“Power always brings with it responsibility.”

-Theodore Roosevelt
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With the summer now in full swing, and with temperatures rising, it's the time of year when the copious use of air conditioning leads to blackouts. Losing power can be anything from a nuisance to life-threatening. For businesses, it almost always means money will be lost. In 2017 Delta Airlines estimated that they lost between $25 and $50 million during an 11-hour power outage at the Atlanta airport. For these reasons, many homes, businesses, facilities, and campuses have some form of a backup power system. Perhaps the most crucial component in any backup power scheme is the transfer switch that allows the load to be switched between two sources. It Seems to us that transfer switches are something that most electrical professionals--like you--will need sooner than later. That's why we manufacture and stock 600V manual transfer switches between 400 and 4000 Amp and stock a number of unused surplus and reconditioned automatic transfer switches. In other words, when you're looking for transfer switches ROMAC has you covered.

Let's get to the Hotwire, and our switches...
Reconditioned Onon ATS Featured Below
NEW PCI Manual Transfer Switches
PCI MTS are all UL Listed
PCI (the manufacturing division of ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment) builds and stocks the highest quality manual transfer switches you'll find anywhere. Our line of 600V, 400 - 4000 Amp models are rugged, reliable, and ready to go.
PCI Manual Transfer Switches
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3000 Amp 480/277 PCI Manual Transfer Switch
3PH 4 Wire Solid Neutral NEMA 3R
Automatic Transfer Switch
3000A 480 3PH 4W 4 Pole NEMA 1
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Automatic Transfer Switch
600A 277/480
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Automatic Transfer Switch
2000A 480 3P 4W 4 NEMA 3R
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Automatic Transfer Switch 4-Pole with Generator Motor
OTEC transfer switches are designed for operation and switching of electrical loads between primary power and standby generator sets. They are suitable for use in emergency, legally required, and optional standby applications. The switches monitor both power sources, signal generator set start up, automatically transfer power, and return the load to the primary power source once a stable utility is available. The fully integrated controller is designed for practical functionality, with LED indicators and digital push buttons for ease of operator use.
The Northeast Blackout of 2003
The most widespread power outage in North American history occurred August 14-28, 2003. The blackout affected an estimated 55 million people in central Ontario, Canada, and eight U.S. states. Transportation, communication, water supply, and industry were all interrupted due to this massive power outage. The incident also contributed to almost 100 deaths. What was the catalyst for this power catastrophe? A software bug.
ROMAC Supply Services
ROMAC Supply has a team of in-house engineers and technicians with decades of reconditioning, retrofit, and retrofill experience. We take on the most challenging projects because we have the know-how to do them right. What can we do for you?
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