September 2016
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MFGDAYWhy We All Should LOVE Manufacturing Day
by Tom Bugnitz, CEO Manufacturer's Edge
Join us to Celebrate Manufacturing Day in Colorado.

October is a funny month. Not quite cold enough to ski, but not warm enough for shorts, days are getting shorter, leaves are falling but still trying to hang on, baseball is (mostly) ending, hockey is starting, Columbus Day is both celebrated and vilified, the presidential election is either heating up or winding down, and to top it all off we end it by commemorating death and ghosts and weirdness with teeth-rotting candy.

Coming right in the middle of this cacophony of extremes is the 4th annual National Manufacturing Day, this year on October 7. As the lead organization for Manufacturing Day in Colorado, Manufacturer's Edge is pushing hard to get out the word, motivate people, and coordinate as many events as we can to put Colorado manufacturing on the Manufacturing Day Map, literally ( here) and figuratively.

Why do we care? And why should you care?

Manufacturing in Colorado is a well-kept secret, especially in the public's mind and that hurts all of us.

Let's look at some numbers. Most people know and agree that tourism is critical to the Colorado economy. In 2015, tourism contributed $19B to the Colorado economy. That's a nice number. People are very happy about that and the state government works very hard to promote tourism and keep those numbers growing. There's even a state office for tourism.

But here are some lesser known numbers. Over 144,000 of our fellow Coloradans work in 6,000 manufacturing companies across the state. One out of every 20 adult fans at a Broncos games works in manufacturing. One out of every 20 adults in line at the grocery store makes something. And guess what? You and your industry colleagues contribute over $20B to our state's economy, more than tourism.

Most people do not have an appreciation of our manufacturers' contribution to Colorado. Do a little test...ask your friends to name the top beer producing state in America. Few will answer Colorado. Ask them to name the top aerospace states in America. Colorado won't be included very often. Ask them where ground zero for manufacturing natural foods is located. Most often, people answer "California", not Colorado. Where is one of the top three centers for high-tech optics located? Colorado won't even make the cut.

Frankly, people don't know how good, how important, how innovative, and how out front Colorado manufacturers are.

That's why we're so focused on Manufacturing Day. It's our chance to beat the drum for the state we love and our manufacturers who contribute so much, to spread the word to our kids and our legislators and our educators about the value and worth and opportunities in the manufacturing economy in Colorado, and to let people know that we are one of the best, one of the fastest growing, one of the most innovative manufacturing economies in the country.

Join us to celebrate Manufacturing Day and help increase Coloradans' awareness of your work and your employees. Take some of your employees to meet with your local mayor and tell your story. Put on a lunch for your employees to thank them for their work. Arrange to visit a classroom in your local high school to talk about what you do, and how they can too. Invite local students or the school counseling staff in for a tour. Invite your state representative to come visit your workers for a coffee break. Anything to get the word out. If you do plan an event, go to MFGDAY.COM  and register your effort, so we can literally put Colorado on the map as one of the country's leaders in manufacturing.
ResourcesManufacturing Day Resources:
It's Much Easier Than You Think!
The team at MFGDAY.COM has produced a wide variety of videos, guides, and downloads to make planning and executing a MFG DAY 16 event easy and FUN!
You may think that you don't have the time or the manpower to plan and execute a MFG DAY event for 2016, but you probably do! Below you will find a small sampling of the resources from the folks at MFGDAY.COM to help you put on a successful event with ease.
Do you have an interesting story that you can share? Odds are that you do and here is a handbook full of suggestions on how you can showcase your story and share it with the community!

Are you new to the world of social media or unsure of how to best leverage your friends and followers to make waves and get you, your organization, and your event noticed? Way ahead of you! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to Facebook and Tweet your way to a fun and successful MFG DAY 16 event.  

Can you host a tour of your plant or facilities? If so, this guide can help you get started.

MapOn the Map
Colorado currently has 50 events registered on the MFG DAY 16 map and we CAN DO BETTER! Add your event to the map and then find one to attend!

Here is a sampling of some of the fantastic MFG DAY 16 events taking place around Colorado:
OCT 6 @ 5-7PM 
Parents! You are invited to discover how your student can be a future maker with the NOCO Manufacturing Partnership. Is your student on the best path to navigate their future, as the next generation of makers? Meet with leading local manufacturers and educators, hosted by Woodward Inc., and experience the revitalized industry of manufacturing.

Children are welcome and encouraged to participate but must be 16 years of age to participate in the tour portion of the event. Closed-toe shoes are required for the tour.

Light refreshments provided. No reservation required.

Click here for more information

OCT 7 @ 9AM
Come support three of Denver's coolest Outdoor Rec Manufacturer's on MFG Day and hear a panel of local CEOs tell why they choose to manufacture in Denver.

The speakers will be:
· Will Montague, CEO, Guerrilla Gravity Mountain Bikes
· Ted Eynon, CEO, Meier Skis
· April Archer, CEO, Sarabella Fly Fishing Poles

The panel will be moderated by our own Tom Bugnitz, CEO, Manufacturer's Edge.

Click here for more information 
OCT 7 @ 12-5PM
Come see demos of some CNC machine tools, talk to instructors and students, and find out about upcoming classes.

At 4:00PM Mike Schultz Star of Edgefactor's Metal & Flesh Will speak about his passion for making the world a better place through manufacturing.

Click here for more information

Upcoming Events Events
Visit our website for a complete calendar of
manufacturing events taking place around Colorado
Business Advancement Infusion 
September 8, 2016 
The Catalyst Campus, Colorado Springs 

Do you want to grow your business to the next level?  
Do you want to increase your profit margins? 

Are you struggling to find your market niche?

Learn practical concepts to immediately start improving your results and enjoy networking with your peers. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and beverages. 

Find out more here 

CO-Active Village @ 2016 Gociety Adventure Fest
September 17, 2016  
Denver Sculpture Park

Gociety presents Adventure Fest 2016, a day packed with learning, demos, sharing, brews and grooves. Join thousands of adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and like-minded individuals as we bring the mountains to the city.

CO Active, along with Manufacturer's Edge, has secured an entire village of space at the upcoming Gociety AdventureFest.

Find out more here 

2016 Apparel + Lifestyle Manufacturing Summit
September 28, 2016

McNichols Civic Center Building

Join us for the 3rd annual Apparel & Lifestyle Manufacturing Summit.

This year's theme is Design-to-Manufacture.

Bringing together apparel and lifestyle brands, designers, entrepreneurs, production resources, and the entire supply chain.

Find out more here