August 2019
One of the core aspects of our mission as a NIST-MEP Center is to act as a liaison between the manufacturing community and our elected leaders. We believe strongly that providing opportunities for calm, rational discussions about the issues that are affecting our clients' and partners' day-to-day lives is essential and we have seen firsthand how these conversations can and do shape legislation. To that end, we would like to thank Senator Cory Gardner and all of the manufacturers and partners who participated in a fascinating and insightful roundtable discussion on Monday morning. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and struggles while helping us all find common ground as we seek meaningful, long-term solutions. If you are interested in participating in future legislative activities, please contact Ali Recek at
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Upcoming Events
ceoA Note from the CEO
It is with great sadness and deep sorrow that we note the passing of a friend, colleague, client, and all-around wonderful person, Brandon Campbell. Brandon passed away on July 7th and we will miss him.
We first met Brandon when he was the Director of Continuous Improvement at Boulder Brands, and Manufacturer's Edge worked with him to improve their operations. Through his jobs with two other clients we were privileged to continue working with Brandon, and were impressed by his knowledge, commitment, work ethic, and dedication to his job.
But mostly, we loved knowing Brandon because he was a good human being who made other people happy. When I think of Brandon, my mind's eye pictures a handsome athletic young guy with a blazing smile, always happy and enthusiastic, always positive, a pleasure to be around. I will never forget how on a trip with me to D.C. he charmed staffers in Congress with his bag of Bobo's Bars, proudly passing them out to the young people working in the offices as well as senators and representatives, laughing with them, telling them all to call him for more. He was a wide-eyed, curious, and engaging fellow and you felt good just being with him.
Brandon, thank you for being part of our lives, and the smiles you brought to us. We are better people for having known you.
Tom Bugnitz, CEO, Manufacturer's Edge 
chinaUsing Yesterday's Weapons to Fight
Today's China Trade War
By Karen Gerwitz, President, World Trade Center Denver
Karen Gerwitz, President, World Trade Center Denver
No one will argue that the U.S. deserves fair trade treatment with China or any other trading partner in the world. Given that fair treatment, U.S. manufacturers can compete with anyone in the world and likely come out on top based on innovation, quality and reliability. Since the U.S. has experienced legitimate or alleged (depending on who you talk to) predatory trade practices for decades, such as infringement of intellectual property, currency manipulation, and government subsidies, it is easy to see why the Trump Administration is playing hardball with our top trade competitor, China.

The unfortunate thing is that tariffs are the Administration's all-purpose foreign policy tool to address everything from theft of IP and unfair business practices to currency manipulation and trade surpluses. Tariffs are even being used to boost domestic industries, like steel and aluminum, as well as stem the flow of migrants into the U.S.

Tariffs have been used as far back as 1789, but they have been deemed by economists and leaders on both sides of the aisle to no longer be effective in modifying the behavior of our trade partners. This is mainly because the burdens of tariffs are borne by the American consumers as well as our manufacturers or consumer goods companies. Even Colorado's largest manufacturers, who can likely absorb the hit, are advocating against the use of tariffs. "The proposed changes to tariffs create disproportionate harm to U.S. individuals, companies, and the communities in which we operate. These tariffs would also result in a substantial loss of high-paying ancillary jobs in transportation, warehousing, service, and other industries," said John Hayes, Ball Corporation. (...)

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techTechnology AdvantEDGE Series: Robotics
Don't miss this incredible event on August 29!
One of the many benefits of being part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network is our unique relationship with the Manufacturing USA Institutes. Our Technology AdvantEDGE Series provides us an opportunity to leverage that relationship in order to bring in experts from around the country who are working on the front lines of a variety of different emerging and disruptive technologies.              
So, it is with great excitement that we are able to host Byron Clayton, CEO of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM) for a presentation on August 29th. This event is a unique opportunity to find out more about the history and evolution of robotics as well as what the future holds and the exciting new trends and technology on the horizon.  
As an added bonus, our good friends at Eldon James have graciously agreed to roll out the red carpet and give us a behind-the-scenes tour of their facility so we can see firsthand how the use of robotics has revolutionized their company allowing them to drastically increase production while also maximizing security and reducing waste.  
This promises to be one of the most informative and entertaining events we've hosted and we hope to see you there!  
Date: August 29, 2019  
Time: 8 am - 12 pm  
Location: Eldon James  
Address: 10325 E 47th Ave, Denver, CO 80238  
Cost: Free

