Many Hearts, One Farm
August 2022 | Edition 12
Hanna and her horse participating in a competition.
Special Guest Interview: Hanna Avery
This month we are very pleased to share with you our interview with para dressage rider and disability advocate, Hanna Avery.

In high school, Hanna loved to ride horses, run, hike, and mountain bike. She was even a top runner on her school's track and cross country team. However, in 2019, Hanna was involved in a motor vehicle accident that would change her life forever. Hanna's incredible story attests to the power of perseverance and reminds us that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible. What's more, she does not hesitate to humbly give credit to those who have supported her throughout her triumphant journey. According to Hanna, "the only reason I am walking today is because of the amazing physical benefits of horseback riding". With her service dog Aster by her side, Hanna refuses to let anything stop her from achieving her dreams. For Hanna, one of those dreams is to connect people with horses: "I love connecting with people and would love to make a career out of connecting people and horses in the same spaces in a way that anyone can experience these cool creatures".

Below is a preview from our amazing interview with Hanna.
"I was diagnosed with spina bifida occulta at 12 years old after a long bout of kidney and bladder dysfunction. My lesion had minimal impact on my mobility at the time. A few years later the chiari was found by accident as well. Chiari malformation is when brain tissue extends into the spinal canal which restricts spinal fluid flow and causes a vast variety of neurological symptoms which for myself manifests like living with a constant concussion. Through my high school years, it was well managed by therapies and medications. In high school I was extremely active. I was a top runner on my school’s track and cross country team, rode horses and enjoyed lots of hiking and mountain biking. In 2019, I was involved in a MVA [motor vehicle accident] that caused an incomplete spinal cord injury, which greatly impacted my life and my riding. It completely changed everything about how I had to live as at the time of injury the prognosis on my ability to walk independently was up in the air. I am partially paralyzed due to my injury and struggle with proprioception, and coordination. I cannot feel my legs at all below my knees and have a drop foot. It was the end of my running career. But I simply refused to make it the end of my riding career. My mom told me the first question I asked the doctors after being told that I may not walk again was 'When could I ride'."

You can read Hanna's full interview at You can also follow Hanna's journey on Instagram @alluring.aster
September Edition: Interview with Tina Kranz
September is suicide awareness month and we will be doing a very special interview with one of Main Stay’s instructors, Tina Kranz, about this topic. Please send in any questions about this topic to by August 19th, 2022.
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September 26th
Rosh Hashana: (Jewish) First of the Jewish High Holy Days and is the Jewish New Year. 

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Gedaliah Fast: (Jewish) A minor fasting day that mourns the assassination of Gedaliah, a governor of Judah.

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