June 2017 Summer Newsletter

Six Manners Specifically for the Dog Days of Summer
Summer has officially graced us with her presence and just in time for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Temperatures have reached a sweltering peak thrusting our brains and our bodies into permanent vacation mode. Traffic all of the sudden seems a bit less intense and schedules have simmered down allowing some much-needed breathing room to take over. However happy we are to take our foot off the speed pedal and let our hair down from June thru August, we shouldn't completely abandon all sense of decorum and decency during the dog days of summer. Read  here.
Summer Travel
7 Simple Steps to Smooth Out Your Experience in the Sky
The past six months we have seen an unprecedented number of air travel nightmares turn our once friendly skies into an experience fraught with turbulence and turmoil. Years ago, air travel was highly civilized. Passengers dressed in formal attire would sip champagne while playing a game of chess in a spacious setting. Nowadays, travelers are forced into tiny compartments bombarded with bare feet and rude behavior. Read more!
Manners Monday
National Business Etiquette Week 2017
Earlier this month marked the beginning of a week-long period devoted to national business etiquette. At a time in history where an inordinate amount of chaos and turmoil continues to reign, demand for business etiquette training has seen a steady climb. This is no surprise to us. Read more
Manners Monday
Dissecting the Trump Pump & How to Properly Shake Hands
Some experts say it's the hands - not the eyes - that are the window into one's soul. They believe that the hands provide the greatest insight into a person's true character. President Trump's hands have been in the spotlight since last spring when Governor Rubio questioned their size and claimed they appeared rather small for a man of his stature. In honor of #NationalHandShake Day, we dissect the Trump pump & breakdown how to properly shake. Read here.

I don't even know where to start. I would have to be holed up in my office fixated on the news and shackled to my computer in order to stay on top of the litany of examples that touch my field every single day. 

Whether it's  Jerry Seinfeld innocently denying songstress Kesha a friendly hug or  Kathy Griffin intentionally holding up our President's decapitated head. With one cautionary tale after the next, the continuous need to vent and shock exposes everyone to scrutiny. Between the unfiltered exposure of social media and the unprecedented violence and terrorism that has threatened our safety, it's no wonder we're all walking around with exposed nerves, continuously anxious, and often depressed.  

So where to turn this summer to start making a small difference in your personal life, professional life, and in your community at large? With manners of course! Our list of class offerings are newly designed for the 
college campus to the corporate sector. If it's privacy you prefer?  Private instruction is always an option on any subject under the sun.  Contact us anytime for more information. 
Very best wishes and happy almost 4th of July!

Beverly Hills Manners, Inc. 
Summer Manners Boot Camp 2 for Kids 
Beverly Hills Tennis Club - July 17-20th from 12noon to 2pm
Summer Day Camp

Children participate in a comprehensive and fun-filled 4-session program that breaks down the manners mystique and shows why manners really do matter. Each day we dissect a relevant topic with an educational component, interactive exercises and practical application. The tools of the table are also dissected during a daily  multi-course luncheon. Register  now  or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com  for more information.
Adulting Classes for the College Bound

College Photo
This program inspires teens to make the most of their college experience while simultaneously maintaining their respect as well as their reputation. From sealing that positive first impression, to knowing how to properly introduce themselves and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. No stone is left unturned. Register  now or contact  info@beverlyhillsmanners.com for more information.
Modern Manners for Children, Teens & Adults
Tired of watching your children eat with their fingers? Bothered by your teen's relentless relationship with their smartphone? Interested in a little added polish for yourself? Don't use these classes as a threat. Everyone can benefit from smoothing out a few ruffled feathers. Register for one of our popular Modern Manners classes now. Click children, teens, adults or call 310.276.9078 for more info. 
Let's Dance Cotillion Season 9 -  Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Beverly Hills Manners is proud to present season nine of its modernized cotillion. Billed as "Dancing wiht the Stars" meets cotillion! Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly, interactive and entertaining approach provides them with the social and communication skills necessary to present themselves confidently in today's increasingly competitive society. Register now or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com for additional information.
Dating with Decorum in the Digital Age

Finding love in the digital age is no easy feat, especially when the initial conversation isn't a conversation at all, rather a text or sext spewed in the wee hours of the night. A lasting relationship simply cannot be conducted over a smartphone. "Dating with Decorum in the Digital Age" will enable you to feel comfortable, exude self-respect, and achieve the optimum results you desire so that you do not accidentally scare off a potential mate before you even complete your first date. Register now or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com for more information.
Lunch & Learn Corporate Presentations

The Lunch & Learn format allows attendees to receive short, focused training in a 60 or 90 minute slot often during their lunch-hour. Each dynamic session is highly interactive with lively Q&A and discussions. To arrange group instruction for your organization, call 310.276.9078 or contact info@beverlyhillsmanners.com. For more details about the various programs, click here.