May 2018
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janineManufacturer's Edge Hires New Regional Director to Serve Northern Colorado
Please help us welcome Janine Ledingham to the team
We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Manufacturer's Edge team. Janine Ledingham may be a familiar face to many of our clients as she has spent much of her career assisting small businesses across the state. With an extensive background in marketing and economic development, Janine has worked for US WEST, Unitel, and the Grand Junction Small Business Development Center. It was her accomplishments through the Longmont Economic Development Partnership as well as the Boulder Small Business Development Center that put her on our radar and convinced us that she would be the perfect candidate to represent the northern region.

On a personal note, Janine is a Colorado native and proud mother of two college-aged boys. When not at work she is either playing tennis, skiing, hiking or planning some remodel/design project on her house. When pressed about fun trivia/tidbits about her life, she says that as a child she loved raising animals and at one point managed a small farm composed of 22 rabbits, a dog, 3 ducks, 2 hermit crabs, and several fish. She clearly had very patient parents! Janine loves to travel the world and her most recent travels took her to Chile and trekking in Patagonia.

If you are located in northern Colorado and want to find out how Manufacturer's Edge can help your business grow and thrive, contact Janine today.

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women Women in 3D Printing Launches Denver Chapter
Monthly meetups to be held for women associated with 3D Printing beginning in August
Women in 3D Printing is an organization dedicated to promoting, supporting and inspiring women who are using Additive Manufacturing technologies. Their mission is to increase the visibility of women in the Additive Manufacturing industry and to encourage more women to use 3D Printing technologies.

With chapters sprouting up throughout the US and Europe, H2 Manufacturing Solutions and the international group, Women in 3D Printing, are excited to launch a new chapter right here in Colorado.  

The kick-off event will be held on August 16th from 4-6 pm at ICOSA Studio.

Find out more and register for the meetup 
A monthly article featuring tips and insights from Manufacturer's Edge Cyber Program Director Jennifer Kurtz who will show you how to make sense of cyber -- simply! 
May is for mothers, mudders (go Justify!), and mesh. What?

Wireless mesh networking is-increasingly-our digital connection to the critical infrastructures that gird up (grid up?) our 21st century commercial, political, and social life. This pervasive interconnected mesh is composed of a broad range of devices that enable capabilities like virtualization, Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT). May 14 through 21 has been designated as Infrastructure Week (a national week of educational and advocacy events first launched in 2011). Manufacturing is one of the 16 critical infrastructures identified by the US Government, so a look at recent regulatory advice with respect to communications-related infrastructure components seems timely.

Wireless mesh networking is often ad hoc and unplanned: a convenient, cost-effective, and decentralized solution for building connections within and between manufacturing facilities, production equipment, personnel, supply chain, and customers. Cybersecurity improvement plans focus on how to secure those connections with recommended better practices about passwords, firewalls, segmented systems and credentials, selective encryption, and end-user device protection. We check the box that we've changed default account settings and patched the software on routers and other telecommunication systems devices. We are mindful about protecting our mobile devices from risky connections through unknown hot spots (...)

What steps are the US Government and technology companies taking to help manufacturers mitigate potential risks built into trusted infrastructure? Read the full article on our website to find out. 
Join us for the Cyberspace Security for the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain event on June 27:

Myth: Cybersecurity is a concern for big businesses. Small businesses just aren't on the radar.

Reality: Attackers are opportunists who look for the weakest link: All they need is one-and they have time, motivation, and financial resources. (Look at Target's mega-hack enabled by a HVAC vendor's cybersecurity error.)

This 4-hour workshop includes an onsite gap assessment with a report-out to the company leadership and will also address the following issues:
  • Why should we care about cybersecurity and NIST 800-171?
  • What is at risk (business and contractual impact)?
  • What are current and emerging supply chain threat exposure concerns?
  • Which areas did DOD identify in recent audits as the most common for noncompliance?
  • Where do we start?
Let Manufacturer's Edge help you boost your cyber (and business) resiliency and defend your competitive position within the aerospace and defense supply chain.

Date: June 27, 2018
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Location: Geotech Environmental Equipment, Denver
Cost: $1,000 per company for up to 3 participants; includes onsite gap assessment
fhe2Last Chance to Register for a Free Introduction to Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Register today for to find out how FHEs are revolutionizing manufacturing
Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) is the next big thing in electronics manufacturing. It's an entirely new platform for electronics. But what is it and how will it affect your business?

FHE manufacturing combines printed elements with semiconductors to create thin flexible electronic devices. With FHE, manufacturers can create electronics that can be lighter in weight, conform to the curves of a human body, or stretch across the shape of an object or structure-all while preserving the full operational integrity of traditional electronic architectures.

Potential applications include: Internet of Things, apparel manufacturing, agriculture, human performance monitoring, medical devices, and much more. Don't miss this opportunity to find out about this exciting new technology directly from the experts how are developing it at NextFlex.

Date: Tuesday, May 22
9am-4pm; lunch will be provided
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Denver

Find out more and register
geotechManufacturer's Edge Success Story: Geotech Environmental Equipment
Colorado manufacturer finds success through a unique combination of flexibility and commitment
Originally formed in 1956 as a machine shop, Geotech Environmental Equipment has found continued success through a unique combination of flexibility and commitment. It was flexibility that propelled them to take advantage of an opportunity that emerged in 1978, which resulted in their evolution into a premiere environmental equipment manufacturer. Following the introduction of the Clean Water Act, Geotech founder Jerry Popiel recognized a critical gap in proper water-testing equipment and decided to retool his organization in order to meet those emerging needs. That flexibility has since led Geotech to acquire several other sub-brands, including Leptron unmanned aerial systems that brilliantly allows them to pair environmental monitoring equipment with drone technology. During the Recession, Geotech further expanded their offerings in order to replace the dip in sales and is now firmly committed to making anything that falls within their skill set. As a result, they now offer the largest line of equipment in the environmental field.

Throughout their evolution, Geotech's commitment to family and to the environment has always informed their decision making. Current president, Jeff Popiel - Jerry's son - frequently describes Geotech as a "steward of the environment". As such, they closely monitor their own footprint in their 125,000 square foot Denver facility while providing much-needed supplies for environmental monitoring and cleanup around the world with as little waste and energy consumption as possible(...)

  • Increased/Retained Sales: $750,000
  • Increased Investments: $1.25M
  • Cost Savings: $300,000
  • Jobs Created/Saved: 14
Read the full success story
events Upcoming Events
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manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Introduction to Flexible Hybrid Electronics for Manufacturers
May 22 @ 9am-4pm
Geotech, Denver
Free one-day workshop hosted by Manufacturer's Edge, H2 Manufacturing Solutions, and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. 
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Cyberspace Security for the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain
June 27 @ 8:30am-12:30pm
Geotech, Denver  
Let Manufacturer's Edge help you boost your cyber (and business) resiliency and defend your competitive position within the aerospace and defense supply chain.
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Northeast Colorado Manufacturing Expo
June 29 @ 9am-3:30pm
Sterling, CO
Opportunity for manufacturers and vendors of Northeastern Colorado and neighboring areas to network and share information vital to the growth and economy of the manufacturing industry.

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