The 2016 sailing season has been magnificent so far with incredible weather and great Mt Gay Rum sails. Sailing will continue until Oct 16 when the J/24 fleet will be decommissioned. After that, Members can join in a weekend trip to Bermuda, sign up for the new Frostbite Program or get ready for De Caribbean Regatta.


Update from Commodore Fortenbaugh
What an incredible, action-packed season! No question there are ups and downs, like last year when we scrambled for a new home. But after 18 months here in Jersey City, what a turn around! The social aspects of our Club have reached a new high with the apres-sailing BBQs which peak on race nights. Good times, good friends and a great environment. Stay tuned for the next improvements, the new "12 Meter Deck" which will showcase America II and our Sailing Foundation. Then will come the new Club Flagpole. Please make a contribution to raising this historic pole - the first ever for our Club. Ad by next spring, we expect to have an awning over the Clubhouse front deck, creating ample shade for summer afternoons.

With our club achieving stability and membership beginning to grow again (reaching almost 450!), we can now look to the future with vision and inspiration. Next year will be our Club's 30th Anniversary! How shall we make that season truly great and memorable? This past June, I had the pleasure of traveling to Les Sables-D'Olonne for the awards ceremony for the New York to Vendee Race. This picture is with winner Jérémie Beyou and  3rd place Alex Thompson. The Ocean Masters is managed by Alex Mills and racing is run by Jacques Caraes & Guillaume Evrard.  They do something world-class. Maybe in the future, we should partner with them on a round the world race started by Manhattan Yacht Club?

To all of our friends around the world, come join us for De Caribbean Regatta in the British Virgin islands this winter. Just send me an email as we will reserve a boat for you and your yacht club.

- Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh
Ocean Masters - NY-Vendee Race
Memorial Day Weekend saw one of the most incredible days for sailing in the history of New York Harbor. This was when the Open Class 60 fleet started the New York to Vendee Single-Handed Transatlantic Race.  The event was part of the Ocean Masters series organized by Alex Mills and Open Sports Management. They are helping to lead the world of singlehanded sailing.
Manhattan Yacht Club was afforded the great honor of serving as Race Committee for this prestigious start.  Commodore Fortenbaugh was joined by Thursday RC Chair Luigi Galbiati & Wednesday RC Chair Patrick Burks (all Members should join the Race Committee!). Our guest of honor to fire the cannon was RADM Joseph Molloy with his wife and two aides. Also joining the excitement were 3 sailors from the Noahs Sailing Club of Shanghai.

The Open Class 60 yachts are the extreme of round-the-world sailing. With so many of these machines threading their way down the harbor from the Battery to the Verrazano Bridge, it was a sight and experience rarely seen anywhere in the world, let alone in NY Harbor. For our local maritime community, this was definitely a first on a world-class scale.

The sailors racing these machines are the very best in single-handed sailors in the world. Our race committee had the privilege of motoring alongside some of the sailors after the start. From a sailor's perspective - this was truly amazing, the real deal & over the top cool. 

The New York to Vendee Race was the second event involving the IMOCA 60 Class in New York Harbor. The first event was the New York to Barcelona Race, also started by our club in 2014. The decision to bring both of these events to New York Harbor was made by Open Sports Management, founded by Sir Keith Mills and now run by Alex Mills. As sailors, we thank them greatly for bringing these event to our harbor and we stand by to assist more in the future.

There have been other milestones along the way in attracting these big international events. In 2012, the    KRYS Ocean Race started in NY harbor. Our Club again served as the Race Committee and the event went from here to Brest. The Clipper Race has stopped in the harbor many times. The Volvo Race made a pit stop in 2006 and the first race to ever come to the harbor was Around Alone which started here in 2002 as part of Sail for America, on the one year anniversary of 9/11. With all of these major milestones, our Club was centrally involved in making them happen. Now that our harbor is on the radar screen of every major sailing event, we will probably see more.

