August 2017
Sneak peek of some exciting new MFG Day 2017 videos being produced by Manufacturer's Edge and Hoptocopter Films highlighting Colorado manufacturers. Seen here: Seth Joraanstad of Barber-Nichols
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Local Manufacturer Celebrates 80th Anniversary
The Right Quality Product at the Right Time

ConcealFab: A Manufacturer's Edge Success Story
"Manufacturer's Edge assisted ConcealFab with strategic and tactical training and critical supplier scouting for crucial services we were in need of at the time. This partnership resulted in new job creation, increased our revenue by 30%, and allowed us to stay competitive and timely during this rapid growth phase."
- Douglas A Hinkley, ConcealFab Chief Operating Officer

ConcealFab designs, manufactures and delivers the right product at the right time for critical on-time delivery to the customer. As the leading provider of innovative concealment solutions, including antenna shrouds and steel antenna mounts, "Hide in Plain Sight", ConcealFab works with both government contractors and commercial cell providers to expand coverage while simultaneously camouflaging that technology from the public eye. Founded in 2007, the company's original focus was the manufacture of architectural or aesthetic sheds, "maintenance shelters," or screenwalls for hiding rooftop ventilation equipment, satellite dishes and cell phone antennas.
CEO Jonathan Fitzhugh knows that "Our biggest challenge is trying to time the market, putting resources in place in advance of demand in order to support our clients in a timely fashion". ConcealFab grew their product line through key customer relations. They  knew that they had a sound product and  their commitment to rapid delivery of a high quality product would be well received, bu t they could not have fully anticipated how rapidly the concealment market would expand in the coming years. How could ConcealFab develop and implement proven processes in order to reduce lead-time, increase workflow, and expand their supply chain throughout Colorado? At that point, they contacted Manufacturer's Edge to assist them with their goals and help them stay competitive in a rapidly growing market.
"The training and consultation in Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, and supplier scouting, coupled with the hands-on approach utilized by the Manufacturer ' s Edge team, provided ConcealFab with the appropriate tools to separate them from the competition",  stated Doug Hinkley, ConcealFab Chief Operating Officer. This success also created more quality-wage jobs in Colorado. As a testament to their growth and reliability, ConcealFab was recently honored with the Ericsson S upplier Award. They continue to expand their highly skilled workforce through a variety of means. One such resource leverages the successful ongoing partnership between Manufacturer ' s Edge and Pikes Peak Community College in order to offer internships to students. As a result of these efforts, ConcealFab has increased their workforce by 25%.
And they still hold true to the basic principle that the right product made at a high level of quality and delivered rapidly at the right time is the true path to success and longevity. It seems to be serving them well so far ...!
  • Increased Sales: $3,350,000
  • Retained Sales: $300,000
  • Cost Savings: $840,000
  • Created Jobs: 12
  • Retained Jobs: 20
fivethings5 Things You Didn't Know About Manufacturer's Edge
Get to know your #1 resource for all things manufacturing-related in the state of Colorado
#1: We are part of a national network, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), that has been around for over 25 years

Through its collaborations at the federal, state and local level, MEP centers in every state work with manufacturers to develop new products and customers, expand and diversify markets, adopt new technologies, and enhance value within supply chains.

#2: Every company we serve reports their impact on a quarterly basis

Our quarterly survey reports give us quantifiable feedback on how much impact we are having on our clients and where we can do better. This process keeps us motivated, on track, accountable, and transparent.
#3: There is one designated in MEP in each state, plus one in Puerto Rico. We are all part of the Department of Commerce and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

As a branch of NIST, we have access to national labs and are part of the same family as NASA!
#4: We have access to up-to-date manufacturing data and information

#5: After 25 years, MEP is going strong and still innovating, developing new programs and services to help manufacturers grow and succeed in the 21st century economy. 

banditBAND-IT Turns 80!
A Q&A with Bill Reeves, President of local manufacturing company BAND-IT, on eight decades of continued success and innovation
Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the history of BAND-IT?

A: BAND-IT has been around 80 years. It started in Littleton in 1937. A friend of our founder, Holbrook Mann, at the Gates Company was looking to solve a problem they had connecting a fitting to a hose and Holbrook, essentially, came up with the first clamp for BAND-IT.

Q: What would you like people to know about being around for 80 years? What is the secret to success and longevity?
A: The secret for us is that, while we say we are world-class in making clamps and engineered fasteners, really what we are great at is solving customers '  problems. What we do well is get to know our customers, understand what their needs are, and then we have a team of experts who dig in and find solutions for them.

Q: What kinds of clients are you working with to find solutions? Is it mostly aerospace?

A: We are the preferred solution in many different industries. What we try to focus on is harsh duty, high cost of failure applications. So, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, telecom, ship building and general industrial are all core industries for us.

Q: I understand that BAND-IT has recently gotten involved with the United Way. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

A: About a year ago, we decided we wanted to have a stronger connection with our community and so we partnered with United Way and really got to know their United Neighborhoods Program. Within a few miles of our factory is one of the most at-need parts of Denver right now and so we have made it a goal to increase the amount of time our employees spend helping the local community. In the past 6 months, we have contributed over 400 hours to the community and about ½ of our employees have participated in at least one event--events at local elementary schools, for example, fixing up their playgrounds, painting, etc. We have worked at the Grow Haus, a non-profit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center; labeling an assortment of food containers, sorted fruits and veggies to be boxed for distribution to local residents, watered plants, and pulled weeds. House preparing meals and things like that. Separate from the United Way, we also have a relationship with the Ronald McDonald house and we have run several events to provide food and comfort to their residents. I am very proud of the impact that our team has on our local community. We also work with the foundation of our parent company, IDEX, to provide financial support for our community partners.

Q: Where do you see BAND-IT in the next 80 years?

A: Well, we expect that we will still be here in Colorado and we will continue to grow. Over our history, we have added manufacturing sites in the UK and in China. We sell in over 100 countries worldwide and I expect us to continue to grow as we continue deepening our relationships with our key customers. Most importantly, I expect that we will continue to be a company that values its employees and provides excellent opportunities for our employees to grow their careers.

Congratulations to BAND-IT on 80 years! Find out more on their website.
eventsUpcoming Events
Manufacturer's Edge will bring you a whole slew of exciting and timely events leading up to MFG Day 2017. Stay tuned and check our website regularly for more information!
Manufacturer's Edge is gearing up for a huge Manufacturing Day celebration and we hope you will join us!

September 21: We will be hosting the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) expert of Cybersecurity Pat Toth as part of the NoCo Lunch & Learn series.

October 17 & 18: The man who studied Toyota and literally wrote the book on Value Stream Mapping and Toyota Kata, Mike Rother, will give a two-part workshop geared toward manufacturers and K-12 educators alike.

October 24 & 25: The GE engineer who developed the process for manufacturing the famous LEAP fuel nozzle using metal 3D printing and is widely recognized as the "Godfather of Additive Manufacturing", Chris Schuppe, will address a group of local manufacturers.