August 12, 2020

"Ask the Experts" Conference Call
Friday August 7, 2020 at 1pm

John Mavros of Fisher Phillips will discussing Job Protected Leaves and Reasonable Accommodation due to COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Litigation Trends, Takeaways
In this episode of The Workplace podcast, CalChamber Executive Vice President and General Counsel Erika Frank talks with employment litigation expert Kristen Nesbit, partner at Fisher Phillips, Los Angeles, about the types of COVID-19-related litigation employers are seeing and what employers can do to protect their business.

Types of Claims Filed
We are still in the early stages of the pandemic, but employers already are seeing claims being filed against them, Nesbit says. In fact, last month the law firm saw COVID-19-related litigation claims increase 43% from the previous month.

Learn more about these trends and other COVID-19 related issues by attending our Friday Conference Call. Ask the Experts or contact the CLIA Helpline at 916.925.2915 or
Data That Inspires Dialogue

Are you curious about the number of travelers that California has hosted during the COVID-19 crisis? How about the ratio of international to domestic visitors? All this information and much more is available at the Visit California Research Dashboard.
Handling Online Hotel Reviews in COVID-19
By Susan Barry, President and Queen Bee of Hive Marketing

"Safety precautions and staff wearing PPE made me feel like everyone there had leprosy." - "They didn't have valet parking, supposedly because of COVID. I don't recommend you stay there." - "Hotel went overboard on COVID preparedness. Pool is closed for no apparent reason." - These are some of the more extreme examples of online reviews that have been written about hotels since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Even if your hotel hasn't been put on blast for following local mandates, you have probably noticed an uptick in negative reviews and complaints.

Pandemic-Specific Online Hotel Review Dynamics at Play:
  • High tolerance for risk. The travelers who are staying in hotels right now are by their very nature more tolerant of the risks of the virus. As such, they are less than sympathetic about the precautions your brands or city and state governments have implemented. Put another way, they aren't afraid of coronavirus so they don't understand why your hotel is.

Subject Lines That Open
by Kelly Robb

With forty-seven percent of email recipients opening an email based on subject line alone, it’s clear that you should focus your energy on becoming a subject line master. To help, Darya Subotka, Revinates senior hospitality marketing strategist devotes an entire module in Revinate’s email marketing certification course to the topic. 

So how do you create subject lines that get opened, especially when you’re limited to 4-5 words or 45 characters?

Darya provides these seven tips:

1) Build Curiosity
Humans are naturally curious creatures and like to discover new things. Frame your email subject lines to show that by opening the email, readers will uncover something new. For example: ‘How you can explore Tulum like a local’. Or, ‘Why now is the best time to visit Hawaii’.

It's Not Too Late If You Missed Last Friday's Conference Call
In case you were not able to attend the August 7 "Ask the Experts" Conference Call to hear the informative presentations on COVID-19 protocols and new technology by David Liu of Ecolab and Tom Valdes of Guest Supply, we have good news!

David has very kindly offered to share his presentation: COVID-19 Recovery with our members and colleagues. Please email us at and we will email you this in-depth power point presentation which can serve as an effective training tool for managers.
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