The New York to Vendee race was the final qualifier for the Vendee Globe, the ultimate round-the-world race which starts at Les Sables-d'Olonne on Nov. 6. Our Club should send a delegation of Members to observe the start. If you would be interested in traveling to France for this event, please send an email to

America's Cup NY Harbor
Early May brought the America's Cup World Series to NY Harbor and lots of Members went out to spectate on Arabella. 

The AC event were racing in the 45ft catamarans. But the racing area selected by the RC team was directly off the esplanade in Lower Manhattan.  With a northeast wind the first day and a northwest wind the second day, this area was unsuited for reliable winds and the sailing was haphazard and radmon to say the least. It was a shame, because just to the south of the race area where our clubhouse is located, there were strong and consistent winds both days. If the course had been shifted south, the sailing would have been incredible to watch. Instead, the quality of the sailing was made second to spectator viewing from the seawall.  Our Club is all in favor of spectators and our clubhouse in the harbor was the first in the country. But trying to sail so close to the skyline was a significant disappointment in terms of real sailing. Our harbor has such good winds and we hope the reputation of our harbor does not suffer because the RC choose the wrong location for the wind conditions.

Our members aboard Arabella still had a great time. It was a happening. Moet was the sponsor of Arabella and the golden goblets were raised high as people offered toasts and cheers and generally had an incredible time out on the water. We are sure everyone would do it again!

Join the Trip to Bermuda - Nov 17-19
Manhattan Yacht Club has been invited to field a team for the Bermuda Invitational Keelboat Regatta. This event is hosted by the Bermuda Tourism Authority and will be held at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Commodore Fortenbaugh will represent the club along with Luigi Galbiati, Eivind Karlsen,  Malcolm Forbes and Matt Winalski. They have been sailing well this year, winning both the spring and summer series.

In addition to our race team, Manhattan Yacht Club traditionally sends a social team to these great international events. All Members are invited and encouraged to join this social team and fly down to Bermuda for the weekend. Bermuda is a great island to visit.  It's just a short flight from NYC and airfare is very reasonable. This regatta will be after our sailing season has ended in the harbor. So what better way to continue our yachting season than traveling to Bermuda, cheering for our team and hanging out at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club!

Racing will be over 3 days, Thur - Sat, Nov 17-19.  As a member of our social team, you can fly down on Friday evening for two nights of events and return on Sunday. Or you can fly down on Thursday evening to do more. Your choice! There are great hotels to stay in. Airfare is still offered in the low $200 range.

Bermuda is super hot in the world of sailing this year.  They will be hosting the America's Cup next June. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club is right in the center of it all. This is a super exciting invitation and great opportunity for our Members to do some travel, extend our sailing social season at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club bar. If you would like to join the MYC Social Team for this international event, send an email right away to

America II Has Largest Participation Ever

Historic America's Cup 12 Meter "America II" is owned and operated by the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation. She raced for the Cup in 1987 in Freemantle, Australia. The Foundation was founded in 1994 by Members of our Club in order to foster and promote amateur sailing of national and international importance in our harbor. 

This year, the Foundation expanded the America II "Friends" program whereby sailors are invited to contribute to help maintain and restore America II. More than 50 sailors supported this program. It sold out and a waiting list was established. In addition to supporting this historic vessel, participants are asked to volunteer their time to help sail her in the harbor. 

The Friends Program is coordinated by Scott Curtis and Edouard Ruelle. Marc LoPresti rounds out the Foundation's 12 Meter leadership committee which has been in place since 2015. 

Last summer, the Foundation also acquired America II's sistership, US 42. There were three "America IIs" built for the 1987 Cup, US 42, 44 & 46.  US 46 has been sailing in the harbor since 2007. Now the Foundation also owns US 42 and is raising $100,000 to restore her over this coming winter. The goal is to have both 12 Meters match racing in the harbor in 2017. This will be a great tribute to the America's Cup competition which will take place in Bermuda in June. 

