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The phrase "candidate-driven market" has received a lot of buzz over the past couple of years and the fact is that it is here to stay.  Given the state of the employment landscape and  the opportunities available for good talent, employers face  challenges in not only recruiting, but also retaining highly skilled candidates. 
This artic le identifies some of the factors that play a role in creating challenges that companies face recruiting quality talent and provides tip s to help overcome these obstacles.

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Joe Woerner, Managing Director
Recruiting in a  Candidate-Driven Market

What does it mean to recruit in a candidate's market? It means that you will be fighting an uphill battle from the word go unless you recognize the new rules of the game. There are many changes to the recruiting market that have occurred in the last couple of years.

First, the unemployment rate has dropped significantly and this is even more apparent when you talk about people with 4-year degrees in a technical field. There are so few unemployed people that the approach and recruiting conversation has to change to engage candidates. Gone are the days of posting an ad and getting resumes from hundreds of qualified candidates.

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