October 2018
The October edition of the Small Manufacturer's AdvantEDGE Highlighting Colorado Manufacturers video series features Denver-based manufacturer Blender Products, Inc.
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Upcoming Events
mfgday2Happy Manufacturing Day 2018
A big thank you to Lynn Weberg and Palmer DCS for helping us
celebrate MFG Day 18 in style!
More than 100 manufacturers, service providers, community members, and even the mayor of Englewood Linda Olson gathered together on Thursday, October 4 to celebrate Manufacturing Day 2018. Lynn Weberg of Palmer DCS was the consummate host conducting multiple tours of his facility, serving up beverages, and he even provided the entertainment for the evening thanks to an in-house band made up of Palmer employees.   
Manufacturer's Edge is grateful to Lynn, the Palmer DCS family, the City of Englewood, and the Englewood Chamber of Commerce for making this such a fun and successful event!
If you have hosted a Manufacturing Day event or if you are planning to do so, it's not too late to put your event on the official MFGDAY.com map. Email us or contact Ali Recek at 720.353.7101 for more information.   
simplycyber(Vol 9) Dirty Cyber Secrets: Tales From the Crypt(o) and Beyond 
Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble . . .  
-Macbeth (Act IV, Scene 1)
Those three Shakespearean witches chanted a series of familiar things-eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, tongue of dog-but stirred them into a surprising context: a not-so-appetizing stew. Halloween is all about changing what we know into something it is not, tweaking our expectations with something out of the ordinary. No wonder Halloween is the perfect Internet Era holiday! Halloween is all about secrets, and spiders, and webs-oh my-and collecting goodies (mostly from strangers) with the stated promise to do no harm. Halloween is about benign deception, as is cyber security. Often, however, the benign deception for the latter starts with the tech expert using familiar words in an unfamiliar context. We revel in our not-so-secret desire to be perceived as wizard any time of year. So let's look behind the curtain and decrypt some common cyber words (highlighted in bold) into Halloweenish (Halloweenese?).
Challenge/response-"Trick or Treat" is a challenge; dropping candies into an open sack is the expected response that meets Halloween protocol (a guideline for what comes next). Access control is based on challenge/response mechanisms. The latter might be simple (e.g., a password or badge) or it might be multifactor (e.g., a password and badge and/or a thumbprint scan).
Ghost-A Halloween staple for last-minute costumers. It's also a term used for lurkers on social media sites who do not actively participate. Ghost accounts, organizational network access accounts maintained as "active" (even though the named user is no longer active in the organization) are serious security loopholes. One security analyst report that, on average, 26% of user accounts maintained by organizations are ghosts: "stale" and had not been used for at least three months. (...)    
Thank you to Senator Cory Gardner for his recent visit to the Manufacturer's Edge office. We enjoyed a lively and engaging conversation and had the pleasure of showing him around the Geotech Environmental Equipment facilities. He even indulged our request and posed in front of our one-of-a-kind masterpieces created at a recent Manufacturer's Edge fun day outing. Thank you, Senator!
Introducing a new series of profiles highlighting the amazing  
people who make up the Manufacturer's Edge team 
Manufacturer's Edge is made up of many things. We offer exemplary training and consulting services, we organize and attend numerous events throughout the year, we sponsor a wide variety of manufacturing programs and partnerships... But, at the end of the day, we recognize that it is our people -- our team -- that makes our organization special.  
To that end, we'd like you to meet Cindy Nowak:
Q: What is your role at ME and how long have you been working here?  
A: I am the Regional Director for Southern Colorado and I have been with Manufacturer's Edge 9 years as of September 2018.
Q: What does a typical day look like for you?  
A: A typical day is driving to meet with manufacturers in my territory, performing account management tasks for current projects, responding to manufacturers requests, scheduling meetings with new manufacturers, answering and/or writing a lot of emails.
Q:What is your favorite part about working at ME?  
A: I love the manufacturers and learning about their operation, their products, their challenges and how I can best match resources and services to address their needs.
Q: What do you like to do in your free time?  
A: I love spending time with my family and I love interior design and redecorating our house, gardening and going to the movies.
Q: What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments?  
A:I am proud of the fact that, during this journey with Manufacturer's Edge, I was able to connect AlloSource (a human tissue donor organization and a manufacturer) based in Centennial, CO to NASA JPL resulting in their joint partnership.
Q: What do you wish others knew about Manufacturer's Edge?  
A: I would like others to know about the great results and economic impact we have in the State of Colorado. We recently were credited with over $1B in impact over the past 5 years that was reported by our clients. I would like manufacturers to know that we are not only a lean manufacturing training organization, but we assist manufacturers in every aspect of their business. We help manufacturers pursue excellence.
events Upcoming Events
Visit our website for a complete calendar of
manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
2018 Apparel & Outdoor Manufacturing Summit
Oct 18 @ 4:30-7:30pm
Cultivated Synergy, Denver
The 2018 AOI MFG Summit will showcase regional places, plans, and people leading initiatives to help with domestic production. The agenda includes local and national speakers from apparel and OI brands, presentations by business and civic leaders, production and education experts and stakeholders, and more.  
Find out more
Women in 3D Printing - October Happy Hour  
Oct 25 @ 3-5pm
Longtucky Spirits, Longmont  
Join local Women in 3D Printing for a special Octoberfest Happy Hour.
This is a casual meetup series for 3D Printing enthusiasts to meet with new faces and 3D printing veterans. All genders are welcome. This is the last event of the year. 
Find out more

Networking Night: Tariffs and What is on the Horizon for 2019
Nov 8 @ 5-7pm
The Ranch, Loveland
Pete Mento, Vice President of Global Trade and Managed Services of Crane Worldwide Logistics will go into detail about how tariff programs ought to play out in the coming year, as well as how new threats to the global economy and a looming recession in the US will have direct geopolitical impacts to trade.

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