Effective October 1, 2018: Mandatory Overlength Page Charges

To the SSCS Publishing Community and Contributing Authors,

The Society Board has decided to implement overlength page charges in order to maintain the competitive and financial health of the J-SSC. Continued success of the Journal serves our technical community and keeps our flagship publication competitive within the IEEE family.

The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) follows a strict policy on the length of published papers. Page length restrictions encourage authors to submit concise papers, which keeps our review process timely. Restricting the length of papers also allows us to maintain the high level of quality and impact that the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (J-SSC) is known for.

Starting October 1, 2018, the SSCS is implementing mandatory overlength page charges for the J-SSC. If a manuscript exceeds ten pages in length, overlength charges are applied beginning at the 11th page. Charges are assessed when galley proofs are prepared, which is the last step before final publication in the Journal. The page count does not include references or author biographies. However, an overlength charge will be applied if text other than references or author biographies is included on a reference/biography page. The rate for overlength submissions is $185 per page. These page charges are independent of the manuscript length limits applied by the editorial board upon submission to the JSSC. Submitted manuscripts are allowed to have up to eight pages (excluding references and bios) in the two-column format following the IEEE template. Exceptions of up to four extra pages are possible for systems or topics that do not fit in this regular length. To request such an exception, a detailed motivation must be provided at the time of submission. Exceptions are subject to approval by the editorial board, and do not exempt authors of overlength page charges.

This policy applies only to the J-SSC, and does not apply to Solid-State Circuits Letters (L-SSC), or other SSCS publications (e.g., SSC Magazine).

The SSCS policy on page limits is strictly enforced. Payment for overlength pages – if any - must be received at the time galley proofs are approved and submitted by the author.

SSCS values its authors, members, and volunteers. This policy protects your body of work and ensures the sustainability of the J-SSC for the future.

For more information on IEEE Overlength Length Page Charges, reference this document: http://ieeeauthorcenter.ieee.org/wp-content/uploads/voluntary-page-and-overlength-article-charges.pdf 

On behalf the SSCS Executive Committee,
John R. Long
VP of Publications
IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society 

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