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March 2017

2017 demonstrates Bill's continued passion showing people Yap's magic in and out of the water - this year we have new specials and events you have to check out.

Our 30th Anniversary Special is the best way to get the most of Yap.

Getting to Yap - just ask Bill, he provides anyone who asks, complimentary travel itineraries to Yap that are the fastest, cheapest and easiest - you pick your trip and you can book it anywhere or through us.

Check it out:
  • 30th Anniversary
  • FREE Travel Assistance Tool!
  • SeaLife Adventures UPDATE!
  • Yap + Philippines
  • Parting Shot...
  • All that's missing... is you!
  • Bill wants your feedback!
  • Continuously Improving

  • FREE Travel Assistance Tool!
    Christian Redl and Bill Acker at DEMA

    Get FREE Flight Help with our NEW online tool that can help you get the fastest and cheapest routs to Yap, Palau, Chuuk and the Philippines!

    Bill wants everyone to know that it's easy to get to Yap - the world's largest airline lands here twice a week and he knows exactly what routes work out the best for America, Europe and everywhere else.

    Get here the fastest, the cheapest or combine with Palau, Chuuk or the Philippines.

    Bill has been telling people how to get to Yap for 30 years, there is nobody with more experience and he offers everyone free help on getting to Yap.

    Try it! CLICK HERE with your departure airport and tentative travel dates and you'll get a quick response with customized information that you can act on.

    SeaLife Adventures UPDATE!

    SeaLife Adventures is an event committed to the local community and educating children of Yap. For every guest child participant, a local child is being sponsored and will join SeaLife Adventures who will be learning about their ecosystem and ecology with kids of peer ages in the interactive programs. This is being made possible through a strategic and regional partnership with Matson Shipping Micronesia who is funding the local child sponsorship.


    Experience the beauty of the rock islands in Palau... and the exclusive diving in Yap.

    Indulge yourself with the variety of restaurants from Indian food to smoothie bars in Palau... and the personal touch of our Mnuw staff and micro brew in Yap.

    Dive the world renowned Blue Corner in Palau and get face to face with our sharks at Vertigo.

    Get all of this with your choice of hotels in Palau with packages starting at $2,704 for two week 23 dive vacations!

    Yap + Philippines

    Get the best of "Big and Small" with a unique combination of Anilao, Philippines and Yap

    Dive Anilao marine park and get one of the world's best reef and macro experiences the coral triangle has to offer.

    Dive Yap's big animal sanctuary and go on a manta dive everyday or be surrounded by reef sharks.

    Get all of this two weeks and 20 dives starting at $2,999 per diver.

    Parting Shot...

    A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie. He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what he did that afternoon. The son says, "I did some schoolwork." The robot slaps the son. The son says, "OK, OK. I was at a friend's house watching movies." Dad asks, "What movie did you watch?" Son says, "Toy Story." The robot slaps the son. Son says, "OK, OK, we were watching porn." Dad says, "What? At your age I didn't even know what porn was." The robot slaps the father. Mom laughs and says, "Well, he certainly is your son." The robot slaps the mother. . .

    All that's missing... is you!

    The season is moving into Summer where we expect the year's calmest conditions which means the most dive sites available in Yap.

    Warm water, culture and adventure await!

    Bill wants your feedback!

    Bill wants to know from his customers what you think of the new website.

    He's asking for a few people to send him his comments on the website,

    We've been working hard to improve the visitor experience and want to include our visitors in the process.

    Please send a quick email with your thoughts to

    Continuously Improving

    All dive guides, concierges, front desk staff and even our drivers are undergoing updated medical training.

    "This training is just another example of my effort aimed at having the best staff possible and ensuring that the people in daily contact with our guests are all medically trained," says Bill.

    We have regularly provided training for housekeepers, cooks, wait staff and front desk people so this current training is another example of our commitment to our staff and guests.

    30th Anniversary

    Save through 2017!!

    Cash in on savings throughout 2017 - we are offering 30% more of Yap, for FREE, to individuals and groups in honor of our 30 years in business.

    The Deal:

    Any 7 night (or longer) dive package gets 3 free room nights. This means that you get 10 nights for the price of 7 and 20 for the price of 14, etc.

    People are cashing in on this deal and getting exceptional value out of their vacation dollars. Two-week packages get 6 nights free - stay three weeks for the price of two!

    Group leaders get 3 free spots with groups of 10 paying divers.

    There are no blackout dates and this offer can be combined with any dive package in 2016 & 2017 with the exception of Yap Day weeks.

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