Child Care For Working Parents

  • For families that already have child care in place, contact your child care provider now to discuss how they can assist you with the extended break from school.  If you do not have a child care program and now need one, there are ways to begin searching for child care options. Obviously, some restrictions are currently in place due to COVID-19, so child care providers and families will need to make sure that state and national guidelines are being followed as it relates to childcare during this time. Currently Oklahoma Department of Human Services is asking childcare centers to stay open to assure parents who need to work have access to childcare. Child care providers and families must also consider precautions for those who are at higher risk of complications due to COVID-19. 
  • Connect with other parents. If you are a member of a facebook group or attend a support group, start asking other parents if they have recommendations for child care. They may have already paved the road and know of programs that have been successful for other children with ASD.
  • Many college students are now at home and may also be experiencing limitation in their other employment. 
  • You may also need to begin exploring natural supports if locating a child care program in not successful. Begin with family members and friends that might be able to provide shorter term help. This might mean you need to piece together a plan, but you may have more success. Individuals might be willing to provide a week or several days at a time, but not be willing to commit to the full amount of time your child is out of school.