May 6, 2015
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Manufacturing is a critical component of our overall economic strategy. Business retention in manufacturing is essential to the sustainability of our economic climate.

In this edition, we profile one of Wyoming's best business development resources: Manufacturing-Works.

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Welcome home, Sheridan!
- Mayor John Heath
Operating as a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Wyoming Business Council and the University of Wyoming; Manufacturing-Works (MW) exists to assess business operations and deliver comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to help businesses improve and grow. MW provides professional services across a diverse spectrum, grouped into three categories:
  • Trainings
  • Engineering point solutions
  • Energy industry support
As a business growth and development resource, MW will provide assistance to any business; however, the engineering experience and capabilities of the organization make it particularly suited to assisting manufacturers. MW also aids with business development from lone entrepreneurs up to larger companies with 100+ employees.

MW's local representative is  Matt Melinkovich, PE, who covers Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan and Weston counties.
Improving job performance and worker skill within a business is an opportunity to increase revenue, regardless of industry or position within the company. The better someone performs job tasks, the more efficient - and therefore profitable - a company can be.

MW has experience helping with training at almost every company level, including executive leadership, manufacturing, shipping and sales.

Efficiency training typically focuses on:
  • Manufacturing efficiency: more efficient manufacturing can improve quality, reduce waste, shorten lead times and reduce overall cost of products and operations.
  • Office efficiency: streamlining office operations can increase output, shorten turn times and reduce process waste.

MW has strong offerings in business management training including:
  • Managing your business: training to help manage different aspects of your business (e.g. personnel, capital, facilities, time, etc.), as well as capitalizing on the difference between managing and supervising.
  • Leadership: training for top management and business owners, as well as first line managers and supervisors.
Engineering Point Solutions
Engineering solutions is where MW's professionals can directly apply expertise to helping manufacturers. Going beyond the manufacturing process training discussed above, MW engineers can provide the business with tangible results, such as:
  • 2D and 3D modeling to turn ideas into virtual models
  • Prototyping - using machine shops and/or 3D printers to turn virtual models into prototypes
  • Engineering design services to evaluate equipment/designs
  • Assessment/development of plant floor layouts
Energy Industry Solutions
MW also provides support to companies in energy development industries. Among the primary resources MW provides:
  • Energy audits: identify ways to reduce energy usage without adversely impacting business. MW can also help obtain state grant money reimbursing up to 75% reimbursement of the cost of energy audits.
  • Tax-exempt energy use analysis: in Wyoming, energy used in manufacturing is exempt from sales tax. MW can analyze energy usage to apply for exemption and/or reimbursement (WY will allow businesses to go back up to 3 years in audits/requests) for sales tax on manufacturing-related energy consumption.
Want To Know More?
MW has even more information and resources available on their website. You may be particularly interested in:
  • Full list of client services
  • Staff and locations
  • Manufacturing opportunities
  • Success stories
  • Upcoming events
Contact Matt Melinkovich today with any other questions and to find out how MW can help your business create value.