Photo of the Month: Our Flagship Arabella with her three red flags flying from the pigsticks, sits at anchor off Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard while junior sailors sail in front.  Arabella did two trips this summer from Newport to Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard.  These were incredible experiences for everyone who participated.


Update from Commodore Fortenbaugh

Dreaming of the future.  That's what we spent a lot of time doing this summer.  And it has been very productive!


In late August, I was joined by some of our 12 Meter leaders (l to r), Edouard Ruelle, myself, Marc LoPresti & Scott Curtis, on the Honorable William Wall for a discussion about the future.  You can see the incredible developments we have in store here in New York Harbor (read story below).


We also envisioned a new clubhouse on a piece of land at Liberty Harbor Marina.  Just a few days ago, we cut the ribbon and you will see a big report in our next newsletter.  Our cruising sailors under the imaginative guidance of James Sinclair have begun day long cruises to new locations.  And next season, we plan to introduce racing on Saturday and Sunday evenings.


So this year ended up being an incredible transition, with lots happening and many great new developments.  Who expected this?  Let's use this momentum and keep dreaming about the future and how we can make New York Harbor an even greater recreational venue.


- Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh


NYHSF Acquires Second "America II" (US-42).  12 Meter Racing will come to NY Harbor!

The NY Harbor Sailing Foundation has signed a deal to acquire a second America's Cup 12 Meter.  This new 12 Meter is the sister-ship to "America II" which the Foundation already owns.  The new 12 Meter has been moved into storage at New England Boat Works in Newport.  Fundraising for her restoration will begin soon and when she is launched, 12 Meter match racing will come to NY Harbor!
There were a total of three "America II's" built for the 1987 America's Cup which was held in Freemantle, Australia.  These were US 42, 44 & 46.  All boats were named "America II."  This Cup was won by our patron Dennis Conner on Stars & Stripes.  For the past 8 years, our Club has been involved with US 46, the final America II which actually raced in the Cup.  A group of visionary Members purchased this vessel to help celebrate our Club's 20th Anniversary.  Then the Members donated her to the Foundation.  With the Foundation now acquiring US 42, there will soon be two identical 12 Meters sailing and racing in the harbor.   

First Sailing School Boat Returns to Manhattan
Last year, our sailing school was the largest in the country, teaching more than 1,500 adults.  But with our move to Jersey City this spring, many people who live in Manhattan did not make the trip across the river.  There are other schools in Manhattan but none near the quality and vitality of Manhattan Sailing School.  As a result, the number of New Yorkers who took sailing lessons this summer dropped significantly.  But we are not going to let the recreational renaissance of the harbor slow down.  This fall, our school brought 3 teaching boats back to Pier 25 in Tribeca and sailing lessons resumed.  We will work to grow a larger and larger presence back in Manhattan so the maximum number of people can discover the beauty and thrill of sailing in New York Harbor.


Members Begin Preparing New Clubhouse Site

One of the most exciting developments at the Club this summer was the plan to establish a Clubhouse on an overgrown lot overlooking the marina.  To get the process started, many Members volunteered on a Saturday to begin cutting weeds, removing wood and raking up rocks.  Special thanks to Kate Humphrey who provided the pulled-pork BBQ for the volunteers at the end of the day!  So much was accomplished on the first day that clean fill was brought in right away and within a few weeks, our clubhouse trailer was established, an outdoor deck constructed, sod laid and railings painted.  Just a few days ago, the ribbon was cut on our new Clubhouse.  This exciting event will be reported in more detail in the next newsletter.





Arabella's "Grand Tours" are Big Success

This summer, Arabella did two Grand Tours, sailing from Newport to Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard.  These were done in conjunction with the American Sailing Association.  The first trip at the beginning of August was sold out.  The trips started in Newport on Sunday and sailed to Martha's Vineyard on Monday.  On Tuesday, they visit Nantucket before returning to Martha's Vineyard on Wednesday.  Edgartown as one of the favorite stops on each trip.  On Thursday, the cruise stopped at Cuttyhunk for an evening Clam bake.  Then they return to Newport on Friday. 


