December 2018
The December edition of the Small Manufacturer's AdvantEDGE Highlighting Colorado Manufacturers video series features Steelhead Composites
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Every year around this time, the Manufacturer's Edge team pulls together a small collection of our favorite Colorado-made products. Not only is it a fun way to highlight the amazing work being done by our valued clients, but it is also an excellent excuse to discover new products while celebrating and connecting with new manufacturers. So, if you are a last-minute-shopper, this list is for you and we hope it inspires your 11th-hour creativity. If you are already done shopping, but happen to be a manufacturing enthusiast and connoisseur of all things Colorado-made, this list is also for you and we hope we can add a few new items to your repertoire. Either way, thank you to the Colorado manufacturers who make this annual list such a joy to compile. We celebrate you this holiday season and look forward to working with you to accomplish great things in 2019 and beyond!
There are so many amazing things about Meier Skis, we don't even know where to begin. First, Meier specializes in beautiful, handcrafted skis and snowboards that are made from 100% natural Colorado wood products and adorned with colorful, dynamic artwork sure to make you the envy of every other person on the slopes. Second, their commitment to responsible environmental practices is second-to-none. Third, they are so confident in the quality of their craftsmanship that they are one of the only ski manufacturers to use a clear top sheet-because they literally have nothing to hide. And last, but certainly not least, you can watch them make or tune your skis in real time while you enjoy a frosty cold craft beer at the world's first Craft Skiery! It does not get any cooler than that. 
25 bonus points if you already know that OtterBox is a Colorado company based out of Fort Collins. 100 bonus points if you are aware of the fact that they make much, much more than phone covers! It's true. Most of us depend on them to reliably protect our precious phones from practically any threat: children, dogs, massive falls, Sharknados (maybe?)... You may not know that they have diversified their product line and now make a wide variety of equally solid and dependable outdoor gear must-haves. This cooler, for example, has a 25-quart capacity, a mounting system, and tough latches to keep critters out. As if that wasn't enough, it also comes with a lifetime warranty, is certified bear-resistant, and keeps ice frozen for up to 10 days! Admit it. You want one... or twelve.
simplycyber(Vol 11) Rethinking My Participation in the (Information) Sharing Economy: New Year's Resolutions 
Cyber security incidents are ringing out the old year with the early December announcements of compromised users accounts: 500 million for Marriott/Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), 100 million for Quora (a "self-organizing" question-and-answer forum), and 52 million for Google+. Next year I intend to distance myself a bit from the sharing economy by managing more closely what I share inadvertently. In keeping with my belief that a "resolution" should reduce the gap between the outcomes expected and outcomes experienced and not declare a full-scale, probably unrealistic behavioral "revolution," I am making-and recommending to others-the following tweaks:
  1. Lose cookie weight
  2. Go on a data diet
  3. Declutter email and social media accounts
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Webinar: What is TWI?
Jan 24 @ 12 pm-1pm
Online | Free
Training Within Industry (TWI) was developed in 1940 as part of the U.S. Government's initiative to support the war effort by increasing production during WWII. Millions of workers were brought onboard under the TWI method, which provides effective training without disrupting workflow or output. Join us for this free webinar to find out what TWI can do for you!
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Webinar: Addressing Colorado's Manufacturing Skills Gap   
Feb 7 @ 12-1pm
Online | Free   
Skillful Colorado, a nonprofit initiative of the Markle Foundation, and Manufacturer's Edge are partnering to help Colorado manufacturers find the skilled talent they need to grow and to put more Coloradans on paths to good jobs in the manufacturing sector. 
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Technology AdvantEDGE Series: Composites & Manufacturing
Feb 26 @ 9am-4pm
Wells Fargo Center, Denver
Join us to learn more about the benefits of materials like carbon fiber and other high performance composites from industry experts and manufacturers who have implemented these innovative technologies.

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