that person," O'Callaghan says.
The app can also send an instant safety alert, somewhat like using a panic button.



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