February 2017
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MFG Day 2016 At a Glance: An Infographic
First Fridays: Principles of Lean Manufacturing
mfgday17Plan Ahead for MFG Day 17
Did you know that, even though the official Manufacturing Day 2017 doesn't take place until October, you can start registering your events now? Any manufacturing-related, public event that takes place in 2017 counts as an official MFG Day 17 event and helps us put Colorado on the map! Are you hosting a facility tour? A networking mixer? A webinar or training session? Registering your event is fast and easy. Just visit the MFG Day website and they'll walk you through it. Or contact Manufacturer's Edge. We would be happy to answer your questions and assist you with the process. Email us for more information.

In the meantime, check out the cool infographic below to see the results of MFG Day 2016:
firstfridays Manufacturer's Edge First Fridays:
Principles of Lean Manufacturing
Only a few spots left. Be sure to register today!
Date: March 3, 2017
Time: 8:00am-3:30pm
Location: Geotech
Cost: $250

In this interactive one-day training, participants learn how to apply the key principles of Lean in a manufacturing environment. High-retention learning is accomplished through both classroom discussion and three rounds of simulation. Each round of simulation is followed by classroom learning focused on the basic building blocks of Lean Manufacturing; participants then work as a group to modify their simulation work environment based upon their newly-acquired knowledge. Metrics are calculated between rounds to quantitatively measure progress as the group evolves into a Lean organization.

This training is ideal for staff at all levels in an organization, machine operator to CFO, and is particularly helpful for new hires or staff in new roles.

Participants will learn to apply in their organization:
* The basic principles of Lean
* How to identify and eliminate waste
* How to begin implementing Lean practices
* How to streamline the flow of people, products, and information

Maximum number of participants is 20, so make sure and register early to get a spot!

Find out more and register for Principles of Lean Manufacturing 
skillsgap How Much is the Skills Gap Costing Your Business?
It might be more than you think.
Finding quality workers takes time and money. Training them up to your standards takes even more. Now consider what happens if you can't fill a position-or if a new hire doesn't meet your expectations or doesn't last. Not only do you have to start the recruiting process again, but in the meantime you will likely pay overtime, increase use of staffing agencies, or simply reduce production until you are back to full strength.

Complete this easy-to-use Return on Investment Calculator to add up the costs to your operation. Plus see how some proven HR solutions can improve your efficiencies, reduce recruiting expenses, and likely pay for themselves.
succestory Manufacturer's Edge Success Story: In-X Machine
In-X Machine doubles size of facility and increases output through smooth transition strategy
"Manufacturer's Edge was a great help to us when we doubled the size of our workspace by moving into a new facility. They made the transition so much smoother. I would recommend their services to anyone!" - Seth Cross, Co-Owner/Vice President

In 2005, Seth Cross and Shawn Gibbs were working for a Denver-based machine shop that suddenly went out of business. As Cross and Gibbs weighed their options and debated their next career steps, a nearby facility became available. Sensing a rare-and perhaps serendipitous-opportunity, the two took a leap of faith and went into business for themselves, opening the shop they'd always imagined. Eleven years later, In-X Machine is growing, thriving, and maintains a steady stream of small- to mid-range production clients for whom they manufacture a wide variety of component parts.
After a decade of continuous growth, In-X Machine decided to seize an opportunity to expand their production capabilities in order to meet demand and explore additional emerging business possibilities. After finding an appropriate facility which would effectively double their square footage, Cross and Gibbs realized that they would need assistance with a scale-up of this magnitude in order to avoid downtime and significant revenue losses. Seth Cross asked one of In-X's clients for a recommendation and was urged to contact Manufacturer's Edge.
Thanks to consultation from Manufacturer's Edge about building layout strategies, including a capacity plan for future growth and expansion and help from the Arvada Manufacturer's Initiative, In-X moved from one facility to another smoothly and in record time. Although an extended period of downtime is generally anticipated, In-X was able to complete the entire month-long move seamlessly and only endured one day of being fully offline. By avoiding a prolonged conversion, In-X saw zero net revenue loss and was able to keep up with demand without a hitch. Their expansion went smoothly, mitigated potentially catastrophic revenue slowdowns, and allowed Cross and Gibbs to retain their client base ("and our sanity," jokes Cross).
Since the move, In-X has enjoyed the increased opportunity for growth having obtained a few new machines and, as Cross says, "if the rest of 2017 goes the way the year has started out, it is going to be a very good year in the new space!"
  • Increased Investments: $1,525,000
  • Retained Sales: $1,105,000
  • Jobs Created/Retained: 18
  • Cost Savings: $47,000

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events Upcoming Events
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manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
2017 ColoradoBiz Made in Colorado Forum & Awards
March 2, 2017
Join us for a manufacturers luncheon with guest speaker Dan Domagala, CAMA's B2B Networking Lounge, exhibit tables with samples, Panel of Peers discussion Handling Your Growing Business, networking reception, and much more! 
Manufacturer's Edge
First Friday Event: Principles of Lean Manufacturing
March 3, 2017
In this interactive one-day training, participants learn how to apply the key principles of Lean in a manufacturing environment. Maximum number of participants is 20, so make sure and register early to get a spot!
Find out more
Aerospace Day at the Colorado State Capital
March 20, 2017
A full day of networking and dialogue with our Colorado Legislators discussing how Colorado became one of the largest space economies per capita in our nation and how they can effectively support aerospace in our state.