January 2020
Managing Marcus
Marcus Engel
Happy new year, Faithful Reader!
This year is kicking off with a bang. And I need your help. 
For 20 years, I've been running around the country sharing a message of presence, compassion and forgiveness. What started with a business card and a drive for redemption has evolved into a movement with a staff of six.  
Continuing this pilgrimage is going to require finding a new guide. These days, I rarely do solo business travel. The Hotness travelled with me in the early years of our marriage...but c'mon, she has better things to do than business travel with me.  If we've met in the last five or six years, you may have also met Taylor Lunin. Well, The Hotness is staying my wife and Tay is moving into an executive role.... which leaves me in need of a Travel Manager. I apologize for this month's EE not being something super inspiring or thought provoking, but rather, a job posting. Next month, we'll get back to real writing. Until then, here's the job opportunity as seen across social media:
Position:  Part time personal assistant, driver, travel partner/manager
Marcus Engel and the I'm Here Movement seek a personal assistant and travel partner to collaborate on logistics and live events where Marcus is lecturing. 

Duties include, but are not limited to: Assisting Marcus and his Seeing Eye dog while traveling, such as navigating hotels, conferences, airlines, etc.  Arranging driving and ground transportation in various cities, retail sales, handling of books and products at events, marketing, problem solving and entertaining of clients, attending conventions and organizing schedules. Possible job expansion into business, networking and marketing. 

This position requires frequent traveling by air and by car. A good fit is someone comfortable flying long days, and then driving in new locations. 

Requirements: Bachelor's or Associates preferred, must be comfortable interacting with academics, doctors, nurses, professors, etc. Experience in hospitality preferred. A valid Drivers License with a clean driving record as well as a valid passport and ability to pass a background check are necessary. An ideal candidate will be a male between the ages of 25 and 40. A completely flexible schedule with the ability to be on the road for multiple days at a time is a must. Applicant must be based in Orlando.

Further details:  This position requires a mature and thoughtful individual who can think on their feet and be kind under pressure. The applicant must also be a quick learner and have excellent communication skills.  

Compensation: A base salary will be set according to expertise, with an additional amount per travel day.

For questions or to apply, send your resume or CV to  Marcus@MarcusEngel.com

Interviews will be done in person in Orlando. 
If you have questions, contact Marcus Engel directly at  Marcus@MarcusEngel.comor at 314-852-4494.

Hanging out with this dude is def a perk of the job!

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