Protecting Paychecks & Preserving Lifestyles
Virden Benefits offers a suite of products that can meet your business and individual needs. Contact us for a free consultation about Health Insurance, Supplemental Benefits, Life Insurance, Disability and more.
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Many Reasons to Love August!
Yes, every month has a "National This or That". August is no exception. In fact, August is National Golf, Back to School, Dog & Motor Sports Month! Each of the August "celebrations" are fun in their own way (kids may feel differently about back to school). As with any of life's activities, there is always a chance for accidental injury. Let's meet for coffee and I can tell you stories of clients I have helped (no personal information shared) after a golf cart crash; dog bites or even tripping over the dog; child injuries on the playground or athletic field; and more than one ATV crash. Products including Disability, Accident Protection & Hospital Indemnity can help you and/or your employees keep financially whole when faced with injury or sickness. Contact us to find out how affordable peace of mind can be.
How Money Works
(stop being a sucker)
We work hard for the paychecks that afford us our lifestyles. Virden Benefits is in the business of protecting paychecks & preserving lifestyles. We also can also help you with products that can grow your money and offer a roadmap for financial wellness.

Virden Benefits is willing to send you a FREE copy of "How Money Works" by Tom Mathews & Steve Siebold. Yes, FREE. It is a short yet informative read. Simply send us a message and we'll send the book right away.
Video Killed the Radio Star
As a younger person I had dreams of being on the radio. Shortly after college I landed at a Boston radio station group as a Promotions Manager, got my chance to do many on-air appearances but was NEVER a star.

These days, as a means of promoting my business, I am big fan of producing video content. The smart phone makes it easy to shoot and immediately share via various channels. One of my most recent videos is <------. You can find many more, with varied content centered around "Protecting Paychecks & Preserving Lifestyles, on the Virden Benefits YouTube Channel
Life Insurance Quoter
A remarkably high percentage of Americans have too little or no Life Insurance at all. Sometimes the prospect of calling a life insurance agent never becomes a priority. Or the thought of a medical exam is a deterrent. Virden Benefits can quote you on any type of life insurance. Start here with this Quoter. Some policies have no health exam. Together we can find a Life Insurance solution that works best for you.
Virden Benefits, LLC

Please use this tool to investigate Life Insurance options. I would be happy to speak with you. Send me an email at

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Trusted Partners
I am very proud to know many great professionals who are tops in their fields. When you need a service, there is a strong chance I can recommend someone. Check out this list of Trusted Partners and just ask if you want an introduction.

Each month I am going to highlight one of my partners here. This month I want to feature my friend Gail Zona of gJoolz Gifts. Gail has helped me with a couple client gifts so far. Not only are the gifts high quality but her customer service is exceptional.

gJoolz Gifts is a wife-and-husband team of local artisans, Gail and Bill Zona, creating distinctive client thank-you gifts to set you apart from the crowd! Their most popular products are their stunning cutting boards, in various shapes and sizes, all made from scratch in their Amesbury studio.   
They personalize each board individually for the client (on the front) and for the professional (on the back) to keep them top of mind with their clients. Boards can be ordered 1 at a time. Packaging and shipping are free, so it’s very easy to work with the folks at gJoolz. They can even add a hand-written gift card to give it that extra personal touch!
They also have hand-blown glass-handled serving pieces to add a bit of pizazz and pop to the cutting boards--Gail has been making hand-blown glass for 13 years and it's a passion of hers. Glassware, coasters, and frames are also available, again all individually personalized.  
Gail says her favorite story is the one about the mortgage broker who gave a gJoolz Gifts cutting board to a client at a closing. It was a difficult mortgage with many moving parts and multi-million dollar price tag, but all the client could talk about was the cutting board with his new home’s latitude and longitude on it! 
You can see their gifts at or follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @gJoolz  or on Linkedin at gail-zona.
Quote of the Month

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

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