April 2019
Our friends at UCEC were recently featured on Fox's Manufacturing Marvels. Take a second to watch this awesome video and find out more about the exciting, important work they are doing right here in Colorado.

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montyA Very Fond Farewell
Valued Manufacturer's Edge colleague embarks on a new adventure after more than 3 decades of service to the manufacturing community
by Sumer Sorensen-Bain, Chief of Programs and Operations

Many of you know that I was raised with grandparents who ran a large ranch. Growing up that way helped me develop values that I bring to work each day. Ranchers and farmers know how to put in a full day's work, how to keep working until the work gets done, and how to relax when the work is finally finished (although that is rarely the case). I share that experience with my colleague and mentor, Monty Rutherford. Monty has been the regional representative for Manufacturer's Edge and the MEP for the Western Slope for more than three decades. He has helped numerous manufacturers throughout the state in so many ways. Additionally, Monty owns a ranch in Mack, Colorado where he runs all-natural black angus beef cattle.

Over 20 years ago (no need to tell how many years over), I had the privilege and honor of working under Monty in Grand Junction as his intern for Manufacturer's Edge (then known as MAMTC). Monty was the perfect mentor, he always provided opportunities to learn. I recall one day he walked up to me and asked if I had ever done a business valuation. I said, "No, I haven't". His response, "Great, let me know if you have any questions". My response, "Yes, I do, what is a business valuation?" I learned so much from Monty during that time and always admired his knowledge and loved his incredible storytelling.

Monty has one of the most colorful resumes I have ever seen. From nearly becoming a priest, to being a state patrol officer, to being a truck driver - he has done it all. Which I think is why he is an incredible storyteller. You see, you never really know if the story he is telling is true or not until he gets to the punchline.(...)

Be sure to check out the latest report on turnover and retention from Tooling U-SME and then contact Manufacturer's Edge to find out how we can utilize a variety of resources, including Tooling U-SME services, our Manufacturing Excellence program, and our partnership with Skillful, to help you reduce turnover by effectively recruiting and retaining employees who are properly aligned to their roles and to your company culture.

cma2019 Colorado Manufacturing Awards
A quick recap and list of this year's recipients
Manufacturer's Edge CEO Tom Bugnitz with Garth Rummery from Tharp Cabinet Company (photo courtesy of CompanyWeek) 
Manufacturers from across Colorado representing 11 different industries were honored at the 4th annual Colorado Manufacturing Awards on Thursday, April 4. Honorees included manufacturers from such industries as aerospace, brewing, and energy as well as two awards given to manufacturers from Wyoming and New Mexico.  

