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Zander Moricz, We Stand With You! We Say Gay!

May 11, 2022

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Zander Moricz, a graduating senior from Pine View School and also a 2022 recipient of the Venice Pride, Inc. Youth Scholarship* says that he was told not to talk about his LGBTQ+ activism in his graduation speech. 

He is one of the student speakers at the graduation and does not understand why he is not allowed to speak freely about his experiences and who he is. 

He will be attending Harvard, has served as Pine View School’s class president for all four years and is the youngest public plaintiff on the lawsuit against the (H.B. 1557), known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that recently passed in Florida. Zander has taken action and he has:

  • Formed a Social Equity and Education Initiative to bring more awareness to the issues the LGBTQ+ youth are facing. 
  • Started a petition on the website (#LetZanderSpeak) about the situation.
  • Teamed with Project Pride SRQ to produce and distribute "Say Gay" stickers to ALL Florida graduating seniors to wear on their gowns in protest of the (H.B. 1557) “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Venice Pride, Inc. stands with Zander and all the youth who are facing the backlash of the "Don’t Say Gay" bill. This is going to take many forms and we need to rally together and continue to speak out. We stand for celebrating the incredible diversity of our LGBTQ+ communities and allies.

We are already seeing the effects of this bill -- students are being silenced, year book pictures are being censored, teachers are being fired and more. Show your support! We will not be closeted.

With Pride!

Team at Venice Pride, Inc.

Zander Moricz

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Add your name to the #LetZanderSpeak petition! HERE

Follow the story and share with everyone! 

Put pressure on your legislators against these bills!

Bring awareness on how these "Don't Say Gay" types of bills violate human rights!

Speak up! Take a stand!

* Learn more about the 2022 Venice Pride, Inc. Youth Scholarship Recipients HERE

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