MANUFACTURING MINUTES \\ February 18, 2021
For the 6th consecutive year, CompanyWeek and Manufacturer's Edge are hosting the Colorado Manufacturing Awards to shine a light on the region's outstanding OEMs, brands, contract manufacturers, and suppliers. 

We're again excited to invite Colorado's stellar manufacturers to nominate in one of 12 industry and four achievement categories. View the criteria
and NOMINATE your company here.

Nominations close on March 1. 

One bright spot from an otherwise crazy 2020 is Colorado's manufacturing economy. We have a unique opportunity to maintain that momentum. As a result, the CMAs have never been more important. Join us in celebrating manufacturing by nominating your company.

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or Bart Taylor at with questions.
Course Overview:

A business's strategy is a guiding force for small manufacturers through the ups and downs of production, selling, and distribution. In this 6-week course, North Metro SBDC Manufacturing Consultant, Jon Jaggers, will guide your business through essential concepts for small manufacturers, all through the lens of honing your strategy and implementing new approaches. This course is designed for small manufacturing businesses who are in business and are producing a product, have less than 20 employees, and are interested in growing their business. 

March 4 - April 12
3 - 5 pm MST
Online (Zoom)
$195 (scholarships available)
Space is limited to 20 businesses

Arapahoe County is administering a Small Business Relief Fund to support the most vulnerable small businesses throughout our communities. These businesses are at the very heart of our thriving economy but have been hit especially hard during the pandemic.

Applications are open from Friday, Feb. 12 through Saturday, Feb. 27 at 5 p.m.

The CAMA Conversation
I am thrilled to be reaching out to you as the new Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association (CAMA) Board of Directors Chair!

I first want to take a moment to thank Dave Jeffrey for his past two years of leadership, dedication, and hard work as the CAMA Chair. Dave’s direction through COVID-19 was especially notable – resulting in 28 virtual member meetings since March 2020. These meetings have covered timely topics such as PPE, PPP, and automation and have led to a significant increase in manufacturer participation. His time in the role has united our membership and built upon a foundation that makes me confident that CAMA will continue to impact the Colorado manufacturing community in an important and valuable way.
I am the President of Centennial Bolt, Inc. which delivers customized, industrial supply chain and fastener hardware solutions. I am passionate about American manufacturing.

As CAMA Board Chair, I look forward to working toward CAMA’s vision of remaining as Colorado’s only statewide, member-based trade association exclusively dedicated to advancing manufacturing in Colorado.

Working with CAMA members, the CAMA Board of Directors, and CAMA staff, my focus for 2021 will include:

  • Business Development Opportunities: Supply chain initiatives and member events.
  • Workforce Development: Raise awareness and provide training to attract candidates and fill open manufacturing careers.
  • Leverage State and National Opportunities: Fostering strategic partnerships.

I look forward to meeting many of you as CAMA Chair!
Are you a minority, veteran, or woman-owned business?

Are you a company that has dabbled in or looking to enter the international market?

Would you like to improve your understanding of the trade process and receive support to launch your business into global markets at a rapid pace?

The World Trade Center Denver (WTC Denver) is currently looking for 10 qualified companies to go through our Global Trade Activator program and take advantage of the grant opportunity from the Colorado OEDIT/Minority Business Office (MBO) and the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC).  

The grant opportunity from the MBO and SBDC is for qualified Minority, Women, or Veteran-owned businesses. The grant includes an initial $1,400 payment to match the participant’s fee of $1,000. All participants completing the WTC Denver’s Global
Trade Activator by the end of June with a finalized trade plan will also be eligible to receive up to $4,500 in a grant toward operational expenses.  

Volume 35: Cybersecurity Lessons from Covid-19
As I prowl Covid vaccine sites for an available appointment and negotiate restrictions to avoid compromising my health and that of others, parallels with cybersecurity guidelines come to mind. (Of course, my family would say I’d find cybersecurity parallels even if downhill skiing or hiking mountain trails. Oh wait! I’ve already written those pieces.) There are some obvious similarities around social behavior and reducing contamination, but there are also similar ones around threat detection and even advanced persistent threat recovery. What physical hygiene practices learned through the Covid-19 experience can be applied to information hygiene?

Social Behavior. Maintaining a safe distance from others has become second nature, so much so that watching old (pre-2020) movies with party scenes is deeply disturbing. We can maintain safe distance in the digital world by not sharing passwords, controlling access privileges to proprietary information or devices, segregating corporate wireless communications from ephemeral wireless communications (e.g., by using a guest network for staff video or music streaming, internet surfing), and by segmenting or layering networks through the use of gateway devices (e.g., routers, firewalls) and clearly defined permissions about what kind of traffic or software is allowed (i.e., whitelist) or what kind is blocked (blacklist). (...)

Upcoming Events
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manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Virtual Job Fair
Feb 24
Veterans early access
9 am - 4pm
General public 10 am - 4 pm

Join the state's Workforce Centers and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment for a virtual job fair. Find out about part-time, full-time, remote, and local jobs.

Participatory Management: The Tools You Need to Get Started Today
Feb 24 @ 11 am

Whether you’ve already transitioned to employee ownership or want to adopt new practices, understanding and implementing participatory management is a big step towards creating a more engaged and equitable workplace.

Using Your Authentic Voice To Create Change
with insights from
Heather Whelpley
March 25 @ 4 - 5 pm

This isn't your average public speaking or executive presence training! In this interactive session, we're going to get clear on what is authentic to YOU.