Then in July & August, our Foundation hopes to invite additional yacht clubs from around the world to fly into NY Harbor for a week of match racing aboard these two historic 12 Meter yachts. Four weekends will be devoted to these events and with up to 4 yacht clubs per weekend, there will be an opportunity for 16 international teams to participate. If you are in a foreign yacht club around the world, happen to be reading this and would like one of the 16 invitations, please send a note to
Help Raise the Club's Flagpole!
Our new clubhouse location at Liberty Harbor Marina has been a great success!  Members are coming to visit more, hanging out longer, playing cornhole, sipping beers and BBQing with their teams after sailing. The social aspects of our Club are reaching new heights. All of this has been achieved within 12 months.

There is one more improvement which will make our clubhouse great - a traditional gaff-rigged flagpole which will proudly fly the MYC burgee over our fleet and activities.

Thanks to Carlos Tessi who did the research, floated balloons with string and  determined that a 35 ft pole would make all Members proud. He also found a supplier who understands our nautical traditional so we are ready to go. The cost of the flagpole and installation is expected to be in the $4,000 range. 

We are starting the fundraising campaign for the Club's Flagpole today!  Members are invited and encouraged to make a $100 or greater contribution to raising the Flagpole. If we can raise enough support, the Flagpole will be ordered and installed this fall. All Members who contribute to this great project will be recognized on a plaque inside the new Clubhouse or outside at the Flagpole.

Opti Fleet Set Record with 30 Boats!

Operation Optimist, the junior program organized by the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation and supported by our club, set a new record this summer with 30 boats. The program began in 2008 with 10 boats and keeps growing every year. Kids sail for up to 10 weeks during the summer school holidays.

There are 4 fleets, Greenies which are the beginners, White and Blue which are the intermediate kids, and the "Race Team" which travels to regattas outside the city.  Building on this summer's success, fall Opti  Clinics will be offered for the first time with Irina Beloborodova as the coach. Details are at

Race Committee Seminar 9/24 - Open to All!

This year, our new Race Committee teams on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays ran over 65 competitions in only a few months - very impressive! Many M embers joined these new teams, helped out and learned what goes on during a race. Now, m any of these volunteers want more, so we have decided to organize an official US Sailing seminar - right here at our Club. This will allow you to get certified as a "Race Officer" by US Sailing! All Members are invited to participate in the seminar and get more involved in our fun and active race committees.

The Race Committee Seminar will be Saturday, Sept 24 from 9 am to 5 pm.  There are limited spots so if you want to secure one, sign up now here .  S croll down to our Club and click enroll now. This will start your path towards becoming an important part of our great Race Committee Team!   The seminar will have an official US Sailing instructor. There will also be a breakfast and a light lunch as well as student packets and testing (and a couple surprises!) - The enrollment is $60 per person.
One important reason we are pushing for as many Members as possible to participate and get certified is that next year is our Club's 30th Anniversary. We plan to host another International Yacht Club Challenge which is the tradition we started in 1988. This is when Yacht Clubs from around the world come visit us and race against each other. We want to make sure we are ready for them!

Frostbite Sailing this Winter
The camaraderie and community spirit that we are witnessing at our new Clubhouse with the great post-sail BBQs and banter is contagious. Several of our members are pumped up to bring back one of our great traditions; the MYC Frostbite League!  Members can acquire their own Sunfish or other dinghies and store them on the Club docks during the winter. So often we find ourselves needing just a little more sailing during the winter - this is the perfect way to get that little fix! Just picture yourself enjoying some delicious hot wine (or hot toddie) after a couple fun races!

Many years ago (1999), our Club had organized a frostbite series out of Pier 25 in Manhattan on Lasers. This past winter, we noticed several Sunfish sailing in Morris Canal on nice days. So the Club would like to make it possible for interested Members to continue sailing on weekends through the wintertime as conditions permit.

