May 2017
Manufacturer's Edge Impact for Q4 2016
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Manufacturer's Edge Success Story: Unique Litho
MEP National Summit Recap
uniqueA Truly "Unique" Approach to Efficiency, Continuous Improvement, and Change Management
Manufacturer's Edge Success Story: Unique Litho
Unique Litho is a Colorado-based print & mail company, founded in 1984, with specific and noble standards for service, product, and environmental responsibility. They serve local, state, national, and international markets by providing their customers a wide range of custom print services, and with a commitment to responsible environmental stewardship in all business practices. Unique Litho was the first printing company to earn the prestigious Gold Level of Colorado's Environmental Leadership Program.

As a company experiencing a specific period of growth, Unique Litho began to see that their production practices were not as efficient as management would have preferred, but they were uncertain how to address the issues. Fortuitously, President Jay Hartway had an opportunity to view first-hand how Manufacturer's Edge deployed effective strategies for increased efficiencies and profitability when he toured AIA Plastics' production facility before and after their engagement with Manufacturer's Edge representatives. Hartway contracted Manufacturer's Edge first to help streamline production processes through a 5S workplace organization as well as prepare them for ISO Certification. Then, after discovering an additional need to provide management with tangible tools for change leadership and sustainability, re-engaged to provide a series of workshops, which resulted in a Lean Management System for the company.

Hartway acknowledges that he and his team received a far greater level of employee buy-in to the improvements than they had originally anticipated. The 5S and Lean Management System processes deployed by Manufacturer's Edge resulted in a workplace in which, according to Hartway, "workarounds from 20 years ago could be replaced with newer technologies." Additionally, these systems enabled a new company-wide vocabulary pertinent to process, service, and change management-Hartway says it's now common for employees at all levels simply to say, "we need to 5S that!"

  • Cost Savings: $26,000
  • Increased Investments in the Company: $73,000
  • Retained Jobs: 2

"5S organized and systematized us, while Lean was a new way of evaluating every process. Why are we doing it? Is there a better way? Why are we doing it this way? Is it a 30-yr old bad habit? [Manufacturer's Edge] removed our blinders."

-Unique Litho President Jay Hartway
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summit MEP National Summit Attended by Over 500 Team Members from Across the Country
The Manufacturing Extension Partnership held the 3-day long summit in Denver for the first time since 2012
Gov. Hickenlooper kicked off the MEP National Summit on May 1
More than 500 Manufacturing Extension Partnership team members, including the Manufacturer's Edge crew, came from around the nation (and Puerto Rico) to discuss needs and trends to better support manufacturers with the "MEP National Network". The three-day long summit consisted of keynote addresses, educational sessions, and networking. 

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tradeLast Chance to Register for World Trade Day 2017
Registration closes tomorrow (Friday, May 12)

World Trade Day is right around the corner! 

Held on May 16, 2017 at the Colorado Convention Center, this year's theme, Containers to the Cloud: Trade as Goods, Services and Knowledge will focus on the diverse nature of international trade around the movement of products, services, and knowledge across borders.  Learn about our region's prominence in global trade and identify ways to jump-start your global business, mitigate risk and protect your innovations. 

Highlights Include:

Breakfast Keynote
Derek Gianino, Director of Trade Policy, US Chamber of Commerce, "Is Trade Under Attack?  A View from Washington" is the title of our breakfast keynote presentation.  Come learn if trade is under attack!

Luncheon Keynote
Dubai Future Foundation CEO to Keynote World Trade Day 2017. Dr. Noah Raford, Chief Operating Officer of the Dubai Future Foundation and adviser on "futures, foresight and innovation" to Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, will be keynote speaker for the 2017 World Trade Day on May 16 at the Colorado Convention Center.
Breakout Sessions
Our content will be broken into three tracks that address the breadth of international business concerns of our state, our nation and our world.

I.  Global Entry Track 
The State of Manufacturing - Moderated by Sumer Sorensen-Bain from Manufacturer's Edge and Heidi Hotstetter of Faustson Tools 
Buildings of the Future
Born Global Startups
II.  Risk Mitigation
Managing Political Risk
Cyber Security
Risky Business
III.  Advancement in a Changing World
What Makes a Smart City?
Colorado as a Research Hub
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supply Supply Chain Foundations
by Carroll Thomas

Consider this: 100 percent of domestic manufacturers in the United States procure some combination of materials, components, sub-assemblies, and/or assemblies from other companies-they buy stuff. And 100 percent of domestic successful manufacturers have end-user, other business or government customers-they sell stuff. In other words, 100 percent of domestic manufacturers are in supply chains.

U.S. manufacturing's competitiveness depends on the performance of companies operating at all levels of the supply chain. However, supply chain competitiveness depends not just on the performance of each individual member, but also on how the elements of the supply chain work together and on their responsiveness to market demand.

I once met with an executive from an iconic American manufacturer of products designed, "For those who cultivate and harvest the land. For those who transform and enrich the land. For those who build upon the land." Through the course of our conversation, this executive told me in the most basic of terms that small- and medium-sized manufacturers cannot stay in business without sales to customers-whomever and wherever they may be.

This may seem obvious or basic, but bear with me; I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. At the same time, any manufacturing company's growth is intrinsically linked to the performance of its supply chain. Companies cannot compete without other lean, flexible and innovative companies supplying necessary parts and components.

Companies in supply chains operate with a certain level of interdependence(...)
kids Kids Connection: Dream Big
OEDIT hosted the second annual Dream Big Event at Eads High School on April 27

More than 250 students from 12 different high schools gathered together to participate in the second annual Dream Big Event at Eads High School in Eads, Colorado on April 27.

"The Dream Big Event is designed to introduce students to industries like aerospace or cybersecurity that they might not know of or understand, " said Colorado's aerospace and defense industry champion Jay Lindell. "We want to inspire the students to dream big about the infinite opportunities they have to improve our world through STEM careers."

Students were divided up into groups rotated through a variety of learning stations featuring hands-on demonstrations and interactive activities. One station called Blast off to Mars gave students an opportunity to learn about the MARS Basecamp Project, develop a plan for surviving on Mars, and even build a Mars Lander prototype.

Our favorite learning station, of course, allowed us to partner with Faustson Tools, Colorado School of Mines, and the 3D Printing Store in order to teach students about additive manufacturing and give them a chance to try their hand at 3D printing.

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events Upcoming Events
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manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Intro to Machining at FRCC
May 17-July 24, 2017
Mon & Wed @ 6-9pm
Sat @ 8am-12pm
50 hours of basic training: Shop Math, Print Reading, Safety, Bench and Cutting Tools

40 hours of training on manual mill and lathe
Why WiM
May 19, 2017
Please join us to hear a personal story of professional development, and follow the career path of Renee Schovajsa. She's a 28-year veteran of CoorsTek, a global leader in engineered ceramics and advanced materials.
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Lean Office 101 with Live Simulation
June 2, 2017
Introduction to the unique application of Lean in an office environment, this class teaches students to see an entire process, identify waste, and determine the Lean tools to use to create a more effective front office.