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simplycyberSimply Cyber (vol 18): Setting Your PACE - Securing Your Space 
Jennifer Kurtz, Cyber Program Director, Manufacturer's Edge 
How do you pace yourself? Slow and steady? Intense sprints with mini-breaks? Crazy fast like Tyler Andrews, the person who ran the 61km Salkantay Inca Trail in a FKT (fastest known time) of 6:13:03? We all perform at a different pace. My summer group hikes invariably start in a kind of peloton that then stretches out into clusters of like-gaited individuals, all intent on reaching a common destination-or at least enjoying exercise-and all settling into their preferred rhythm.
Pace comes into play with respect to how work teams adapt to, and adopt, practices to manage risk. External factors influencing pace include the legal/regulatory environment, attacks experienced by the organization or within the industry subsector, or client mission and requirements. Internal influencing factors include cultural characteristics, budgetary constraints, resource capacity, even risk appetite (paranoid, prudent, permissive, promiscuous-or perhaps perplexed, paralyzed). In an interview with Andrews, the modern-day chasqui (roadrunner) explained that he paced the trail by visualizing it in chunks: looking through the next set of steps, rather than the whole staircase. (His route featured 10,100 ft. of elevation gain-the equivalent of about three typical 14er hikes). Not that setting cybersecurity speed records is something I'd advocate, but breaking up the journey into a series of focused activities is. Reaching milestones creates organizational momentum, which is key for building sustainable security habits and mindset. (...)
camaThe CAMA Conversation
by Dave Jeffrey, Chair of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association
Dave Jeffrey, CEO & Owner, JPM Prototype & Mfg, Inc. 
I had the honor earlier this week to sit down with Senator Cory Gardner, along with several of my colleagues in manufacturing, at a group discussion hosted by Manufacturer's Edge. A hot topic of discussion was workforce and workforce development. Based on our discussion, and with an unemployment rate below 3%, we are all feeling the strain of finding and retaining skilled labor in manufacturing. I believe Senator Gardner heard us loud and clear and will do all he can to help but, at the end of the day, it will ultimately be our responsibility as manufacturers to grow and strengthen our workforce in innovative ways so that we, here in Colorado, can retain the best and brightest as we do our part to grow the economy.
Throughout the state, there are organizations that can help, CAMA, Manufacturer's Edge, CareerWise, Skillful, the state workforce centers, our local community colleges, and even the K-12 schools are getting into the action. As we do our part to work with them, they will do their part to help us develop the workforce of tomorrow. The key, I believe, will be working together for the greater good.
additiveAdditive Manufacturing Trade Mission
Meet with qualified partners, gain exposure in Europe, and attend Formnext all as part of an Official US Dept of Commerce Trade Mission
The U.S. Department of Commerce's U.S. Commercial Service has organized an Additive Manufacturing trade mission this fall that would be a great fit for a number of companies in the Colorado manufacturing community. The mission stops in France, Germany, and Poland between November 18-22, 2019. Registration for small and medium-sized manufacturers is $3,995.  
** Please note that the previous registration deadline of August 13 has been extended to September 13. 
events Upcoming Events
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manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Roundtable - China 301 Tariff Exclusions: 3rd List
Aug 21 @ 9-10:30am
World Trade Center | Denver

Join us for an event to learn about the 301 tariffs and how to apply for exclusion. Luke Duvall, a Licensed Customs Broker from Air Tiger Express USA, Inc. will speak and light breakfast will be served. 
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Technology AdvantEDGE Series: Robotics    
Aug 29 @ 8am-12pm
Eldon James | Denver  
Join us for a free half-day interactive workshop presented by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM). The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the emerging trends in robotics while also sharing best practices and exploring tools for assessment and implementation.   
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Manufacturing Workforce Solutions: Plan for today and the future!
Sept 4 @ 4:30-6pm
Sunflower Bank | Broomfield
Featured Speakers:
Trevor Pruitt, Skillful 
Andrew Palmer, CareerWise
Information and tips to address workforce needs.

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