The Colorado Manufacturing Awards (CMA), the largest event of its kind in the region, brings attention to accomplishments and innovation throughout the Colorado manufacturing industry. New this year as a recognition of the role the community plays in manufacturing was the Manufacturing Advocate of the Year award, looking at people from government, education, and industry who promote manufacturing through their actions. Co-presented by CompanyWeek, the media voice of the Colorado manufacturing community, and Manufacturer's Edge, the CMA program is intended to showcase and celebrate the community of manufacturers and partners who have built the manufacturing economy in the state. Also present were representatives from the MEP centers in Wyoming and New Mexico, each recognizing an outstanding manufacturer from their state. Carroll Thomas, Director of NIST-MEP, was also on hand and spoke about the exceptional spirit of collaboration throughout the region.
2019 Colorado Manufacturing Awards recipients: 
Craft Brewer - Weldwerks Brewing (Greeley)
Bioscience/Medical - Infectious Disease Research Center at CSU (Fort Collins)
Outstanding Food Brand/Co-Packer - Wild Zora (Loveland)
Industrial & Equipment - Merritt Aluminum Products (Fort Lupton)
Contract Manufacturer - Custom Microwave, Inc. (Longmont)
Outstanding Consumer/Lifestyle Brand - Boyer's Coffee (Denver)
Aerospace/Electronics - Wren Industries (Grand Junction)
Cannabis - Wana Brands (Boulder)
Industry - Ross Reels (Montrose)
Craft Distiller - Distillery 291 (Colorado Springs)
Builder/Construction - Tharp Cabinet Company (Loveland)
Energy - Bolder Industries (Boulder)
Manufacturing Advocate of the Year - Robin Kniech, at-large council member, Denver City Council
New Mexico Manufacturer of the Year - Mezel Mods 
Wyoming Manufacturer of the Year - Kennon Products 
simplycyber(Vol 14) Horse Sense: Betting on NIST 800-171 Compliance 
Jennifer Kurtz, Cyber Program Director, Manufacturer's Edge 
The "Run for the Roses" can be lost by a nose: Split-second decisions by jockeys may determine who wins/who loses in the 145th Kentucky Derby (4 May 2019). A "sure bet" is not guaranteed. Odds-makers take a long view in their decision-making, however. They study records and performance to reduce the risk of betting on the wrong horse (although some will bet on a 50 -1 long-shot like this year's contender, Long Range Toddy, based on recent results).
Pursuing government procurement contracts can sometimes feel like a horse race-days spent grooming proposals, the rush to submit, known competitors with unknown pricing/solution strategies-but, as with the Derby, preparation improves your odds of winning. Manufacturers in the defense/aerospace supply chain that accept DFARS 252.204-7012 provisions must be compliant with the NIST 800-171 guidelines-the requirements flow down throughout all tiers. Meanwhile "implied compliance" or "compliance by association"-that optimistic belief that you are compliant if your client who is one or more tiers ahead of you assumes you are compliant-is no substitute for doing the hard work of preparation and remediation, the defensible evidence that reasonable security practices are being exercised by your organization.(...)
camaThe CAMA Conversation
by Dave Jeffrey, Chair of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association
Dave Jeffrey, CEO & Owner, JPM Prototype & Mfg, Inc. 
In the past few months, we have seen a number of manufacturers get nominated, become finalists, and receive awards in Colorado. First, I would like to congratulate those manufacturers who have achieved a level of excellence in their field and have been recognized for it.

As I travel throughout the state visiting with and seeing different businesses, I am continually amazed at the diverse skills, disciplines, and the wide range of design, engineering, development, and fabrication that is going on in our own backyard. it is truly impressive. There are many businesses, from startups to long established companies, that are deserving of these awards too but, for whatever reason, have not received the recognition they deserve. These companies are also a part of what makes Colorado incredible.
It continues to be a privilege to associate with all of these businesses, owners, and CEOs, as well as the partners who support the manufacturing industry. To all those that have been recognized and especially to those that have not, I thank you for being a part of what makes Colorado standout as a great place to work, live, and play.
kidsKids Connection: Could you use an intern?
CareerConnect, a program through Denver Public Schools that provides internship for high school students -- particularly those with disabilities -- is looking for companies to host interns this summer. 
This year they have several students interested in tech and robotics in particular. They have already taken high school courses such as Creative Engineering, Computer Animation, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Pre-Calc, Tech Apps, Graphic Design, etc.
Internships give students a first-hand view of the world of work in their chosen profession, increase engagement, and prepare them for life beyond high school. 
It's also a great way for you to:  
- Tap into a motivated applicant pool
- Try out potential employees
- WorkersComp coverage provided by DPS
- Make a contribution to tomorrow's workforce by teaching students the skills they need to obtain and keep a job
Interested? Contact Katie Kraft for more information! 
events Upcoming Events
Visit our website for a complete calendar of
manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Colorado Business Roundtable: State of the State Luncheon
April 25 @ 11am-1pm
Cable Center
Governor Polis will be discussing some his signature initiatives like full-day kindergarten and other legislation that will have an impact upon our state- SB181 which changes how we regulate oil and gas in Colorado, Family Medical Leave Act and others. 
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CO-LABS: National Ecological Observatory Network   
April 30 @ 3-5pm
Come hear about recent projects, see an observation tower, learn about 80+ tower sites throughout the U.S. and connect with scientists at the forefront of ecological analyses.
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46th Annual World
Trade Day
May 14 @ 8am-5pm
This year's conference will address current challenges and opportunities of global trade through a series of keynote speakers, short talks by trade experts, an expo featuring the region's top global businesses, and peer-to-peer learning followed by a networking reception. This year's speakers include Jake Jabs, Lou Longo, and Stephanie Gripne. 
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