The Club is proposing 3 programs and any of these can move forward based on Member interest. These are:
  1. Sunfish Sailing - day sailing up and down the Morris Canal when conditions are nice, informal program with pick up races as desired
  2. Frostbite Racing - a structured program on weekends for experience racers in Lasers or a 2-person boat if Members prefer
  3. Radio Controlled Racing - for the arm chairsailor who likes to stay warm but still enjoys playing around with boats and having a great time with fellow Members
Details of each of these proposed programs are

De Caribbean Regatta - Jan 28 - Feb 4
The big event of our 30th Anniversary Season (yes, next year we will celebrate 30 years!) will be De Caribbean Regatta. This will be held in the BVIs from Jan 28 to Feb 4. Its never too early to start planning for this great social and sailing event.  

De Regatta is always in the deepest, darkest part of the winter when we all need the warmth and sunshine. There is no better way to celebrate the Club and get your winter fix of sailing and sunshine than joining De Caribbean Regatta.

MYC Vineyard Vines Belts - Special Order
The Club is doing a LIMITED EDITION of Vineyard Vines belts for this coming fall & holiday season.  Vineyard Vines is an American company and one of the hottest brands in the nautical & resort fields.

These belts will be great for wearing while sailing or in the office. Belt features:  100% canvas webbing,  100% Italian saddle leather,  100% imported silk,  Made in the USA,  Embossed whale at belt tip. The belts will make good presents for your friends, family and sailing buddies.  There are 2 belt designs being offered. Members will choose whether we commission Design 1, Design 2 or both.  A minimum of 45 orders is required for a design to be produced. The cost of a belt is $55. Production time is 6 to 8 weeks.  Orders are now open and will  continue until Friday, September 16 . Reserve your Limited Edition belts now!

Visiting Reciprocal Yacht Clubs
San Diego Yacht Club
by Luigi Galbiati

My wife (Nina the Viking) our daughter (Laura Belle) and I went for a quick family trip to San Diego. This was our first time going there and as such we were curious to explore the birthplace of California! Of course, one place we really wanted to go visit was the San Diego Yacht Club. We therefore reached out the week prior our departure to Commodore Fortenbaugh who introduced us and told us how to go about it.   We got there around noon, checked-in handing them our MYC card and walked towards their outdoor deck. As you walk in and through you are greeted by a collection of trophies which is simply fabulous! 
The club dates back to 1886 and is a true sailor's club (this is also the home club of Dennis  Conner!). In many of its aspects it reminded us a lot of our club - they give a lot of importance to having a friendly and welcoming space, a strong emphasis on the sailing community and spirit, a relaxed environment, a whole separate section dedicated to students with junior programs and also a separate foundation that fosters and promotes amateur sailing of national and international importance -remind you of another club?! ;)   We sat for lunch, and as we handed them our guest card, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming- many were curious how long we were in town for and if we were planning to head out to sail - I wish! We ordered some fish tacos and some sliders - delicious; we did also order a glass of champagne (or two) -when in Rome!  Sailing history is omnipresent, especially due to the impressive trophy collection. A lot of familiar faces, especially throughout the walls of the club, as well as several boat models of 12 meter boats, just like America II. We kept on stopping throughout the corridors, mesmerized by the hardware, some serious ones, and some more fun ones (best maintained sail boat, bocce tournament etc). The walls of its bar were covered with burgees from clubs around the world, like we had on the Honorable William Wall - we felt right at home! The whole ambience was relaxed yet refined. Should you ever be in San Diego for a quick visit; family or work - get in touch with our Club and try to visit them - it was without a doubt an unforgettable experience!

Club Universitario de Buenos Aires
by Sonya Mesommonta
Last summer, through our reciprocity program with Club Universitario de Buenos Aires (C.U.B.A. Nuñez), I volunteered to take Walter Arrinda and his guests out for an afternoon sail & afterwards, Walter extended  an invitation to sail at his club if I was ever in Buenos Aires.   I had the opportunity to take him up on his offer on a recent trip to Argentina in February. It was summertime in South America and temperatures were soaring in the upper 80s when I met Walter and Roberto at the club. 
We were looking forward to getting on the water, however, if you looked out in the marina, you could see large patches of floating Water Lillies surrounding many of the boats and extending far into the channel. It looked like a beautiful fresh green carpet and Walter explained that they can create problems for exhaust pipes & engine props. These water lillies are the residual of El Niño flooding and excessive rainfall and there's very little that can be done except wait for the tide to carry them away.

