Dear Mountain Laurel Community:

As we enter our third week of learning beyond the classroom we hope that you are able to recalibrate work, schooling and home life through the emotional strains that everyone is facing today. 

Our teachers have been working tirelessly at providing lessons and artwork aiming to support their children’s souls as well as minds.

Amongst the multi talented parent body at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, we are grateful for the expertise of 8th Grade parent Amy Nitza. Dr. Amy Nitza is the Director of the Institute for Disaster Mental Health at SUNY New Paltz. In response to recent events, her Institute created a Tip Sheet for Community Members on managing stress in these challenging times. Additionally, Dr. Nitza and her team are working with UNICEF USA, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Girls Scouts of America, to develop some resources for teachers around dealing with the type of chronic, and possibly traumatic, stress that we are all under. 

To learn more about Dr. Amy Nitza and her amazing work, read up on the latest article:

With gratitude for those who are giving their all with compassion and generosity whether in the field of education, medicine, food distribution, maintenance … or disaster relief. 


Susan and Patricia