August 2018
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privacyBack-to-School: The ABCs of Colorado's New Privacy Laws
A helpful overview of the new privacy laws going into effect on September 1
Colorado's new privacy legislation-the toughest in the nation-goes into effect September 1, 2018. The law is remarkable for both its broad definition of personally identifying information (PII), whether in hard copy and electronic form, and its broad application to any size business and government agency. Colorado's attorney general participated in crafting the bill and is expected to enforce it closely.

It's time to learn these ABCs:

A is for Accountability 
Any Colorado-based company that collects PII on Colorado citizens is a "covered entity" under the law's provisions. Responsibility cannot be transferred to a third party.

B is for Best Practices 
  • Write and enforce policy on PII retention, destruction, and disposal
  • Document and maintain "reasonable" security measures
C is for Consequences
  • PII breach notification must include several specific elements
  • Colorado's Attorney General can sue for noncompliance and collect damages for citizens
  • Criminal charges are possible
This law describes PII and notifications in a way that is closer to the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but does not include provisions like the "right to be forgotten" nor the right to review and correct information. The underlying message, however, is that protection of one's PII is a reasonable expectation-at least for Colorado residents. Time to learn and practice your ABCs!

Read the full article on our website and contact Jennifer Kurtz for more information.  
defenseReport: Colorado's Defense Sector Generates $36.6B Economic Impact
New report highlights the massive amount of impact our aerospace and defense manufacturers have on Colorado's economy
Department of Defense and related activities produce a $36.6 billion economic impact on Colorado's economy, according to a news release issued today by the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC.
The results of a new study show the impacts are much higher and farther reaching than initially understood, according to the release, and represent more than 7 percent of the state's total economy in terms of employment, earnings and state tax revenues. (...) 
"The F-35 cannot fly without this small Colorado company making two critical fuselage components," Tom Bugnitz said in the release. "Faustson Tool is typical of Colorado aerospace companies - very small, yet highly innovative in serving critical roles in the national defense supply chain." (...) 

mfgdayGearing Up For MFG Day 2018
"What Manufacturing Day Means to Me" by Ali Recek, Director of Key Initiatives 
First and foremost, Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is an opportunity to connect Colorado manufacturers throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada through the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) MFG Day website. Thousands of manufacturers list their events on the MFG Day map every year. Take a look! 
While the possibilities are endless, here are just a few ideas for how you can participate in MFG Day:
  • Host local students, the surrounding community, or your government representatives for a facility tour
  • Show your appreciation for your employees by hosting an ice cream social
  • Celebrate a company milestone or anniversary with a happy hour or ribbon cutting
  • Reach out to your local government and ask them to issue an official proclamation declaring the first Friday in October as your city's MFG Day
While Manufacturing Day officially falls on October 5th this year, here at Manufacturer's Edge, we believe that EVERY day is Manufacturing Day. This year we are specifically highlighting events that take place from August 15th through November 15th. What does this mean to you? If you want to participate in MFG Day 2018 by hosting an event, we can help you with planning and preparation and we can even assist  you with promotional efforts to insure that you attract the audience you want. Your event will be posted on the events calendar and MFG Day page on our website, included in our newsletters and events blast emails and press releases, and it will also be listed on the official website. 
Let's show the world that Colorado is THE place to get things MADE!
Read the full article on our website and contact Ali Recek for more information. 
toursCongressional Tours with Manufacturer's Edge and Colorado Manufacturers
Contact Manufacturer's Edge for more information about hosting a tour of your facilities 
Members of the Manufacturer's Edge team with Rep. Perlmutter touring Easter-Owens 
We say all the time that we have the best jobs in Colorado -- and it's true. Every day brings a new adventure. We love meeting with Colorado manufacturers and learning about the latest developments and innovations in everything from autonomous snow plows to robotics and beer. One of the most rewarding services we offer, however, is the ability to act as a liaison between manufacturers and legislators. Facilitating a congressional tour, for example, is an excellent way for our representatives to see first-hand the exciting work that is being done. It also provides manufacturers with a platform to voice their challenges and concerns and receive immediate feedback.
Email us at if you are interested in hosting a tour of your facility. 
cyberCrowdsource Your Security Program: Wild West Wisdom
Are you still looking for that silver bullet, that one-stop solution to risk management and compliance with the seeming Hydra of security regulations: DFARS, FARS, ITAR, HIPAA, state-level privacy laws, and so on? Will the mysterious masked answer ride in on "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty "Hi-Ho Silver"? No way, pardner.
The bad news is that there is no Lone Ranger to guarantee your data protection; the good news is that you can enlist both paid and unpaid resources to help you manage organizational risk. Your crowd of resources consists of people inside and outside your organization who have a vested interest in protecting your data and its infrastructure. On the inside, there is your staff; on the outside, there are clients, supply chain partners, service providers, government agencies, and para-governmental institutions.
Risk management is a team sport. Responsibility cannot be assigned to one or a few people within your organization, nor can it be transferred in toto to a managed services company. (HINT: Read the small print in that service provider contract.) Liability if something goes amiss and your protected data are exposed is not assumed by the provider-who is your ally but not the safety for your corporation's officers and board of directors. The buck stops with you regardless of where the warranties from the service providers stop; nonetheless, you're not alone. Work your crowd(s)! (...) 
events Upcoming Events
Visit our website for a complete calendar of
manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Manufacturer's Edge Webinar: Manufacturing Excellence
Sep 5 @ 12-1pm
A one-hour overview of the Manufacturing Excellence process that helps leaders assess their organization in order to identify the pain points and obstacles that impact productivity, on-time delivery, quality, employee performance and retention, safety and - ultimately - revenue. 
Find out more
NOCO Lunch & Learn: Cybersecurity
Sep 11 @ 11:30am-1pm
Loveland, CO 
Please join us for a lunch and learn with Jennifer Kurtz, author of Hacking Wirless Access Points: Cracking, Tracking, and Signal Jacking. In this mini-cybersecurity session, we will discuss a few suggestions for low-cost (no-cost) practices to start improving both your personal and business security posture. 
Find out more

Manufacturing Excellence Workshop
Sep 26 @ 8:30am-12:30pm
This 4-hour workshop provides a thorough exploration of the Manufacturing Excellence process. Cost of the workshop includes all materials, a 40-question assessment, and a private follow-up consulting session after the workshop to determine next steps.

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