Manifesto to Save Human Thinking

The mechanical sub-thinking of machines and devices cannot tap into the transcendence that is the goal of higher thinking.

Manifesto to save human thinking

Calling all humans to support a manifesto to save human thinking. 
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Humanity is careening over a cliff, riding high on the technology and machines that enslave it, while taking the ability of humans to have human thoughts instead of machine sub-thinking. The apparent unconscious lunge into a cyber-dystopia, where machines have won the battle against humans, is happening to tech-addicted humans. 

Many are already lost and have descended into the sub-earthly realm of cold electricity that drives the devices that rule many people's world. It is too late for those who cannot put down their smart phones, iPads, computers, televisions, and other "time saving" devices for human interaction with others.

face-with-deviceThe illnesses associated with tech addiction are many but addicts don't have time to reflect on the costs of tech-use and plunge into any new "innovation" as if their lives depended upon keeping up with the newest, fastest, coolest device available.

The question is: Who is enslaving these willing victims, and can humanity be salvaged before all human thought is replaced by machine sub-thought?

Most tech addicts don't even know they have been lured into an experiment to see if humans or machines will "win the day." As of now, due to rampant ignorance of the ill effects of high-tech machines, the sub-thinking of cold, binary, analytical logic has taken over the physical bodies of tech addicts and are actively draining and consuming their souls and spirits. Trans-human ideologists have chosen machines over humans and anxiously push for the day when their "super artificial intelligence" machine takes over the world and rules human life through the "Internet of Things" with the allure of making life more convenient and hyper-connected. 

But what is really happening is mechanical sub-thinking mechanizes human thinking and drags living human thoughts into a man and machine-made world of sub-nature that is antithetical to human intelligence.

Get the globalist agenda out of your gut. 
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You Will Be Completely Controlled - You Are Wetware - Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You

You Will Be Completely Controlled - You Are Wetware - Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You

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