Arabella is just finishing her yard period in Newport.  Then she will return to Jersey City or 2 months of preparation before heading down to the Caribbean for the winter.  Start planning now to join Arabella for the Club's Caribbean Regatta, Jan. 24-30.  You can find out more details about other trips at www.arabellavacations.com






Members Visiting Reciprocal Yacht Clubs
Yacht Club de Monaco & Monaco Classic Week  
by Rubayet Pritom
I had the honor of being an ambassador for our Club at the 2015 Monaco Classic Week. It was quite a pleasure to attend. The sheer grandeur and elegance with which YCM has hosted the event this year is truly admirable.
Photo: Rubayet with Bernard d'Alessandri, the visionary General Director of Yacht Club de Monaco. 
Monaco Classic Week is unique in that it seamlessly unites everyone whatever their persuasion -- world class competitive sailors, defenders of nautical heritage, owners of elegant motor yachts, or anyone who loves racing in a week dedicated to a certain "Art de Vivre la Mer". Alternating nautical events during the day with world class culinary, artistic and elegance contests at night, this was the true essence of class.
From the moment I arrived, I was given the privilege of racing Moonbeam III, a legendary Scottish Fife yacht built in 1903. Captain Erwan Noblet and his team welcomed me graciously and after a quick discussion on my experience and tactics, we decided my primary role in the races would be to control the mainsail. It was a match made in heaven.
The races were fierce, stakes were high, and the legendary Fife beauty was unforgiving to say the least. With a backdrop of Monaco, a week of racing in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean with a contingent of over a hundred classic yachts from across the globe felt like a dream. Every aspect of each day of the regatta has been documented and analyzed by a plethora of world renowned yachtsmen, so I will spare you my take on the action. I am however thrilled to say we finished with a 2nd place trophy and bonds that I foresee will continue to grow for years!
Amélie and the staff of YCM were incredibly gracious hosts and I can see why MYC for 27 years have and should continue to strive to achieve in New York Harbor what HSH Prince Albert II and Bernard d'Alessandri have managed to in the waters of Monaco. It was an absolute honor and great pleasure to have participated in this year's Classic Week.

Nord Deustcher Regatta Verein
by Emre Cumali  
I had a chance to visit our reciprocal club - Norddeutscher Regatta Verein in Hamburg, Germany in August. I contacted the club prior to my trip and they organized an official visit (including an airport pick up offer).
I was welcomed by the International Affairs Delegate Wolfgang Weber, and I met the Club Commodore Gunter Persiehl; they both sent their warm greetings to Manhattan Yacht Club! I was welcomed with great hospitality - club officials raised the American flag on the day of my visit and took me on a tour of their facilities and the fleet.  I then spent some time relaxing at the club.
Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (nrv.de) is one of the oldest and largest sailing clubs in Germany founded in 1868, having about 2000 members.  The club has many sailing activities including racing, cruising and youth programs. They also organize major international regattas among them the J-24 World Championships that recently took place in Germany. (j24worlds2015.com) 
If you ever visit Hamburg, make sure you include a visit to their club house in your itinerary - the only structure built on Alster Lake's shore with the best views of the city.

Start Planning for "De Caribbean Regatta" - Jan 24-30

All Members are invited to start planning for "De Caribbean Regatta."  This is the annual vacation our Club organizes with Manhattan Sailing School in the British Virgin Islands.  De Caribbean Regatta will be Jan. 24-30, 2016.  If you have ever dreamed of sailing in turquoise blue waters, walking on white sandy beaches and sipping a pinna colada underneath a palm tree, this will be your greatest vacation ever.


You can book a berth on Arabella to participate in this vacation.  Or you can join one of our crews which will sail on charter boats from the Moorings.  If you are a qualified skipper and would like to skipper your boat in the regatta, send a request to office@myc.org.  More details about De Caribbean Regatta will be posted on our website soon.  In the meantime, it is OK to dream a little bit.







Farewell from Member Heading Overseas
I am very sad having to leave NY so sudden and to miss all the great upcoming MYC events. I had a really good time with sailing in NY Harbor and am very happy to have met so many nice people at MYC.   Thank you very much for the warm welcome to the club. You really do a good job in running MYC and adopting everything smoothly and nicely to the new location in Jersey. Keep on going!   I also want to thank the whole MYC team in the office and at the docks for their great work and very friendly attitude. I very appreciated their efforts to ensure that everything is in a proper condition and that members and guest feel welcome at MYC.
A special 'thank you' goes also to Peter Abelman for the nice sailing trips (including the stunning stories of his past sailing experiences) and for his efforts to take members out on the water. It was a great pleasure to meet you!   I am very happy to stay in touch with you and MYC and to introduce you to my other sailing club DHH (www.dhh.de).   Take care and hope to see you soon - Thomas Helck

  Upcoming Events

Bruce Hagan Memorial Regatta, Sat. Oct 17

Final Cruise & Decommissioning of the Club Fleet, Sun. Oct 18

Special Full Moon Party - Tues. Oct 27

Annual Dinner - Wed. Dec 9

De Caribbean Regatta, Jan 24-30, 2016

Sailors Ball, Fri. April 29

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