Many Amazing Miracles & Salvations in the nations!

Many decisions for Jesus and rededications to Christ have happened in these last few months in different regions of the world! 
- Hermes Falcao Jr.
June 19th, 2017
Dear friend,

  God is moving among the nations!! I want to update you on what is happening so you can rejoice with us and be encouraged as we move forward in what God has called us to do!(Pictures below - Scroll down)

In the past few months we have personally gone to Finland, Russia, Peru, and Brazil, besides ministering in different places in the US as well. 
The Lord has confirmed His Word with signs, wonders, miracles, and many souls coming to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

The blind has seen, the deaf has heard, the lame has walked, the demon-possessed free, and many have been also baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues including many children! The amount of miracles has been so great that it is hard to keep track of them sometimes! 
 We have also done humanitarian work donating tons of food to the poor and giving out toys and gifts to many children. In our trip to Brazil this month of June we donated 3.5 tons of food, which came in to hundreds of food baskets that were able to feed families for an entire month! 

As many of you may know we are also on TBN Russia now broadcasting our TV programs all over the world.

This month of June we also organized a group Mission Trip to Brazil in partnership with Charlie & Brynn Shamp from Destiny Encounters. Our team had people from several states in the US, Finland, South Africa, Dubai, and England! Every single person in the team was used by God to see miracles and were activated in flowing with the anointing! Some of the meetings were broadcast through Facebook LIVE and we had thousands of views from many people in different nations.
There was much more I could say here, but I  want to show you some pictures so you can see! 

Many Saved and Healed in the Nations!

Many were saved, touched by the fire of God and healed in Brasilia, Brazil!

Lady who was blind for 42 years gets healed in Brazil! 

Several Outreaches were done in which we gave away food for families and toys for the poor.

Blind man on both eyes sees in Jesus name in Peru - WATCH Video above by clicking on it!

Man who was lame and could not walk on his own for 10 years gets healed in Lima, Peru. 

Outreach in the slums of Brasilia, Brazil. People getting saved in the streets!

Outreaches to the kids whose parents work in the garbage dumps!

Hermes Falcao Jr. ministering in Helsinki, Finland.

Maria Falcao with a lady who had a large tumor disappear from her back and regained strength on her weak arm in one of the outreaches to the poor! 

Hermes Falcao Sr & Maria Falcao in Peru


Hermes Falcao Jr. ministering at the Orlando House of Prayer last month(May). Many were healed and set free!

Hermes Falcao Jr. Ministering in St Petersburg, Russia at a LIVE event at the TBN studio.

Our International Team praying in front of the Brazilian Congress in Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

Our team donating food in Brazil!

Watch the video above of Hermes Falcao Jr. at TBN Russia.

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Thanks again for being a friend! Blessings on you and your family!


Hermes Falcao Jr.