June 2019
Our friends at RoGo Fire were recently featured on CBS news. Take a second to watch the footage and find out about the advanced satellite communication solution RoGo is developing to allow firefighters to communicate and access data in remote areas. They are using technology and manufacturing to reduce property damage and save lives!
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report2018 Manufacturing Market Report
Brought to you by CompanyWeek and Manufacturer's Edge
Manufacturer's Edge and CompanyWeek are proud to join forces once again to present the 2nd annual Manufacturing Market Report. Compiled from in-depth interviews with manufacturers from across the state and spanning a wide variety of industries, sizes, locations, and stages of development, this report provides a snapshot of the challenges, needs, and opportunities facing the roughly 5,800 manufacturers throughout Colorado.
Report highlights include:
  • Across all industries, managing growth was the top challenge, reflecting positive underlying trends in a sector that's made a startling comeback from the "dog days" of the 2000s.
  • Workforce, again, is a pervasive challenge across most all manufacturing industries.
  • Competition has emerged as a significant challenge for companies, as is market awareness, reflecting a more competitive marketplace for the products of U.S. manufacturers.
  • Expanding opportunities for manufacturers is also reflected in high-water three-year marks for new markets, growing markets, and new products, cited by fully one-third of all companies interviewed.
  • Real estate has emerged as the top need for manufacturing companies, second only to workforce. It's an additional sign of expansion across manufacturing industries.
Read the full report here
dedoOnly 11 Days Left to Apply For Denver's Business Personal Property Tax Credit
Deadline to see if you qualify for a tax credit on the business personal property investments you made in 2018 is July 1

New businesses or businesses new to Denver in 2018 are eligible to apply.  Existing Denver businesses that expanded in 2018 and that made significant capital investments and created jobs are eligible to apply.   
You must meet one of these expansion requirements to qualify:
  • Your increased investment was at least $1m in business expansion;
  • Your increased investment was at least 100% of all your prior business capital level;
  • You increased by at least 10 employees over your preceding 12-month average; or
  • You increased by at least 10% in employment over your preceding 12-month average.
More details here.  When you're ready to apply, click here.
csbrJoin Us On the 2019 Colorado Space Business Roundtable Road Trip
Meet manufacturers and aerospace leaders from across the state while visiting facilities in Meeker, Rangely, Delta, Grand Junction, and Snowmass
The annual Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) road trip is a great opportunity to visit communities around the state and:
  1. Meet with local businesses that are interested in becoming a supplier or subcontractor to larger aerospace companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada, Teledyne Brown Engineering, United Launch Alliance and others. Opportunities are not limited to businesses that currently work in aerospace. Almost any product or service could potentially have opportunity.
  2. Meet with local officials, students, educators, and anyone who is interested to learn about the impact aerospace has on our nation, state, and the benefits to every community in Colorado.
  3. Meet with students and educators to discuss educational opportunities such as internships and other programs involving Colorado aerospace companies and organizations.
There is no charge to participate in the road trip. Many meals and events are sponsored, but participants must pay their own expenses for anything that is not sponsored.

Let us know if you will ride in the vanpool or to drive yourself. If you vanpool, you are committed to attend the entire trip (unless you make arrangements for someone to pick you up along the way, etc.). The vanpool will depart from the designated hotel each morning.  
Space is limited. Contact Ali Recek at arecek@manufacturersedge.com for more information and to reserve your spot by July 1! 
simplycyberSimply Cyber (vol 16) -  
All Aboard: Destination DFARS Compliance and NIST 800-171 Rev 2!  
Jennifer Kurtz, Cyber Program Director, Manufacturer's Edge 
The Department of Defense is launching an acquisitions and procurement model that specifically targets supply chain security and is bringing in third-party auditors to promote enforcement. The draft version of NIST 800-171 Rev 2 (the promised next iteration of the DFARS 7012 clause enforcement effort) was released for comment on 19 June 2019. A companion piece, NIST SP 800-171B, which includes 32 recommended tools to address advanced persistent threats (APTs), was also released. The APT threats are often from nation-state or similar bad actors that have the resources to gain entry into an information system and quietly collect information or access privileges over a longer period of time-even years after the initial breach. The particular concern with these more sophisticated threats is that higher level information, including intellectual property and national security information, are generally at risk.
With the second revision, DoD will take more direct action to validate and evaluate the cybersecurity condition of its supply chain beyond the prime contractor level. The three pillars of procurement-cost, performance, and schedule-will remain the factors by which competing proposals are evaluated. In order to qualify for competition-basically, in order to be considered -proposers will first be evaluated on, and certified according to, their cybersecurity level of maturity. The five maturity levels are described in the DoD's Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMM). In order to compete on a given DoD solicitation, proposers will have to have a certification level equal to or greater than that identified in the solicitation (Sections L and M).(...)
camaThe CAMA Conversation
by Dave Jeffrey, Chair of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association
Dave Jeffrey, CEO & Owner, JPM Prototype & Mfg, Inc. 
Have you tried it yet? It's all the rage right now - the MEATLESS burger! I have not, since I am a meat kind of guy. The public is scrambling to get their hands on one though, which shows when you see that one of the biggest producers of meatless burgers had a 400% increase in their stock last month.  
At this point you might be asking what meatless meat has to do with manufacturing. From meatless burgers to stealth fighters, manufacturing is, in its simplest definition, making something, and those who succeed are those who "think outside the box". I saw on the news that one meatless company is putting beet juice in their burgers to make them look like they bleed just like a beef burger. Now that is thinking outside the box!
Several years ago, my son, who is a very creative thinker said, "When I think inside the box, I get claustrophobic." Critical thinking, creative thinking, thinking outside the box is often the key to gaining an advantage over one's competitor. Whether it is staying on top of the latest advancement in manufacturing or exploring the best manufacturing practices, critical thinking will ultimately help you stand out in the crowd.
One way of accomplishing that is by staying connected, exploring the recourses around you, and taking advantage of those organizations who are working for you - organizations such as CAMA, the state manufacturing trade association; Manufacturers Edge, the state MEP; EWI, focusing on advancements in the industry; and the many sector partners in the state.
We are all busy right now, but we live is a cyclical world, and it is just a matter of time before we go through another manufacturing downturn. Another one could be just around the corner. Explore the opportunities offered by these organizations, so when the time comes, you will be one step ahead
events Upcoming Events
Visit our website for a complete calendar of
manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Women in 3D Printing June Meetup
June 27 @ 3 -5 pm
Idea Forge | Boulder

 Casual meetup series for 3D Printing enthusiasts to meet and discuss with new faces and 3D printing veterans. Wi3DP is gender inclusive and welcomes anyone interested in becoming part of the 3D community.
Find out more
2019 CSBR Road Trip   
July 8 - 12 
Meet manufacturers and aerospace leaders from across the state while visiting and touring facilities in Meeker, Rangely, Delta, Grand Junction, and Snowmass.
Find out more

COActive: It's All About Branding
July 17 @ 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Wayfinder Co-Op, Denver
Whether starting up or a seasoned company, you will walk away from this panel with knowledge on the importance of branding, legal considerations, and more.

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