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Risk Adjustment Advisor
March 2016: Many Reasons to Celebrate
Whether this month finds you celebrating St Patrick's Day, Pi Day, Easter, Purim, Women's History, or if you share your birthday with Dr Seuss, we want to add to your excitement! If you have been watching your email, you probably read earlier this week that Capstone has partnered with Talix for a new product line that we will be launching later this year. We were also appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the 1st PACE Association of Michigan Meet and Greet, in which our consultants were able get better acquainted with the leadership of this burgeoning state. Now, we are eagerly preparing to host a table at the Spring National PACE Association Policy Conference, and are proud to announce that we are a Gold Sponsor of the North Carolina PACE Association Conference!
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Risk Adjustment Today:
Matt Zimmerman
Risk Adjustment Consultant
Obtaining Access to
Part D Pay Support Website

On February 16th, CMS released a discussing how to obtain access to the Part D Payment Process Support Website. This website is managed by Acumen, LLC. The same vendor for PDE monitoring, Patient Safety and the Overutilization Monitoring System (OMS).
Richard Schamp, MD
Progress Notes: Partnership with Talix
One facet of the many challenges for PACE organizations is being a very small health insurance company and all that entails as a health plan. Large health plans have the benefit of whole departments devoted to specific elements of health plan management and often have elaborate IT systems for analytics.  PACE plans are fortunate if they have one staff member who both understands health plan management and can be devoted to managing it. Plus, PACE organizations generally cannot afford the health data analytics systems that inform and undergird most large Medicare Advantage plans.  Until now.
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Documentation Dispatch: 
Documenting PVD in ICD10

The last six months of ICD10 implementation has brought about many new challenges and learning opportunities for both providers and coding professionals. One such opportunity is the documentation of peripheral vascular disease (PVD).  Documenting PVD without further specificity in ICD-10 codes to I73.9, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Unspecified.   Continue Reading
Mike Brett_ MD
ABDs of Medicare: 
Hepatitis C Treatment Considerations

Last month I gave an overview of Hepatitis C, and its natural history, and would like to follow up this month with a discussion of treatment. As you know there are now a dozen new drugs called Directly Acting Anti-viral Agents (DAA's) on the market. Studies show that treatment with a DAA alone or in combination with others produces sustained virologic responses (SVR) 95% of the time and higher.
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If you will be attending either the Spring NPA or NCPA Conferences, we hope to see you there. If you are planning to attend the Spring NPA conference, we hope that you will join us after the Capital Steps event, for an evening of Nightcaps and Networking.-Watch your email for details and don't forget to RSVP!

Neta Kessler 
Manager of Business Development & Marketing
Capstone Performance Systems
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