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April 2017

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NDIA Conference 2017
NDIA 2017 Armament Systems Forum in Fredericksburg, Virginia, May 1-4, 2017

Mandus Group will be presenting a brief on its Hawkeye "hybrid soft recoil" 105mm howitzer, mounted on AM General's M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV vehicle.  This howitzer / vehicle combination represents the world's lightest weight "big gun" self-propelled howitzer in the world.  Mandus Group will highlight the technology that allows this large howitzer to be successfully integrated to this light weight vehicle and how this weapon system provides the battlefield commander strategic mobility plus tactical maneuverability.   If you are attending the NDIA 2017 Armament Systems Forum then don't miss our brief on this game changing development in mobile artillery.

Future Artillery 2017
IQPC sponsored Future Artillery Conference in London, UK, May 22nd-24th, 2017

We are extremely pleased to announce that Mandus Group and AM General will be presenting a comprehensive brief on the Hawkeye/HMMWV Self-Propelled Howitzer at this year's IQPC sponsored Future Artillery conference in London, UK. This conference is all about artillery and is attended by the artillery leaders of Armies from around the world.  Mandus Group and AM General are excited to have this opportunity to highlight the capabilities of their truly innovative artillery weapon system at this prestigious artillery symposium.  More information will be available in our News section of our website when it becomes available. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mandus Group would like to invite you to take a look at the current issue of our newsletter, The Thunder.  We will be sending this publication to our customers and business partners to inform them about upcoming events, news, products, and topics relevant to the fields of artillery logistics, sustainment, and maintenance.  So please look it over and learn a little bit about our company and what we can do for you.
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Hawkeye 105mm Integration with HMMWV
Mandus Group Has Teamed with AM General to Integrate its Hawkeye 105mm Howitzer to the M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV

Hawkeye 105mm Howitzer on HMMWV Mandus Group is proud to announce it has teamed with AM General to create the lightest weight, most maneuverable self-propelled howitzer in the world today. Mandus Group engineers, working with AM General engineers, completed the design and engineering processes in record time to successfully integrate and mount our 105mm howitzer on AM General's M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV. Click  here  for full article on our website. 
Mandus Group Receives HSTRU Orders
Mandus Group Receives Orders for its Hydraulic System Test and Repair Units (HSTRU)
Mandus Group takes great pleasure in announcing two contract awards for its highly effective  Hydraulic System Test and Repair Unit (HSTRU)  from the U.S. Army's Program Manager for Sets, Kits, Outfits, and Tools (PM SKOT).

The first contract, for 66 units, was awarded on August 15, 2016 with the follow on contract award, for 22 units, taking place on October 27, 2016.  Click here for full details at our website or contact Mandus Group at 1-888-922-8502 with any inquiries.

IDEX Follow Up

Mandus Group participated in February at IDEX, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as part ofthe AM General booth.  On display was the Hawkeye/HMMWV  lightweight , self-propelled 105mm howitzer.  The Hawkeye/HMMWV combination was a real hit with those attending the show since the common question from those looking at the self-propelled howitzer was "how were you able to mount that large howitzer on that light weight vehicle without damaging the vehicle?"  The answer of course is that this is made possible by the new hybrid "soft recoil" system that Mandus Group has designed that is a revolutionary advance in artillery recoil technology.  

We would like to thank everyone we met at IDEX for stopping by the AM General Booth to see the Hawkeye/HMMWV self-propelled howitzer, and we hope you were impressed with this unique weapon system that offers true "shoot and scoot" on the battlefield.  

Please contact us at 1-888-922-8502 if you would like to learn more about the Hawkeye/HMMWV self-propelled howitzer. We would certainly like to hear from you and would enjoy sending you additional information o n this matchless weapon system. 


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