January 2019
The first Small Manufacturer's AdvantEDGE Highlighting Colorado Manufacturers video
of 2019 features Denver-based company Eldon James
In this issue:
upcomingUpcoming Events to Watch for in 2019
A handy guide highlighting some of the not-to-be missed
manufacturing events coming up in the next few months
We usually select three key events to highlight in the footer section of our monthly newsletter, but there are so many exciting things coming up in 2019 that we simply couldn't narrow it down to three. Instead, we have pulled together an overview to help you look ahead and plan your schedule for the next few months. As an added bonus, many of the events are free of charge and/or offered online.

As always, be sure to visit our website for updates and more information on events designed to connect the Colorado manufacturing community to important resources, tools, and...to each other!

Thurs, Jan 24 @ 12 - 1 pm
Manufacturer's Edge Webinar:
What is TWI?
Tues, Jan 29 @ 3 - 5 pm
Women in Manufacturing @ Geotech


Thurs, Feb 7 @ 12 - 1 pm
Manufacturer's Edge and Skillful Webinar: Addressing Colorado's Manufacturing Skill Gap
Tues, Feb 26 @ 9 am - 4 pm
Manufacturer's Edge Technology AdvantEDGE Series: Composites & Manufacturing
Wells Fargo Center | Denver

Mon, March 11 @ 9 am - 6 pm
Aerospace Day at the Capitol
Save the date: registration opens soon

Thurs, April 4 @ 5:30 - 8 pm
Colorado Manufacturing Awards
presented by CompanyWeek and Manufacturer's Edge
Thurs, April 11 @ 9 am - 5 pm
NOCOM 2019


Tues, May 14 @ 8 am - 5 pm
World Trade Day 2019

donGet to Know the Newest Member of the
Manufacturer's Edge Team
A brief Q& A with Don Clark who brings more than 20 years of experience to the role of Transformation Specialist at Manufacturer's Edge
Don Clark pictured with son Justin and their award-winning custom "bobber" at Sturgis 
Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: Working with so many diverse groups and companies (ourselves included) and being able to help teams realize their potential and drive personal growth as well as value for the companies and customers they serve. (And having fun while doing it!)
Q: What is one piece of info that people would be surprised to find out about you? 
A: That I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe...it was a unanimous vote by a group of my peers back in college....and I have just chosen not to invoke my powers to this day.
This was a tough one, I am an open book and there is not much that would surprise people.
Q: What is your version of a perfect Sunday?
A: Too many to list.....but a few are: Watching the morning sunrise across the bow of my canoe in the summer, or my ice fishing sled in the winter on one of the many reservoirs in Colorado. Or going for a nice long motorcycle ride with my wife in the mountains.
Q: What is the farthest you have traveled and why?
A: I've been to England, Finland, Germany, Vietnam, China..... Farthest is likely Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam (maybe 8400 miles as the crow flies). Visited VM as part of my Executive MBA program at Univ of Denver back in 2006. We had a 2-week business trip where we visited businesses in Vietnam and Beijing and chatted about everything from HR issues to strategy to environmental regulations.  The food in Vietnam WAS AWESOME and I would go back in a heartbeat....the people, culture, food, and country were absolutely wonderful.
Q: How long have you lived in Colorado and what do you like most about living here?
A: We have lived in Colorado since 2003 - so going on 16 years (lived in Ohio before that). I love the diversity of opportunities for being outdoors year round.  Snowshoeing, ice fishing, camping, canoeing, fly fishing, motorcycle riding, hunting...and 300 days of sun! There is not a time of the year where I don't have an opportunity to be outside in the wild.
simplycyber(Vol 12): The Cyber Security Kaizen Challenge 
Deploy MAC filters, obscure identifier feedback, employ replay-resistant authentication: Cyber security techno-advice can be as difficult to unwrap as the excess packaging around children's toys. (How many metal staples does it really take to secure Barbie's head?)
Two of the fundamental principles underlying cyber security - integrity and availability - are especially familiar to manufacturers who pursue quality practices. Products match customer specifications with limited rework or spoilage/waste. Production operations are unimpeded by employee injury, equipment failure, or component/material sourcing delays. Manufacturing excellence! Cyber security is, at its core, about business process excellence through data quality: "data fit for its intended uses in operations, decision-making, and planning" (Redmann 2013). This is the end game - integrity and availability with confidentiality as a key factor in reducing the risk that a competitor or adversary can steal or misuse the assets you've worked to acquire: trade secrets, intellectual property, money, equipment, customer data, employee information.
Kaizen, the continuous (kay) improvement (zen) philosophy that underlies many manufacturing quality programs, is adaptable to data quality or cyber security programs as well. Incremental changes build organizational resilience - and compliance with statutory and legal requirements that, at first glance, may seem too complex, technical, and daunting. So what are some easy first steps in the cyber kaizen process? How can we adapt the kaizen 5S to our cyber world? (...) 

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