We quickly rigged our H20 and headed out for our sail. Once we cleared the channel, we were greeted by a nice gentle 10-12 kts of breeze. It felt refreshing compared to the sticky heat & humidity of the city. Río de le Plata is 3 times wider than the Hudson and you had to look pretty hard to see Uruguay, the closest neighbor.   As we sailed north, there wasn't another vessel in sight but we had to keep alert and weave through patches of grass & avoid potential river snakes.
Luckily for me, both Walter & Roberto spoke English and were very patient while I fumbled with my limited Spanish. Sailing was definitely one of the highlights of my vacation and it was wonderful to spend the day with my new friends sharing sailing stories and learning about their culture. 

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
by  Calista Quintalti

Tucked away in the small coastal area of Costa Smeralda (a gem in the crown of Porto Cervo, in northern Sardinia) is the renowned and illustrious Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.   YCCS is hard to miss. No only does the Olbia airport brim with YCCS and sponsor (think: Rolex) displays elegantly announcing the Club's Regattas, but the whole town of Porto Cervo almost feels as if it was built around it--with signage on the little fuschia-oleander lined streets of Porto Cervo, almost making an extra effort to ensure it's not missed (and, thankfully so!).
The Club, itself, does not miss the mark in living up to its reputation of elegance and sophistication.  During my trip, I was lucky enough to have arrived at the beginning of the Audi Italian Sailing League's Race: so not only did I have the benefit of being greeted by the Club's beautiful exterior, but also an exquisitely branded step & repeat immediately in front of the Marina the Club overlooks.  The Club itself: A gorgeous, white modern building from the outside, with fashionable glass sliding doors that greet you upon entrance. The front hall is sweeping and refined, crowned by a sunlit array of hundreds of burgees and framed, at the back, by a gorgeous imperial staircase leading up to the Club's main Member areas, including: the model room, outdoor and indoor dining rooms and pool overlooking the harbour.
During my tour of the Club, I learned that nearly all of the artwork adorning the halls (gorgeous ivory model boats, nautical maps dating back to the 1600s, America's Cup oil paintings, and more) were hand selected by the Club's President, HH Aga Khan.  Perhaps most impressive (although hard to make such a declarative statement) were the millions year old fossils gracing the walls of the main dining room--procured from all over Europe by HH Aga Khan, himself. ...And for which, the dining room recently underwent a renovation to accommodate.  The halls smelled of Acqua di Parma (the sole merchandiser for their spa) and on the third floor, overlooking the pool and the harbour, are a collection of guest rooms on one side and an "adults only" lounging deck on the other.
During my visit, my host informed me that when the YCCS Porto Cervo closes for the season, their Virgin Gorda location, YCCS Virgin Gorda, opens its doors and the sailing continues on the beautiful waters of the BVIs.  Ultimate highlight of the experience was most definitely our Burgee exchange, followed by lounging poolside and dining al fresco, while enjoying a refreshing rum and coke.  Can't wait to get back (and to check out the Virgin Gorda location).

  Upcoming Events

Full Moon Party - Sept 12

Race Committee Seminar - Sept 24

Bruce Hagan Memorial Regatta - Oct 15

Final Cruise & Decommissioning - Oct 16

Frostbite Sailing Begins - Oct 29

Member Trip to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club - Nov 17-19

Annual Dinner - Dec 7

De Caribbean Regatta - Jan 28 - Feb 4

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Participants in the Annual Short-Handed Championship smile before the competition.

 Participants in the Annual Women's Championship smile before the competition.